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About FIFA Soccer MOD APK 18.0.04

 We’ve turned on the stadium lights, mowed the pitch, and the fans are
buzzing with excitement. Download the latest FIFA Mobile to join in the

 The game is literally 💩. When you play online, half of the time it
shows the network problem icon. If there’s a network issue and if you
press any button like “pass” or “shoot” it doesn’t work, basically trash
servers. If the opponent disconnects from the game, it’s team starts
playing better than the opponent was playing. The AI is completely
trash. I usually don’t review games but I’m highly disappointed in FIFA.
The game feels like it was made in a hurry. 

The game improved a lot. The game is great now. Still there are issues.
Graphics are not appropriate. Needs a visible ranking and records list
in leagues within leagues. Event modes needs to have better AI
difficulty levels. 90min gameplay needs to be a minute or two slow.
Offline modes like Career modes is a must for the game to be popular.

The graphics, all the real players and teams is absolutely beautiful. I
have been playing EA Sports game since I was 8 years old. As expected
this is the best mobile football game. But but but….. it is a request
to the developers to improve the H2H experience. 1. Improve the game
experience, it lags too much in h2h and add settings to update game
length, turn on/off extra time and penalty shootouts. 2. Co-op games
where two or more friends can play for the same team can be great in





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