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Today I got a jam-packed 100 tips and tricks’ guide for all you fortnight plays I want to get into four and a two maybe you haven’t tried it yet Maybe you have played it for a bit regardless there’s something in here that you probably did not know if you did learn something leave a like if you found something that I didn’t include leave a Comment and I’ll heart that comment. So other people can see it. So share your tips, too. Let’s get into it This is gonna be fast. I Camp fire effects stacks That means if you place down two you will get double the amount of healing over time And if you have nothing else to use that might just be you only play even though I just lost it here RIP the boogie bomb lasts for exactly 5 seconds, and it’s only interrupted by damage as much as one damage will interrupt the effect Pumps are only world spawns. They do not come in chests Running with your weapon out allows you to see if a tree has been hit as you’re moving towards it like that We can see. Alright, it’s a 50 HP tree. We can’t see with a pickaxe so Unless you’re in the harvest range. There’s a total of 3 llamas spawning in every single match no more. No less Looting with your pickaxe out allows you to vacuum up everything a lot quicker than accidentally dropping your own weapon pads can be placed on ramps – this is very useful for getting down on mountains You’re just getting a boost somewhere quick way to gain cover is using a roof just block you out Like if you just want some healing whatever you do this – instead of a one by one a port-a-fort  builds like metal takes a long as times the one swing with a pickaxe and you’re right through it There you go. 





BAM, these super sized rocks for some reason just suck. They give very little amounts of brick It’s weird. These medium ones are good, but the huge ones I know Leave them I guess small trick as you’re building up towards a place just do a floor and then keep on going with ramps place that trap there and Sometimes very often actually people will die from it. Especially now that they deal 150 damage. I mean just look at this idiot When you pop your Porter phone and jump up always build the floor so people can’t use it this is very important and Probably one of the things that you really want to use editing while camping sit up in your house and then spot out you see I see this guy and then it’s just very very good a Quick counter when players pull out a rocket launcher close range is as soon as you see it He’s built up a wall. Now. This was pretty lucky, but you get the deal Shooting the rocket through a window allows you to take no damage if you’re on the other side There’s no need to jump when you place down a jump pad or anything Just freakin built back up. And as you walk over it slam it down It’s safer too because you might accidentally jump over the ramp and fall down a diet Leaving a random strap behind in places can sometimes grant you a freebie you get many freebies from just random traps See like this guy good night wood is stronger like it plays to down it goes up way quicker you see here 190 still ticking on the middle still going the wood can take a shot gunshot the middle cannot She plays it down BAM. It’s gone. I wouldn’t know Not a problem Yo speaking is probably one of the most freaking annoying things to go up against simply Up and down as you shoot Go up to shoot down again You do it with an AR too, but it’s the best to do with a hunting rifle in my opinion double bolt action Gives you action. It’s pretty cool now What you want to do is not continuously hold down the right key then it’s that so but let go and click it again Like that, so I should take your first shot. Let go quickly and click it down again with the right click After using a jump head you take no fall damage No matter how long you’re in the air use this quickly to bail on your fights or get down from a tower one of the most Overpowered trap bases it’s over powered or not, but you build up plays a goody destroy it again Don’t edit it get it out of here 





And then place a chute down there a little ramp or whatever just so you can have your face up there you probably didn’t need a ramp here, but Place down the floor and you’ll be completely invisible while people fall through it and die do the traps These huts have small cracks that you can shoot through just like that Now, you know Hit the lamas with your pickaxe. It takes five times and is faster than pressing E. It’s also safer a Difference between a good builder and a nutty builder is a builder That’s nuts when it comes to editing take a look at this guy named Nick a30 He’s mainly known in for 940s. Insane editing like his speed is just unreal editing will make you a fantastic player. Look at this He shoots down the floor takes it edit its backup edits and backup This is when you know, you’re a freakin if you know where the enemy opponent is cook the minigun as you drop into their face Peak and right site is a lot better because of the cam position You see the other opponent before he sees you if he peeks from this angle. He’s gonna see you later Then you’re peaking from this one with the very big trees harvest them down to 50 HP and just leave them be you’re very easily spotted in the distance if the big trees go down just Chop these suckers all the way down. They give such a little amount of wood Anyway, it was already pretty strong before the buff. But now the c4 is freaking nuts It’s a great tool to just take down an entire house or a one by one and the endgame Just just just look at this BAM people dying left and right man, it’s crazy. I love it It’s the lowest point of the map. If you jump early sometimes going over the sea will gain you that edge on other players So simply slide out and then get the lowest point of the map buildings and trees have smaller circles on them hitting them will do go up with the harvest and get you going faster this counts for Everything in the game. It’s not a legendary. Just don’t use the bush unless you’re playing the troll and it’s okay You can reach any destination on the map jumping out of the battle bus. You’re not limited to a small area You can just reach anything you want It’s the safest place to farm early game inside a house Especially if your until the towers you get a lot of wood from just harvesting furnitures Just smack it down as you’re loading your first house using the roof as a backup ramp can save you two clicks if you need to switch fast between Forward and backwards ramp this can also help new players avoid the confusion of forgetting to reset the ramp position Now this is a preference thing if you like it or not, but it’s a way to play The pawnshop until the towers have a hidden basement just follow right through here hit these crates and bam down here 





