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Hello Friends….
How are you guys??

I’m your Friend Pritam.

I welcome you in Games X.

Where You will talk about Gaming with me.
Today I Will talk about Best PC Games for 8GB RAM PC .



 Our 1st Game in this series

That’s “Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is such a Game,

Where You will get to see very amazing missions, Open world environment and whole city,

And get to see china town environment and amazing Characters.

Who known is Jitsu, taekwondo, Kungfu Karate, Marshal art in this game

You have to use your judo, Kungfu to kill your enemies & Opponents.

Not only that, You will get to see a lot of mission here.

Which you have to complete.?

There have lot of gang War, In which you will participate & fight.

You will become a wonderful leader at the end.

It’s a very amazing game, You will play this Game

There is an open world and good graphics . 



 Let’s go ahead friends and We talk about our 2nd Game in this video

That’s come out your heart beat, the most amazing Our love Game

Grand Theft Auto V

Yes You heard to absolutely right.

You can play Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) in you Laptop & PC in which 8GB RAM

Where You will get to see 1,2GB Graphics card

In the case of gaming, RAM is not as important as the graphics card.

If you have 1-2GB graphics card

You can play easily GTA with good frame rate

If I talk about Game here

So, I don’t need to tell much.

Who Those already know that GAT is our most amazing open world game.

Where You can do everything.

from racing to driving to mission to fighting

Whether we talk about shooting and all kinds of things

So, You like so much of Grand Theft Auto

So you go and download it.



 Lets talk about our 3rd game in this series

That’s “Far Cry

Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4

as you wish

And You can play in your PC.

If I talk about Far Cry

It’s a very wonderful game

Where You will get to see whole forest and a amazing forest

Where You can soft roading and drive the cars

And You will get to see animals.

You have to rob.

You have to go in colony, do fight and complete the missions.

And You get to see very good story.



 Let’s go ahead friends and let’s talk about our 4th Game in this video

Which is “Just Cause

You can play Just Cause 2 & 3 in your PC and Laptops.

If I talk about Just Cause series.

So what does he get to see.?

A whole open world Environment.

Missile launcher and Rocket Launcher By using to you amazing weapon

You can break anything and pull down the bridge

Whether Bike and Cras U can drive anything.

Here, You give to very wonderful mission

Which mission you have to blast and sabotage.

You have to shoot amazingly well.

And This is also very amazing game

You must play this game. 



 Let’s go ahead friends and let’s talk about our 5th Game in this video

Which is “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher has been a very good series.

I personally like it very much.

You do not get to see that many guns in this game.

Here You get to see old environment and old location.

You will get to see a such a Assassin in which eyes blood.

Whoever comes in his way, he will kill him with his sword.

Not only that, This game plus point is game story

You get to see very wonderful story.

As You will be go to end game then connected to the story from beginning to end.

whatever You give mission and tasks.

You get to see very amazing.



 Let’s go ahead friends and let’s talk about our 6th Game in this series.

Which is “Mafia 2 & 3

As this Game name’s suggest to Mafia

You play a role of Mafia

You will go to take a character inside the game.

You will get to shooting, Open world environment and old time locations over there

You will get to see 1980s era locations and like cars.

You can also drive the cars.

You will get to see missions.

The mission in which you have to kill the enemies in front of you.

You have to be a leader, There will have to be a complete mafia of that city.

Whatever comes in your way will have to be removed them.

It’s a very amazing Game,

If You are interested in Mafia and such a Game

Where You play a role of Gangster.

So You must try this game 



 Let’s go ahead friends and let’s talk about our 7th Game in this series.

Which is “Sniper Elite 3 & 4

Sniper Elite is such a Game, which is known as our sniping.

You have to use amazing snipers

You have to stay away and shoot the front of target.

You have to hold your breath and wait for right time

And You have to take a perfect head shoot.

Like You kill your target without alert to any guard.

Friends, It’s very amazing all these Game

Whatever game of any category you like and interested, Go try that Game.

If you like The sniper, So you must try sniping game

And If You like Open world game, So You must try open world game.

If You like as Mafia and Gangster game,

You can try these Game over there.



 Let’s go ahead friends and let’s talk about our 8th Game in this series.

That’s “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Yes Friends, You heard absolutely right

You generally speaks to PUBG of this Game

You can try of this game in your PC & Laptops in which 8GB RAM & 2GB Graphics card

If I talk about PUBG,

So Who doesn’t know about this Game.

Here You get to whole open world environment and Battle Royale Jordan.

There will come 100 people here.

Whatever will be left Out of those 100 people till the end.

That’ll become a Hero.




Let’s go ahead friends and let’s talk about our 9th Game in this series.

Which is belong to my personal Favorite Tomb Raider franchise.

That Game is “Rise of the Tomb Raider

Where You will get to see snowy areas and Lara Croft

If You like Lara croft game

Definitely You must play of this game.

You will get to see amazing Graphics and super missions in this game.

Your mind will be baffled while solving such puzzles.

And such a Beautiful locations

Wherever you go, you will feel that what is the real world.

You will also get to see parker else

Where You will jumping up and down at the mountains.

On that You will use old time weapons, Like- Bow and Arrow

And You will also get new weapons in the middle, Like- shot Gun & Slot Rifles

This is a very amazing series, You must try it.

So, Let’s go and end today’s article.



 If We talk about last Game’s

Which is “Mad Max

If You like drive the cars

So, This is game for you

Here You are shown the story of a driver.

What are the difficulties come in his life?

And He gets stuck in an area, where there is nothing.

How do you get him out of that?

It’s totally depend on you.

It’s also a wonderful game,

Where You will get to see a lot of action, wonderful fighting, cars stands and driving.

What do you want else?, You must try of this game.

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