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Not a single zombie here, oktoks. Okay, nevermind. Shit! Okay. That’s all we need M249. That’s it. If we get that shit, then GG. I will mow every single zombie dombie down. And they kind of expected that, no shit. Hello everyone. That’s guy got a fucking eaten. I feel kind of bad for that that. That one zombie that gets hit. It’s not fair. There’s so many and I’m a potato. Take that! Hello! Can I just drive through them? Is that a thing? See just kind of OP. I’ll take it! What’s the play here? Just keep driving away a little bit get some distance. Zombie: Hello fucklet!Fugglet: Hello! Another zombie: Oke oke… This is a very interesting. If you like the vehicle should take some damage when you run over some zombie dombie. That’s not good. I do not have ammo for this. To the car! People are fucking weird man, all right. Don’t you tell me they’re not! How do I get the airdrop? Get the fuck out of here! OK, whatever. That airdrop is messed up. That works. Hello! Good bye! This poor guy, hello! Poor zombie: Yo, man go away! Go away please… No, you will die. Okay, no I’m sorry. We can team up. Poor zombie: Oh I got you. I almost got you. *Fugglet dies is heart attack* If that bitch would have flipped I would have been done. This plane… I bet you all the zombies are going for that so if I go back for the first drop. Well well well not a single. Dead human being. That didn’t make any sense. Should I take it though? Want to take it. Fuck it! I’m an idiot. I’ll do it. Alright buttercups, I brought something. Hello! That gave away this price, not a single kill. There we go. Ejaj. Goodbye! Wait, isn’t the M24 one shot to the body when they don’t have armor?! I thought so… This is gonna be a good spot, all right. Sneaky snakes. Not sneaky enough! I like how they’re like I’m camo you can’t see me. Get out of here! Get the fudge out of here! Was a very PG… swear word. The fuck? This is the best spot in the game. I love it. Spartan zombie: OK, Wanna go?Fugglet: All right, let’s go! 





Spartan zombie: Come on! Let’s do this! This is sparta!Fugglet: Where the hell are you? Spartan zombie: Come on! You wanna go? Spartan zombie: Lets’s count and go! Girl zombie: No, dont kill me Fu…. Fugglet: I’m confused. Spartan zombie: You’re gonna be… We’re gonna kill him. Three. Mattel, come on! (wtf) Girl zombie: Oh no. Oh nooo…. Spartan zombie: Come on! Come on! We have to do this! Spartan zombie: Come in! Three.. Two… One… Let’s go! Oh, Matell you let me down! Spartan zombie: Fugglet no! Girl zombie: Nhooo… Huh… This is gonna be the spot. This rock. I mean I can’t run them over anymore. That’s just too easy. These snakes man. Zombie snakes, don’t fuck with them! It’s like the best way to practice your snip tip skills. Get a bunch of zombies, get to work. Not bad. This next circle though, I don’t know about it. Damn, they’re sneaky.I like got a peek and I’m gone. No ball. No ball. Like out there crouch-walking. “You can’t see me.” “I’m a snek.” Well, hey snake that’s sitting down. It can’t really get to me, ‘cuz I’m in this spot.Unless they all just rushed at the same time. I mean they’re on Discord. So, they just communicated and said everybody rushed now. They… they would have won a long time ago. I think. But, if I just get to pick them off one by one then okay. That works, too. Shit! Where’s the snakes?I know there’s snakes. All the body shots man! All the body shots man! Okay, I can’t hit that guy.Good night! Gud night! So this gameplay is called: The Rock. Shouldn’t you be running towards me. See that was a one guy. One guy almost got me. Kinda… So for future zombie games I feel like vehicles… Well you should be allowed to drive them, but not to run them over, Because if the car doesn’t take damage then you know it’s kinda OP, just stay in it. Just stay! All right, we got a little bit of time for the next circle, and there’s 40 left. That’s… That’s gonna be a lot of fucking zombies, man! For this small circle, and I can’t run them over ‘cuz it’s kind of cheesy a little bit too easy. Got to use the vehicle though. Like this tree, no bush tree can I fuck right off? Dammit! Dammit! “Dabit” I can’t hit shit. I am a potato and a half.That’s not good. What kind of choke in here because I know there’s gonna be a shit ton coming out? He changes mind see… They’re coming. I think they communicated it was time to go. Goodbye! Well fuck you too, man! Haaah, noooo! This is going to be impossible. Shit, I did not get to reload. Go away! Zombie Guy: Please dont kill me! Well, why are you running towards me then, huh zombie boy? Shaaaiii… Reload! What? Why are you running away? That doesent make any sense. I feel like I should have died there and that’s okay. I got a heal up. This is not good. I don’t have a lot of ammo. I don’t think I can kill him. 





I don’t have a lot enough ammo. The fuck. That would have been bad. I feel like I have to cheat. Like I can’t get out. I think I’m gonna have to cheat. I’m a bad loser… I don’t know how to lose, I have to cheat. Everyone in the comment section right now Just call… your fuck…That was close close your eyes for a second! As I do something that I agreed not to do. I can try to do it fit, I tried how I had to cheat. This is so cheesy. Everybody’s like I’m on something now fuck. That’s a cheetah Yep! I’m gonna go. I’m gonna go. Twelve left. All right, I should be able to win. Kinda ran half of them over here in the end. The fuck did you say? He could killed me. That was too close. That’s not a quick scope. Can tell they’re dead or alive.”They’re zombies Fucklet, they are dead.” They all just pushed me at one time they’ll be fine. I don’t understand. He’s gonna be pissed about that one. Alright do you want a weapon? Hey, take my weapon alright! I’m gonna drop it. Yes! Take it! Take it! Give you a weapon. Hello snake! Flappsie! Flappsie-Dupsie! Yep, you got that right. *Heart attack* No! No, I can’t kill him. I thought it was gonna get me. One left. Let’s fight big boy! That’s fight, big boy, huh? Come get it! The trick is to let him punch and then punch right back. Where’re you going? Okay, I’m apparently much faster than them. Alright… That’s… that was interesting alright zombies alright, but you can’t can’t use vehicles, That’s just OP as hell, goddamn!

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