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Opening our list of the top 25 Action Games
on the PC is Tomb Raider.

Bust your way out of this mysterious island
in Crystal Dynamics’ smooth reboot of the

Tomb Raider franchise.

Uncover the origin story of her battle scars
and insane survival skills.

Using makeshift tools, find your missing crew
members and solve a magical conundrum hidden

behind the island’s abnormal weather.

It’s semi open world offers so many action
sequences that will surely keep your adrenaline


It receives a PlayScore of 8.78 




Fallout: New Vegas –

Considered as the best Fallout game ever made.

The fourth major title to Bethesda’s Fallout
series takes you to the radioactive plains

of Nevada.

Developed by Obsidian Entertainment, go on
a personal journey around the vast wasteland

filled with difficult choices, complex morality
and a living breathing RPG that really makes

you the PLAYER.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.79 




Trine 2 –

A sequel that exceeds its original.

This puzzle game from Frozenbyte Games takes
you to an open-ended masterpiece that will

challenge you to make your own choices.

Choose from its variety of characters and
bask in its gorgeous detailed fantasy world.

Follow three heroes as they make their way
through a dangerous fairy tale word.

Aside from the main game, they have massive
expansions that bring more juice to the game

like the Goblin Expansion and an unlockable
Dwarven Caverns.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.80 




Super Meat Boy

The definition of a hardcore platformer.

Live the life of a cube-sized creature trying
to save his girlfriend, Bandage Girl.

Help him reclaim her girlfriend from 300 hazardous
obstacles led by Dr. Fetus.

Guide him as he escapes terrifying razor blades,
brutal traps and epic bosses.

A product of a once simple flash game that
turned out great.

Rummage every level as it goes increasingly
difficult, making every encounter a nightmare

for platformer amateurs.

It was lauded for its slick controls, accurate
platforming designs and fun replay value.

And not to mention a story so moving, it’d
scar you for life.

It has a PlayScore of 8.81 




Transistor –

Supergiant’s  take on a futuristic cyberpunk
world takes into form with its second major


After Bastion’s instant success, follow
Red in her quest to find her missing voice

in a city filled with rogue machinery.

Use her Sentient Sword and take out enemies
with dazzling colors.

Throughout this indie game, get entranced
with its striking colors and atmospheric soundtrack.

It’s combat is as intense as its soundtrack.

It has a PlayScore of 8.82




Hyper Light Drifter
Another Indie title with a mesmerizing world.

This game takes you to a ruined world where
the past meets future.

Take a scenic look as every chapter feels
like a modern-day painting.

As a Drifter, your role is to uncover memories
and explore its hand-crafted world.

Combat is easy to pick up, but it’s difficult
to master.

Survive by upgrading your weapons and yourself
because the enemies are vicious and strange.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.83 





Dive into desert landscapes and lush forests,
battle against their gigantic Koju bugs, and

try your hand against their colorful, hypnotic

With three of their original game modes in
full-HD form, it’s bullet hell experience

you’ll keep coming back to.

Taking its origins in the PlayStation 2 era
of 2005, it’s a classic brought back to


It has a PlayScore of 8.84 




This War Of Mine

While most games focus on the battlefields,
this survival game shines a spotlight on the

tragic misery of civilian lives.

Experience the true horrors of war rearing
its ugly head.

Play as four characters, trying to survive
through weeks of hunger, thirst, and loneliness.

You’ll be faced with difficult decisions
that will test your moral fiber.

Will you die just to let others survive?

It has a PlayScore of 8.85 




If you look at it, it feels like Minecraft’s
little 2D brother.

While similarities do exist, there’s a lot
of differences when it comes to the gameplay.

Terraria lets you play at your pace.

Go gung-ho and start digging deep into caves
guarded by monsters.

Or take it easy.

Claim your little turf, mine herbs, gather

before taking that grand quest for epic loot
and rare items.

So start exploring, prepare to fight and build
your own virtual home.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.86 




Bastion –

The game that made Supergiant what it is now.

Explore a world in ruin after a mysterious
Calamity and step into the shoes of a Kid

as he embarks on a life-changing quest.

Narrated by a seemingly omniscient voice,
follow him as he faces off with hostile creatures

that roam around its devastated world.

With multiple weapons in hand, switch seamlessly
and make sure to rebuild what was once lost.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.91 




Torchlight 2

With the startling success of their first
title, Runic Games’ critically acclaimed action

RPG makes a stellar return.

Dive into its vibrant world, filled with deadly
beasts, rewarding loot, and rich, interactive


While it has an equally enjoyable multiplayer
mode, its single player experience is just

as good with their awesome sidequests and
immersive world.

Like a more colorful Diablo, it receives a
PlayScore of 8.91. 




Shovel Knight –

Driven with a sense of purpose and the power
of love, Yacht Club Games’ iconic platformer

excavates the 8-bit nostalgia within you.

Be a knight wielding his trusty shovel and
save your beloved from an evil kidnapper.

Navigate around the mysterious castle and
dig your way to find secrets, or smack your

enemies in the face.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.91 





This classic-style platformer takes you on
a dark descent into a mysterious well.

A Devolver Digital game, dive down into its
procedurally generated world equipped with

your gun boots.

IF that’s not enough, use your trusty weapons
to vaporize enemies and collect treasures

in its sweet and descending style.

