FUPSPLAY New Play to Earn NFT Game | Early Access Review By GamesX

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We were given an early access review for the first memcoin to release a game on launch day I know this is also the 1st memecoin to venture on #gamefi platform so this is definitely worth checking out Hi guys, I’m Jan a.k.a Soral welcome to our YouTube channel please subscribe and let’s go! You can visit the website fupsplay.com for more information but I’ll discuss this here in a while So the people behind fupsplay.com is feedpups.com They are the company behind fupsplay game or fups token So speaking of token, recently they had and IDO and based on this Cryptograph Ratings on August 27 They are rank no. 7 on successful IDO on Hoppy Launchpad In Hoppy Launchpad,  here’s where small projects can launch so you will go to Visit Pool to verify this or if want to buy IDO Here, you can see their first IDO – over sub which means a lot of people purchased this So what’s really special with feed pups aside from what I mentioned earlier as being the first meme coin to go on a #gamefi? For me, when I was checking their website they have this mission and vision so they’re not just about being a coin or game but also affiliated with charitable works which I really hope to manifest because this is such a good mission and vision And here’s their token utility we can check this one by one but the video might be too long but basically, this just shows how fups crypto coin works





 On their about page, they also put the Global Hunger Index to give more information about the charitable works that they will support And of course, the token allocation or the tokenomics this is very important so we could see the supply and demand So, it will have 75 trillion coins I think this is quite a lot When I researched memecoin, basically that’s how memecoins are – they have a lot of supply But what’s great here is the 60% burn in the future Later, we’ll see on the road map that they will have a massive token burn on this phase 1 so definitely to watch for specially if we’ll check the supply and demand, this is where the price of cryptocurrency will depend And they will have a Pancake Swap Listing on August 29, 10:30PM after that, you can now purchase it on the Pancake Swap using your preferred wallet like Metamask, or Binance you can check those on Pancake Swap Right now, they’re on Phase 1 –  still on token generation event, marketing campaign It’s still new and just had it’s IDO but I’m glad because we had this opportunity to test their game so stay tuned for that! If you’ll check their website, they also have NFT Of course, these gamefis need NFT So here’s their NFT which is connected to the lore (folklore) of the game I hope I can get this legendary it looks cool! They’re also engaging on Twitter they have a video there, come check it They also have a YouTube channel to show you the gameplay but of course, the reason why we made this video is to show you the gameplay myself so here we go! First, we need an emulator to access the apk which is the alpha version that we can see on the website which they will release on the alpha release But because we have an early access, let’s get it on first! Let’s see this Fups World So it has a lore Doges are the losers here  Fupsie remains Great Doge Fupsie was brought on this world Wow!





 Fupsie is a ninja And that’s where the journey begins The lore is great This is rare because some games don’t really have the Lore or a story  Let’s check the shop We can see the Gold Fups here You can buy at 1 dollar once the Beta is released $1 is equals to 1000 Gold Fups Here, we can see the characters Like Fupsie Shinobi Fupsie And more, so stay tuned! Let’s click this round thing here Let’s check the Level 1 Don’t judge me! I will just be playing to show you the gameplay. I am probably a Noob here The game says Jump We can see here that it releases some gold coins gold fups rather so it’s like Mario It brings me back to memory lane We just play here Right now I am using arrow keys (keyboard) because the game is intended to play on a phone As you can see in the arrow keys Do a double jump here to get the coin And let’s jump down (boink!) So, we’ve just collected a bone the button here is for firing I am not sure yet what keys to use in firing so there’s room for improvement So let’s kill this (boink!) (deads!) Jump on the enemy head but I already killed it can’t help my competitiveness here boom boom boom! no no no no no no no no! ohhhh ohhh! you probably think I am a noob not a noob. hehe. :p wow! this is just level 1? I am challenged and sweating right now Oh no! I only have 1 life left There you go. Let’s go through the wall. We got a star boink boink boink boink boink boink If you get a star on Mario, you’re unbeatable, right? And there we go, we finished this level We got a 3 star We already finished it and gained 3 stars And if you want to continue playing level 2, just go ahead But right now, we will just be chilling and we just shared with you the gameplay the good thing about this Alpha release you can download it and play But on the Beta release, that is the time you can play to earn You will be needing an NFT card as shown a while ago to play and earn From there you can collect gold Fups which is convertible to cash And that will be available on the Beta release Right now this is just an early access and Beta will be released 2 weeks from now So, better stay tuned guys! My question is, is it worth investing for you? Comment down below . See you next time! Bye!

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