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 About Granny 4 Game -:

 Granny 4 is the 4th addition to this horror saga where you must escape
from the house before the granny gets you. If you enjoyed the last two
games, this new installment will have you hooked on a new, terrifying
adventure where you have to use logic to escape without being
discovered. Try to survive your stay in the house and find a way to
escape by solving puzzles.

To move from one side to the other, you can use the controller on the
bottom left of the screen, and to interact with objects, you can tap the
right of the screen. You won’t always be able to touch or pick
something up, so you must make sure that you touch directly on the
object you want. Crouch to find objects on the ground or to avoid making
noise and find the best way of moving around the house by combining
your movements.

In Granny 3, you will start day one in a locked room that you need to
escape from. Once you are outside, you must move around the house as
quietly as possible, opening doors and solving the mysteries that let
you unlock new areas. In this adventure, the granny won’t be alone.
She’ll be relying on frightening helpers who will come for you if you
make even the slightest sound. So, try not to make any wrong steps
otherwise you’ll get a nasty shock.

This fun horror game will keep you tense throughout the whole adventure
with its strange sounds, the granny’s malevolent helpers and granny
herself, who will come for you when you least expect it. Use your days
in the house wisely and leave before your time runs out. Are you capable
of escaping this haunted house? 



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