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 About Bitlife Mod Apk Version 1.4.4  -:

Guys I don’t really put like too much pressure on this but this video kind of makes or breaks our relationship because for

this week’s video, I’m putting literally all of my trust into you

inside of you. sorry that was so graphic oh my god you guys have been

Commenting on all my videos telling me to download this game called “bitlife” I have no idea

What this is I’ve never heard of it? I don’t know if this is the thing you guys have been like playing with your


ew. why do I sound 85 years old?? I did zero

Research before going into this video I’m literally just sitting down right now with you guys and I’m gonna fucking download the app and play it

So hopefully it’s good… otherwise

Fuck you guys and if this video is bad it’s your fault. bit life. should I even look at

What this is? I guess I will. hey, bitizens!

Bitizens? wtf?? oh.

Here is the description…. “how will you live your bit life? will you try to make all the right choices

In an attempt to be a model – will you try it –

I love being able to read. will you try to make all the right choices and in attempts to become become

That’s the words: become – a model citizen sometimes before you die you could

Marry, the man woman of your dreams have kids and pick up a good

job, along the way or will you make choices that horrify your parents? start prison riots smuggle duffel bags… smuggle duffel bags ?? full

Of what and cheat on your spouse. wow it’s the number one strategy game this must

be poppin let’s go bit life. love this big sperm! oh my god, it’s time to be born. Preston Swift

I was born a male in San Diego United States. oh?

I was an accidental pregnancy… my father is Tucker Swift a school administrator age 62 my mother is an

Angelica Swift a restaurant worker age 19

We love an age gap couple I don’t know what happened there


Wait look I have a meter down here about

who I am, I guess.. Looks like I’m pretty happy, and pretty smart and pretty healthy…

But also, pretty ugly… so, let’s just age I guess

one year! let’s age again.. now I’m 2!!

My mom’s been promoted.. I don’t give a fuck about my mom, only tell me about me please I’m just gonna age until I

can actually do something

what’s going on?? …you broke your parents sex toy..? Oh

ew… why do I even have my hands on that. I’m literally seven… admit that I broke it or it wasn’t me?

All right well I think I’m an only child so

Who else would it be you know what I mean? I admitted to my parents that

I broke their sex toy, and my looks went up 1%. Oh no

My dad died at the age of 72. he died of typhoid fever

Is that even a thing that people can get today? I thought that was like an ancient disease? no my happiness dropped to the same level

as my looks, bad

Driving license! it’s time to take your driving test, will you take it? I’m gonna take the test let’s do it. Oh no

I literally have to take a test right now holy shit

What does this road sign mean? a side road, duh

you passed your driving test. Anyway, now that I’m 16 I feel like I could probably do things, right? Oh my god I can!


Find a date. oh my g- set up a threesome?? holy shit

why can’t I do that yet?

I graduated!

I think I’m just gonna go to college, because I didn’t go to college in real life so I’m just gonna live vicariously through

Preston Swift

which by the way, he sounds like a douchebag. isn’t that like a

Douchey name. I’ll just do English. apply for a scholarship, ask my mother to pay or apply for a student loan…. all right

I”m gonna apply for a scholarship

fingers crossed! oh..

okay… ask my mother to pay. true love! your mother agreed to pay your university tuition!! thanks mommy I can do anything I want the

World is my little oyster so I think I’m gonna commit a crime. Oh murder someone damn never mind

I’m going right back to the main menu. you met a chick named Layla Brown let’s ask her on a date. Oh….

Layla Brown rejected you she called you a loser

All right fuck you Layla brown. briefcase

while returning a movie to red box you find a briefcase

What will you do? keep it it’s mine now leave it alone and turn it in honestly he beds mine now

Someone started arguing with you because you took, his briefcase

assault him walk away from him or argue back to him no why why isn’t there just like a give back the briefcase option cuz

That’s what I would do but since there’s not let’s assault you bruised his booty you poked his rump you scraped his chest

you socked his tooth

He died from the injuries shut the fuck up?