You can find one to two chests and get a good start going There’s another hidden chest here until the towers just right here. Smack it down and There you go Boost things what’s an edge and then switching seats allows you to kick back and enjoy the ride If you’re solo in a shopping cart, you can even build ramps and whatnot if you want to Don’t be greedy use the extra resources to block it in and Then loot it up now This guy was a bit greedy one wall and that took him and some extra damage Just block it in loot it up and then get going now let’s witness this guy die just because There you go Swapping at the perfect time allows you to the fire to faster rate However, having a tactical as a second allows you to get the second shot off even faster I will say my personal preference right now is double heavy when it comes to shotguns. They’re just nutty Always sit in cover while healing a simple one by one will do the job the amount of times I’ve died – not like building up a wall stupid man takes no time and there you go a Lot of players ask how do I improve my shooting? Just land high populated areas get your ass beat a couple of thousand times learn and improve Landing far away and avoiding fights will not get you to become a better player Also, the Blitz mode is a good way to get fast paced combat Save your money man. Don’t waste time on tiers. You’ll get there eventually Unless you want to create content on them. Sure do some clickbait shit But now I’m insane save your money from week two strongest It goes gray green blue purple and then orange as the legendary Holding your building key down while building activates turbo building. This is extremely fast. And yep. It’s just the joy to use man Yeah, this one is important Always is respected. Hey, yo that’s annoying. What a bitch Jumping in water allows you to cross it faster However, you built if you have the materials to spare and just overall don’t be in a water man. That’s that’s the tip Apples grant you 5 hit points while mushrooms give you 5 shield They’re a very cool new addition to the game and just a good way to get up to full shield or full HP Don’t be fooled by the man some players like to flop on their default skin Even though they spent countless of money on the game The way to spot one is if when you attack them do they build right away. It’s not a true default They do this your default pop rocks last for 30 seconds and makes you a gravity-defying killing machine fighting through the air is a bit faster than running if you’re in a hurry then use that but the jetpack is Probably removed from the game by now if it comes back, there’s another tip There’s a little hidden basement with two to three chests in the blue house here in salty springs Follow the stairs down to the basement here. Yeah, but have it up and then beneath this floor. You’ll find another set of stairs Down here is where the grease is at one chest here and then sometimes the chest over here Building a roof from top of your floor’s adds an extra layers for players to spray through if you’re in trouble This is a very good thing to do because as you see here As the enemy opponent is shooting down as he breaks The first one you can easily place another one If you don’t use your F key for anything I suggest you rebind your edit key from G to F and Here’s an image that shows all the wall editing. The most important ones that you can do in the game The scar is superior when it comes to first your accuracy in resets so quickly the FAMAS However is very good as a follow-up to a shotgun award if you just lucky enough to land those three in a row, man It’s 92 Don’t celebrate too soon. Karma might just come and be a bitch In any fight the play on top will have the advantage on you Getting high ground and keeping it as fuel but building too high without a solid foundation can get dangerous, too But high ground is freakin delish try to get it and keep it You can bait the Edit Now if they have a pen and paper out, you’re gonna have the first shot It’s just how it is If you fall down fill the ramp to not take as much fall damage or any at all Using third person is a good way to get information around corners Just look around as you’re not doing anything and maybe you’ll get some info drop from any height As long as you drop on the tires, 





