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About Dragon City Mobile Mod Apk Version 22.5.3 -:

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How to Download Dragon City Mobile Mod Apk Version 22.5.3 -:

Hi everybody feel very welcome to Usitility. 
Well we are going to see how to launch and  

play Dragon City on PC, as you can see 
you are watching it on your screen.

It will be possible to efficiently download and 
set up Dragon City and enjoy playing the game on a  

Windows PC with keyboard, mouse and big screen.
Then without further ado, let’s get to it.

Before anything else mates, the first thing 
to do is to open our favorite browser.  

We selected the one we use by default.
Let’s continue, going to the next URL that  

I’m highlighting in green. Now, you 
can discover on the screen of the PC.

There is no need to type anything, simply 
because there’s the clickable link in the  

description of this video and as 
well in the first main comment.

We ended up there on our web site of Usitility, 
where we get a meticulous outline on the way to  

obtain Dragon City on Personal computer.
We search down a bit and just click  

on the “Download Game on PC” button.
After we click on this link, we get to the website  

of BlueStacks. Which the Android emulator that we 
are going to run to play Dragon City on our PC.

As you can see from here we access a great 
deal of pros of prefering this emulator.

So we are ready to proceed to download 
the Dragon City by clicking on the button  

Play on BlueStacks that I have marked in green 
color. Next step is clicking on that button.

Of course, the download 
starts and ends immediately.

Here it is, this is the download. 
It’s a file we have to execute.

What we have to do is to launch the 
installer, OK, so we click on this file.

Windows 10 users will be asked for permission 
to make changes to the computer. We said yes.

I minimise the internet browser 
to see the installer better.

The installation software is uncomplicated. It 
consists of 2 options: Install, and Setup path.

I am going to make it clear what setup 
path does indeed. We purely click it.

And so we note that we have here the path 
in which the emulator will be set up.

If we are planning to modify this folder 
we need to click on this “Browse” option,  

so we pick another folder and set 
up the emulator where we choose.

I am going to keep it by default. 
Then, I click on Back.

Therefore I simply click install.
Fantastic. The set up starts and it’s going to  

continue with the download of all these Megabytes 
which are presented on this computer screen.  

At the time you download it, it is 
likely to be more or less Megabytes.

The data transfer rate may go at a higher speed or 
slower, based on your web access and depending on  

the efficiency of the emulator servers.
Today they’re going extremely fast.

The download is has been successful, and so 
now it continues with the installation phase.

The set up will need a little bit more 
or less time according to the strength  

of your laptop or computer: the more 
efficient it actually is, the faster  

the software installation time and vice versa.
If we integrate the download and installation step  

it can take quite a while, so be patient.
It has now finished on my side..

At present, the emulator happens 
to be launched instantly.

As you can discover, down here, there is a 
progress bar that will advance to the right  

so when it has reached the finish, the emulator 
can be launched for the very first time.

The fact is that the emulator was already 
launched, here for the first time.

Before we keep going, as you can see now, it has 
created 2 icons here on the computer desktop.  

The BlueStacks and BlueStacks Multi-Instance.
Note that the BlueStacks software icon will  

be 1 we’re concerned with. Any time we 
have to launch Dragon City on the PC,  

we twice click on this specific icon 
and as a result start the emulator.

The BlueStacks Multi-Instance app icon is not 
about multiplayer or anything such as that;  

the fact is, it’s an app icon that we might 
most certainly never ever work with.

Shall we perform the next step, that is a must, 
and that is to visit the Google Play Store.

As you understand the Google Play is 
started. Here we need to sign in.

Presently as soon as we are there, we are 
required to accomplish this following step that is  

obligatory. So that we just click on “Sign in”,
Presently it shows “checking info”. It can from  

time to time get stuck in “checking 
info” and this fails to progress.

In this case, you could try to login in after 
a few hours and it’ll usually be resolved.

At this time we’re going to 
enter our e-mail and password.

The email really needs to be a Gmail email 
address as well as its related password.

For instance you can utilize 
the very same email address  

you’re using currently in your YouTube account.

