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 Hey, Gamers! Welcome back to GamesX! Pritam here, with a list of Top 25   ‘High Graphics’ Games for Android & iOS 2021. So, what games should you reach for,   to effectively crash & burn your favorite device? Let’s find out! Hijacker Jack – Famous. Rich. Wanted.From ‘New IDEA games’ is a full-motion   video game in FPS mode. It is the first-ever in this category on the android platform.   It is a story-based action where you control the story by real-life interactive videos.so,   go on this unique adventure and find out what jack’s next move is. DEAD BY DAYLIGHT MOBILE – Multiplayer Horror Game From behaviour interactive is a mobile version   to a famous PC game. It is a horror action multiplayer game   where a ruthless killer hunts down four survivors who try to escape from the death by the killer.   You can choose different iconic characters, different maps and also customise your character. Darkness Rises From NEXON Company   is an action RPG with fine graphics and thrilling action. The epic battles   will certainly test your skills at it. The character customization truly gives you freedom   by letting you build the character from ground up and also lets you choose your class. Gods of Rome From Gameloft studios is an   epic action set in the medieval age in the roman empire. You can summon, upgrade, and manage gods,   monsters and heroes along with other mythical warriors.The game has pushed the graphics level   at its time. The game also has player versus player battle along with quests. Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia  From My.com.BV.





Another great game from the makers of war face. It is a sequel to the much celebrated   action sci-fi game evolution. The sequel takes you to the same atmosphere but changes gameplay to a   great extent from an action packed third person shooter to a mix of action, RPG and strategy game. Real Car Parking Master : Multiplayer Car Game From spektra games is a car parking simulation   game. There are two huge maps where you can learn driving and roam around the city.   There are over 150 levels to test your parking skills. From flaunting supercars in the city   to conquering the mountains with a 4×4 drive, this simulation game has everything. MIB: Galaxy Defenders Free 3D Alien Gun Shooter From sony pictures television is an official men   in black fps Game. This obviously comes with a storyline similar to the movie   where you take on the alien and save the planet from destruction by those clueless creatures.So,   Work with the agents and save humanity. Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS From Gameloft studios give you   an astonishing high graphics battlefield experience. The game now comes with highly   exciting 70 players battle-royale action. The Solo story mode campaign is equally impressive   and thrilling to play as you dive deep into the barren battlefields to terminate the apocalypse. Life is Strange From the famous square enix   studios is a beautiful choice-based story mode game consisting of 5 episodes in total.   The game has neatly written modern adventure story with rewind time feature to control the   course of events. The hand-painted visuals make you fall in love with them and admire them alot. République From camouflaj studios is an immersive   action game with a gorgeously written story line. There are three different costumes for the lead   character Hope coming with unique abilities for each costume. The story of the game keeps engaged   and the graphics give you chills while you perform in-game adventures and solve critical puzzles. Sky Combat: war planes online simulator PVP From Azur Interactive is an action warplane   simulator.





 There are 5 versus 5 battles in the sky   with real players across the globe. There are 15 different jet planes to your choice all with real   prototypes. The graphics are really fascinating with good game mechanics and fair physics. DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Game FPS shooter From Madfinger games is a widely admired   zombie shooter game. A crazy fun zombie shooter that involves strategy, too. You have to get   across 10 regions,33 different battlefields, and strategize wisely to protect your hideout   and survive till the end. You get 70 kinds of weapons to destroy zombies in your style. Warface: Global Operations – First-person shooter From my.com.BV studios is a globally appreciated   fps shooter. The customizable weapon feature is a heaven for skin collectors.   The sharp and edgy visuals take the game to a new level and having all the features it needs   like co-op battles, various maps, and game modes makes this game a must-have. Gear.Club – True Racing  From Eden games is a truly realistic racing experience. You can race across the world in   tonnes of events and compete with anyone around the world but it’s more than just   racing. You can tune your car to the finest, you can manage your garage as you like. SBK16 Official Mobile Game  From Digital tales takes you to the 2016 Motul FIM Super bike World Championship. You are the fresh   contender for the championship with a 200 HP beast to your help but there are challenging tracks   opposing you from becoming the best but crazy super bikes like kawasaki, ducati in your garage. Traffic Tour From wolves interactive   is an endless racing game. There are tonnes of missions to complete and various game   modes where you can entertain yourself. There are many cars to choose from and you can gear   them up for multiplayer challenge mode where you take on the opponent with the best cars. Armed Heist: TPS 3D Sniper shooting gun games  From Sozap Studios is an action-packed shooting game based on the famous robbery by the mask mens   and joker in the Batman movie. You have got an armoured truck and a blue-print   of loosely secured banks to rob. So, get to the location, perform the heist like a joker. Dead Effect 2From app holdings is an   action sci-fi shooter with a storyline and some rpg elements.   





The story line is great with good impactful voices accompanying it. There is a rpg layer   to this game where you have personas so you have three personalities to develop. MadOut2 BigCityOnline  From Madout games Huge open world game. There is a 10 square kilometer map to explore,   lots of crazy russian cars to ride on. You will get tonnes of missions to succeed and while you   complete them there are 100 different real players on the map in online mode. Blitz Brigade – Online FPS funFrom Gameloft studios is another over the top   action game where you go berserk with your gun. It is an Online Multiplayer Shooting mayhem   with different guns to your arsenal and opponents ready to rage against you.   You can choose from 7 different classes, that obviously comes with its abilities. Endless Nightmare From 707 ‘interactive   studios’ is a thrilling, story-based horror game. Here, You’ll play James,   a police officer whose wife and daughter were brutally murdered at home. Investigate the site,   hide from the threats, and Collect various items to help you discover clues and explore the truth! The First Tree A beautiful third-person exploration game   centered around two parallel stories. a fox trying to find her missing family, and a son   reconnecting with his estranged father in Alaska. Players take control of the   fox on a poignant and beautiful journey that crescendos at the source of life! Evil Lands: Online Action RPG  From Rage Quit Games is an Open World Online Multiplayer RPG Game. You need to defeat the   boss and dragons but you can’t do it alone so you can take help of your fellow players.   If you are in for more thrill you can participate in player versus player battles. Project War Mobile – online shooting game From goblin games company is a complete FPS   game with online battles present with the zombie shooter mode. The game has   story mode where you can level up character and the gear while approaching the next level.   Every level has its own bosses, and has a plethora of weapons to choose from. Project War Mobile – online shooting game From goblin games company is a   complete FPS game with online battles present with the zombie shooter mode.   The game has story mode where you can level up character and the gear while approaching   the next level. Every level has its own bosses, and has a plethora of weapons to choose from.  Feel like we miss something? Drop your favorite game in the comments below

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