Frozen City 1.0.5 MOD APK Download

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 About Frozen City 1.0.5 MOD APK

 Frozen City is a challenging and immersive city-building simulation game set in a post-apocalyptic world covered in ice and snow. As the chief of the last remaining town on Earth, it is up to you to gather resources, rebuild society, and ensure the survival of your people. In the game, players must collect resources, assign workers, explore the wilderness, and conquer tough surroundings using various methods in order to survive. Building towns, maintaining people’s basic needs, and balancing production and supply are key elements of the game. Players must also manage the production chain, processing raw materials into necessary items, setting reasonable production ratios, and improving the town’s operation. Players must also allocate labor, assigning survivors to different roles such as workers, hunters, and chefs, while keeping an eye on their health and happiness values. As players learn more about the town’s operation and experience the challenges of the game, they will be able to expand the town by growing the survivor group and building more settlements to attract new survivors. Finally, players can recruit heroes to help the town grow, regardless of their background or affiliations. Whether they are from an army or a gang, what matters is their loyalty and willingness to help the town survive. Frozen City offers players a challenging and thrilling gaming experience that immerses them in a harsh post-apocalyptic world and tasks them with rebuilding society from scratch.

 Features of Frozen City 1.0.5 MOD APK

  • Frozen City Game is a survival simulation game set in a post-apocalyptic world covered in ice and snow. 
  • The player takes on the role of chief of the last remaining town and must gather resources and rebuild society to ensure the survival of the people. 
  • Survivors are the basic characters in the game and are the important work force that keep the urban area running. 
  • The player must assign survivors to collect materials and work in various facilities while keeping an eye on their physical and mental health.
  •  Food ration and temperature can affect the survivors’ health. If the food ration is in shortage or the temperature drops below freezing, the survivors may get sick. 
  • The survivors may also protest if the work mode or the living environment is dissatisfying.
  • The game also features exploration of the wild, where players can send out exploratory teams for adventure and to find more useful supplies.
  •  The game also has a story behind the ice and snow apocalypse, which will be revealed as players explore the wild. 





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