So That I am going to type my data and I 
will return when I have accomplished it.

Voila, details entered. And here is Google 
welcoming us and offering us the Tos.

We can consent to all of them 
by simply pressing “I agree”.

Following that, it make us possible 
to back up to the Google cloud.

You could leave it checked and 
this will produce a back-up of  

the files on that device to Google Drive.

I won’t check it, you do what you want.
We click Accept.

Google Play (formerly Android Market) 
is launched by default and instantly.

To install the app game, we would need to visit 
the Android emulator desktop by left-clicking  

that app icon indicated green colored.
At this point that we are watching the  

desktop of the Android emulator, we see that we 
now have there the Install video game option.  

We mouse click on that button.
On this page we have got the game.  

Why don’t we click on here on the “Install” 
choice that I am showing now in green.

This action will commence the installation. 
At this point it will install the video game,  

it normally takes some time or perhaps 
it might well be amazingly quickly.

That all is dependent upon 
on the Internet connection.

This has already completed installing.
It’s time to go back to the emulator  

desktop by pressing this button that I am 
highlighting in green, if you want to run  

Dragon City for the 1st time.
Now let’s simply click on  

the My Games option above.
You are now on the emulator desktop,  

then we’re going to simply click on the brand new 
Dragon City app icon that’s been generated.

Your video game is launched for the 
1st time. Currently there we have it,  

I am able to press anywhere on the screen 
and also make use of the keyboard.

I have to discuss the volume of this emulator. It 
is here. We use the icon of higher volume and also  

the icon of lower volume, this manner we won’t 
count on the Microsoft Windows volume to increase  

or decrease the music of this emulator.
And also to take pleasure in the experience  

to the fullest, we could turn on the big 
screen, for which we have 2 choices.

This one is actually the first one, we mouse 
click on this icon which I’m showing in green,

thus the monitor is maximized, 
having one border at the top,  

one on the right side and 1 at the bottom.
In case that we wish to enjoy the video game in  

full screen, we select that app icon.
And we might already be experiencing the  

video game in full screen function. To get out of 
the 100 % screen setting, click the F11 key.

And we might already end up being 
in normal screen setting.

At this point, I am choosing to show 
you the computer keyboard mapping which  

is actually surprisingly exciting. That 
means we will likely be in a position to  

operate the game app a lot more effortlessly.
The first task is to click on this app icon.

And at this time there you will be 
able to make the required adjustments.

I will let the standard settings, 
however if you need to adjust this,  

you can easily do so with no problem.
Perhaps you have realized,  

the emulator is entirely in our language.
In some cases it happens that the emulator  

is presented in the incorrect language, 
for instance, in Chinese language.

And thus to place it in the right 
language we go here to the cogwheel.

And thus there within additional configurations, 
we simply click on the “Language” drop-down.

We are able to opt for the language we 
wish: Spanish, Japanese, and so forth.

After the language is decided, we could save, 
the emulator will restart, as well as the game,  

next time we launch it, would 
also be in the chosen language.

Presently, there’s another detail that 
we will need to take into account,  

and it is that we will get 
a message from Googlemail  

reporting that a brand new equipment has 
been associated with this Google account.

It definitely will check with us if we’re the 
ones who have associated with that device.

Absolutely, we should not get 
worried, since the emulator  

is simulating an Google Android device.
So you can find which device is being emulated,  

we arrive here, to the cogwheel 
and we mouse click on it.

Be sure you go here to the “Model” option.
And right here we discover that the emulator  

is emulating a Samsung smartphone.
And so we’re going to receive an  

e-mail saying that a new Samsung device has 
been connected to our Google account.

This is it folks, so much for the 
training. I believe you liked it,  

specially that you thought it was helpful.
In this case, allow it a superb thumb up,  

subscribe to my channel, and any 
comments, requests or suggestions,  

let them in the comment box below.
You may also leave a comment on my  

Twitch channel, I conduct livestreams from time 
to time, you get it listed below in the video  

description and in the first pinned comment.
Simply click on any of these training videos  

that are showing up on the list of videos to 
watch and let’s have fun again in the following  

online videos.



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