I literally just killed someone busted

Oh my god this is all happening so fast

You have been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced

To seven years in prison you’ve been forced to drop out of the University oh my god, oh my god

I’m in prison what do I do here appeal my sentence attempt to escape start a riot

Wow okay, let’s start a riot

You started a prison riot one person died oh my god I killed someone else

24. Were injured why did I do that busted



I’m in prison for another two five years by the time I get out I’m gonna be so old and wrinkly alright let’s just age

9. Years so that I’m not

Oh my god. I’m getting hot in prison I’m a 51% good-looking

Wow, this is awesome. I love being in prison

I’m just getting hotter I just got hotter I went up to I went up one more sweet freedom yeah

So I’m not a prison now, which is so amazing like I’m 30 and I’m unemployed but I’m

64 percent good-looking so prison really did me wonders I think I should get a job the porn actor

Oh my god I bet I don’t need an education for that one the salary is

sixty three thousand dollars should I be a porn star

I’m going to apply. Oh

Okay, whatever you guys porta potti pumper

Okay, perfect fit. Yeah. I’m asking porta potti pumper and an ex-convict, we?

I just realized I’m 30 and I’ve never even kissed anyone yet should I go like get a date or something

Let’s try and let’s try and get a date why can’t I set up a threesome use the dating

Oh it cost some money

I don’t have money for that I’ll just find a date Michelle Ross on your way to an Iggy Azalea concert

What am I going there

You met a woman named Ella joiner okay, whatever asked her on a date?

Ramona Baker all right ask her on a date

What we do honestly I’m over looking for love I’m gonna find a hookup

Oh, my you a librarian named Penelope Hathaway confesses that she has been naughty and needs to be spanked

I haven’t even had my first kiss yet

And I’m a 30 should I take her to bed in the spanker or no like I really don’t know

I’ll take her to that quickie

You had a one-night stand with Penelope Hathaway you threw out your back giving her the best you got

Oh No look at them look at the phone meter my enjoyment is so high and hers is so low Wow t oh

t well

Whatever age oh

my god drugs

nitrous oxide

you have been offered laughing gas what will you do honestly yeah let’s let’s go Ellison laughing gasps I don’t even know that was a

Thing that people like did like do they bring like a tank like a gas tank. Oh

SOS situation you come upon a car wreck in which a woman is stuck inside a vehicle

Leaking fuel what will you do do I attempt to rescue her. I mean definitely call the fire department

Look the other way let’s try and rescue ya here how you saved a woman’s life?

Maybe that makes up for one of the people that I murdered

How crazy she is should we start dating her just for like fun yeah let’s do it

Oh, I can set up a threesome now only

Bob let’s do it you and your girlfriend honey have an

Opportunity to have a threesome with a lady named Sarah yeah let’s do it yeah kingi I enjoyed it

Twice as much as honey did should I get married to her our relationship looks like it’s not going too

well but I’m gonna propose oh

my god


Yeah she rejected me all right you know what I’m gonna just break up with her for Sarah finger man

An unfortunate last name while playing chess at the park with an old man what you meet a lady named Sarah

Fingerman let’s ask dude

we’re dating

Yes, let’s get married

She said yes yeah you married Sarah fingerman?

you went to Santorini Greece for your honeymoon hell yeah

Yeah, yeah I have a daughter your wife Sarah just had a baby daughter what will you name her pick random

Shauna all right I guess what’s my baby all right let’s keep aging. Oh my god

I had another daughter or let’s pick a random name

Paisley oh my god this is so fun I have two kids and a wife

What do I do?

Oh my god abandon her? I took my daughter Paisley to a hotdog eating contest she’s not

even a year old yet you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids.

Oh yikes, oh no bowel incontinence no what is going on. Down there with me. Oh

My god, my mom died, but, also I just inherited

$200,000 Ah!

What do we do now that I’m 70 should I go come in a crime? Murder. Should I murder

someone like just for old times sake right let’s see should I murder my ex, okay?

Yeah, I will should I commit the murder or no what am I thinking

I’m gonna do it just to spice up this video


what you tried to strangle your daughter Paisley why did I do that I literally did not want to do that what oh

no, oh


my god it she assaulted you she

Squashed your eyelid oh no I did not mean to try and strangle my daughter, I was trying to strangle my ex.

Oh my god why did I do that, oh no well I have depression now. Oh

my God my life is really going downhill I shouldn’t have tried to murder someone. All right, well I’m just going to age

I died, I fucking died, oh my god. I died. I died.

Alright guys well that, was my simulated life it honestly

Didn’t go that well

But you know what that’s why it’s a simulation

Because we can do whatever we want thank you guys for recommending that I played this game it was really fun and I think this

video, is fun to make I hope you guys liked it and if you

Did then make sure to give it a big thumbs up but

Yeah I

Think that is pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you all next

Saturday with another new video, bye. 




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