you do not take any fall damage at all Moist in wire is a very good place to get kept quickly on wood There’s a ton of trees to harvest down here and decent loot, too But I always reset your ramp after a fight way, too often I’ve gotten into a situation where it didn’t do it and I got Completely confused going into a fight, which is a once every lay game look up see if there’s the sky base You never know if there’s a noob up there if you’re like me and can’t remember Will you have a breakfast keep down on your weapon slots multiple times – in the match? She don’t mess up like this and they grab two shuffles See, uh-huh Don’t fly free phone system is back. Just head on into your profile submitted request choose the item Maybe the item wasn’t as you expected you get three of these in total after that You’re done one of the first no, no. No the first thing you want to change when playing 49 is you’re building bindings Don’t make an excuse for it. Don’t use have one through if for whatever the heck Change it there’s a few sites out there that show pro players bindings when it comes to everything you can use those and then edit them as You see fit get a big shield off the bat. Look around in the house real quick if you’re alone You might just get minis and get that full shield instead Have your pick X out and loot the chests where they just spray around it You’ll get when you need we don’t need a great burst Holding your nade down shows you a projectile of where it’s going to land It’s like that. They’re very useful don’t ignore the bushes Sometimes there’s a default in them or just a meme star if you’re outside the circle and they’re near just Devo just jump down get a hopper up can easily catch up or take a lot less damage outside the zone if you have a medkit puppet, even if you’re at 75 It’s popping get it out of here get to that 100 HP Double ramping is a lot safer Let’s say there’s an opponent up there and you want to get up there Simply get the second ramp out and as you go hold your cursor in the middle And you’ll be safer You can do a 180 up here pull up around continue building and there you have high ground on your opponent Probably when you go up against the minigun and the LMG, it can be a pain in the ass the way to win is either get distance built backwards or wait for the situation where you feel like All right, I can take them right here right now It’s like that rebind your weapons and then keep them tight use the same slots every time so you don’t forget like I have my AR 2 shotguns before or rocket launchers snips on X heal sunset Sometimes players out build themselves or do stupid buildings like this? You can sometimes even jump down harvest it down and make them drop to their death These golden stacks of wood are really good Especially if you’re in a city Like tell the towers it gives you a good amount of wood building ramps up a mountainside full security ramp Just like this when I’m building up, this is now safe We can shoot at the bottom It is still standing It can be up to two drops at one time Now they can land right next to each other to in front of me is not always a good 150 North-south, whatever will help your teammates know what you’re talking about If your team does call out in front of me quickly glace up upon the mini-map and see which direction they’re pointing to The golden scar has a thick spray like it’s nuts Look at that Don’t be lazy. If you’re gonna build build, it’s safe If you’re up in a one by one get that extra wall down. Look this guy. Mmm mistakes were made, buddy Scars fire rate and damage output allows you to burn down walls Some of your bullets will go through and hit the enemy target the impulse grenades can sometimes save you but if you’re outside the zone use them and You can even get your teammates to even when they’re not Editing down into an opponent’s face. It’s a very good way to practice editing Simply like what am I gonna do here? Do I build up? No just edit and hello Never give up no matter what weapons you get if you’re being a potato, whatever Keep running way too often. I see players just like ya didn’t get a gun. You know, what just kill me? I’ll just dance here. Nope. Here we go. We got a pump like your now tree into the fight and say what up malama gimme Thanks. I’ll wait. The shotgun sucks. Never mind. We got you first shot accuracy is very important when you’re shooting on range Just keep waiting for that crosshair to dip down into the center and then take your shots When you get the hang of building people tend to build a fortress as soon as they engage a fight Sometimes just do the unexpected drop down into their face.





 It’s like this guy was built up a little bit No need to go all crazy and then well, he’s not gonna see us coming so might as well just Do that the pilots a brick give a decent amount of break – I didn’t know until recently There you go The quickest and easiest way to get a high ground advantage at someone in a belt fight that’s building out like that And then turn around go up again That’s rocket You’re just jumping around walking around jump around look around See if you can spot some enemies on the go your destination wherever the heck that is You might just find a nice target Be a good teammate if you have extra healing share it as well as many as they come with fries Share the extra one with a teammate rocket launch can be a fun way to send your teammates flying just across distance It takes a little bit of practice. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not that tough to do you don’t have to let go of your sprint and you ski when you’re running towards an apple or any usable object simply hold the E and sprint as you move in there and it’ll pick it up the environment to bounce you grenades You can also shoot it from a 1-5 one without be invisible to enemy due to the huge drop see here It gives us the Red Cross like we’re gonna hit it, but we’re not We’re completely invisible to the enemy and we can bounce them around like we please you don’t get any materials by hitting player structures Not at all. Not even enemy players the pickaxe deals half the amount of damage to player build structures You see there 15 100 here. We got 25 and 50 However, the weapon is still the exact same amount of damage to players build structures and just normal structures gonna be it for this one .

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