Fortnite Game Review By Games X

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My favorite game is obviously CS

But maximuh! This isn’t CS?!

But I like to try other games sometimes and in this video

I’m going to show another game that I actually
really like.

So Epic Games offered to sponsor this video
for their game Fortnite: Battle Royale and

I’ve decided to give you guys my thoughts
on it with a small review.

So most of you might already know this, but
Epic Games are known for creating the

Unreal Engine, which is used in a lot of games today.

In other words,
they’ve made their own Battle
Royale mode with their own engine, and it’s

free to play.

You can find the game in the video description.

Anyway, I’ve been playing it for 25
hours and seen how the game has developed

over the past weeks, which is a good sign
cause I normally drop a game after just a

few hours if it’s boring.

The question that most of you probably wanna
know, is it any good?

So the main difference here is that other
Battle Royale games focus more on giving you

that intensive raw atmosphere combined with
the feeling of realism somehow, but this game

has more of a chill and casual approach, and
it works really well and it’s very fun.



 I like the cartoony style that
the game has, it’s colorful and relaxing.

Now even though the game’s visuals are a bit
more childish, it still looks great, the art,

all the animations, it’s beautiful.

One thing that can really annoy me about any
game, is if it has performance issues.

It can turn out to be one of the main reasons
why I stop playing it.

I think this might be one of the best performing
Battle Royale games I’ve ever played.

Not just because you can play with the highest
settings and still get good FPS, but, the

servers and the gameplay feels smooth.

Speaking of gameplay, how is it?

The gameplay is very similar to any Battle
Royale game, be the last to survive basically,

but there’s one feature that really stands
out in this one.

You can harvest resources like for example
wood to build stuff.

You can build a bridge, make a ramp, you can
even destroy what you’ve done or modify it,

and because of that, anything on the map is

If you want, you can take a whole house down
to collect it’s resources, tree’s around it,

cars, anything on the map is pretty much made
so you can destroy it.

The game even encourages you to do it so you
have lots of resources towards the end of the game.

Most people like to create barricades, and
forts for cover, but you can easily destroy

their structures if you have the right weapons.

What I also really enjoy about this game is
it’s platforming aspect. 



 Jumping and moving around feels really good
and there’s even things on the map like tires

and traps that you can use to surprise your

Speaking of traps, you can put traps inside a building
or even in your base if you want.

There are enough weapons in the game to create
some very interesting battles and combinations.

And with the latest changes to the damage, I feel
like they managed to balance things very well.

Weapons just like any other item in the game,
have a color to describe how rare they are.

Orange items are the hardest to find and are
usually associated with high-end weapons such

as sniper-rifles and rocket-launchers.

You can loot items or weapons anywhere on
the map, and also find ammunition boxes and

chests which usually drops a bunch of random items.

In my opinion, there’s enough items to enjoy the game as it is but they’re adding new stuff every month.

The map size is perfect in my opinion, there
are no drivable vehicles, but you still get around easily. 



The different locations on the map offer good
variety, from smaller cities, industrial facilities

to villages, farms and towns.

You’ll notice after playing that the mountains
in the game are often used by players to

get a good view of the area.

Overall, the map is enjoyable to play on,
usually the most crowded locations are

Retail Low and Pleasant Park.

My two favorite locations are Salty Springs
and Tomato Town.

With the latest updates of the game you can
now customize your character, get achievements

and missions.

You can also level up, check your stats and
be part of a leaderboard.

You can play solo, or up to 4 players and
it’s even possible to play the game on a console (PS4 & Xbox One).

So is the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite any

Yes, definitely, and it’s free.

I recommend trying it at least and see if you like

I’ve been having lots of fun with it together
with friends or even just for myself.

It’s one of those games where you can quickly pick up and play.

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you want to see what’s happening behind the

scenes of banana gaming,

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