The game guarantees that there’s more stuff
to do in every fall.

Go down and down and down because this game
receives a PlayScore of 8.92 




Pony Island

Daniel Mullins strange indie puzzler.

Step cautiously into this eerie, metaficitonal
game that is very aware of its existence as

a game.

While that usually leads to some funny, breaking
the fourth wall-type interactions, this game

takes the road less traveled–dealing a few
bursts of psychological horror with a side

of ardent curiosity.

Jump over some hurdles, get to the finish
line, earn huge amounts of experience, and

find yourself in a spiral of confusion…
and despair.

We don’t have to say much, we’ll keep
you surprised.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.93




Pac-Man Championship Edition DX +

Gear up and return to the circular jaws of
our adorable little monster in a classic improvement

of its original.

Get ready to chomp more ghosts as you pile
them up in the most ridiculous ways.

Beat your friends’ score on the leaderboards
and prove them who’s the chomping master.

But it doesn’t have to stop there, play
around its various new features such as new

layouts, courses, and an infernal arcade mode.

Go Paku-Paku as this game receives a PlayScore
of 8.94 




Super Hexagon –

Yes, this is action.

The fact that you’re constantly moving your
fingers in high-speed makes it more than enough.

Boost your PC’s volume because this game
will have you scrambling through every level.

Engage yourself in the adrenaline-pumping
action, guiding your arrow around a maze of

dizzying hexagons.

Its minimalist design takes nothing from its
fast-paced gameplay.

White knuckle your way out of its high-tempo
environment that will leave you gasping for


It receives a PlayScore of 8.96 




The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Action and RPG.

Todd Howard’s lovechild calls you again
and again to venture into the beautiful world

of Skyrim.

Slay dragons, make peace with kingdoms, loot
houses, and get smacked by a giant.

This 6-year old game may have shown its age,
but its continuous Modding and open-ended

adventure delights players in many ways possible.


It receives a PlayScore of 9.02 




Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Two V games in a row.

Experience Metal Gear Solid like no other.

Before there were Nanomachines and evil Senators,
there was Venom Snake and his vengeance.

The fifth major and final entry of the MGS
series goes open-world and boy, oh, boy it’s


Use your mastercrafted tactical espionage
skills against your enemies and rebuild your

mother base from the ground up.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.02 




Borderlands 2

Improving in so many ways compared to its

The open-world fps welcomes you back into
the brash, cel-shaded world of Pandora, now

packed with a whole new story, and an upgraded
class system.

Also returning are their stunning visuals
and random-generated loot and trademark brand

of humor.

While they’ve taken a turn to a more dark
and gritty narrative, their well-written enemies

and side characters are always ready to step

With tougher enemies, just make sure you have
a friend over.

It has a PlayScore of 9.03




The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

After the successful flash game, its Steam
release breathed new life to this creepy roguelike


Help Isaac escape his deadly fate by sneaking
out through his monster-infested basement.

Conquer hundreds of dungeons, and fend off
creatures with your cowardly tears.

Be careful, one wrong move will take you right
back to square one.

It’s a game of biblical proportions, known
for its challenging rooms, harsh permadeaths,

and eerily adorable visuals.It has a PlayScore
of 9.04 




Batman Arkham City –

Some calls it the best Arkham game to date.

Rocksteady’s second title after Arkham Asylum
takes you to the crime-infested streets of

Arkham City.

Now transformed into a City Wide Penitentiary,
help Batman stop Joker and the other Rogue’s

Gallery in a race against time.

It’s new open-world element grants you full
control of the caped crusader’s fists.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.06 





Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ ultimate stealth-adventure

Play as Corvo Attano, a man caught in the
wrong place, at the wrong time.

Follow his journey as he vindicates himself
from a crime he did not commit.

An FPS game utilizing the gift of stealth,
unleash your devastating supernatural powers

to exact vengeance on these poor souls, or
finish the game without a single kill.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.08




Mark Of The Ninja –

Show off your innate agility and vulpine cleverness
to outwit foes in every stage in this stealth-based

indie platformer,.

Pay attention to the noise you make, and use
the shadows to your advantage.

It’s a game that rewards you for your intelligent
choices, giving you points for bloodless clears

as well as your stealthy massacres.

With their smart mechanics and impressive
visuals, Mark of the Ninja is easily one of

the most rewarding stealth experiences out

It has a PlayScore of 9.17 




Mass Effect 2 –

Before EA killed the latest Mass Effect game,
there was the original trilogy.

But among them lies the best entry of the

Follow Commander Shepard and his friends in
a quest to rid the world of the imminent Reaper


The game is greatly improved compared to the
first game especially its choices and the

third-person shooting aspect.

It’s one of the finest sci-fi games ever
created and it receives a PlayScore of 9.23 




And the best action game is none other than
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

It goes to show that don’t need to have
guns to make an action game.

Geralt of Rivia’s open-world adventure is
merely enough.

Filled with unforgettable missions and characters
so complex, CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece

has won the the hearts of many people.

With 2 massive DLC’s that doesn’t cost
much, it adds new flavours to the medieval

fantasy world they offer.

Unfortunately this is the final chapter of
Geralt’s story.

But it’s a perfect send-off to our white-haired

It receives a PlayScore of 9.29

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