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 About Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Version 1.19.3 -:

 Last Day on Earth has revolutionized the mobile
survival game genre, but almost three years

later it is still in beta.

I have

been a pro player for this game for
almost three years, and today I am going to

give you 311 tips and tricks for this game.

Before I get started, let me explain real
quick some things about the world map and

define a few terms we will use later on

the video.

When you first get started, you will only
see this section of the map, but as you unlock

the three different

watchtowers, more of the
map will become available to you.

In this map, you will find five different
types of places.


first one is what I’m calling a “set
location” which includes your starting land

where you will build your house, Fort

the gas station, the three watchtowers, and

the three static AI bases scattered throughout
the greater map.

Which, while

we’re on that note, any players
you see while on this main map are AI players.

There is no real multiplayer anywhere on

main map.

The second type of place are zones.

There are 13 zones on the greater map, each
of which have a resource that

it is especially

abundant in and its own difficulty level.

The greater the difficulty, the more of that
resource in that


However, choosing the greater difficulty zones
is not always the smartest choice, and as

you get higher level, these

resource zones
are not always the best place to get that

resource, but I’ll get more into that a little
later on.

The most

important thing to know about these
zones is that they reset as soon as you leave

them, which means that if you die in one

these 13 zones, you will never get any of

your stuff back.

If you want to know the most efficient way
to farm these zones,

make sure to check out

my playlist called “the efficacious way.”

The third type of place are what I call “timed

These locations usually include the best rewards,
but also hold the biggest challenges.

As soon as you undertake one of

these challenges,
you will notice a timer appear over them,

which indicates how long it will be before
that location resets.

If you die in these locations, you can go
back and get your stuff, but be careful not

to die a second time because if you

do, all
of the stuff that was still on your first

body will disappear forever.

The fourth type of location are events.


show up multiple times a day or week
and don’t last very long before they disappear.

They are a great way to get easy loot,

they also require a lot of energy to travel

to, so it is important to be careful as to
when you do these events.

But I

will explain more about that later on
in this video.

Also, there are some events that are triggered
by interacting with

something in another place

in the map.

For example, if you see these two guys in
your home area, they will kidnap you and


you have to get your stuff back and break
out of this house.

Here is a list of the nine of these type of

events, which I am including with

the eight events that appear on a more normal

And then the fifth type of place

are multiplayer

All multiplayer zones are found within Sector
7, which requires a significant amount of


resources to unlock.

In reality, Sector 7 is really just a testing
ground for multiplayer, so I wouldn’t worry

too much about

rushing to unlock this area.

Most advanced players do not find Sector 7
that enjoyable because it requires a lot of


for not much reward, but hopefully
that will not always be the case.

Alright, now that we’ve talked about the five

types of locations, let’s talk about

getting the best possible start.

When you first start the game, you will be
given the

option to customize your character

and choose a name.

Take a little bit of time to do this right,
because once you’ve made

your choice, you

will not be able to change your name, appearance,
or gender until you build the mirror, and

even with the

mirror, you can only change
your name every thirty days, and it cost coins

to change your appearance and gender.

When you

confirm your character’s name and
appearance, you will be spawned next to a

truck, naked and alone.

This is the location

where you will be able
to build your base.

Last Day on Earth has added text in your starting
location to help you get

started, so I won’t

talk too much about this part, but let me
touch briefly on the most important aspects

of starting out.

Using this button to sneak is really important
for succeeding in this game.

Sneak attacks do triple damage, which will

only make your weapons a lot more effective,

but it will limit how many times you get hit
which reduces how much food you


Since your character is immortal, the only
cost of dying is losing the stuff on you.

Because of this, allowing yourself

to die
at your home location is a great way to reset

your health, food or thirst.

However, when you do this, your body will
stay there forever so if your body is annoying

you, make sure to allow yourself to die again
on a less annoying part of your



 How to Download Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Version 1.19.3 -:

 This abandoned base is yours to do with what
you want, but you should keep in mind that

some of the things in this base

are extremely

For example, even though this couch has no
purpose, if you wanted to build one yourself,

it would

require 20 oak planks which is very
difficult to get especially starting off,

so I don’t recommend deleting it unless you

positive that you do not want a couch

in your house.

And then these stone walls are very expensive
to make as well, so it is

best to fit them

into your base design.

Likewise, trees, rocks, and deer never reset
on this location, so if you want to


trees or pets into your home design, then
you need to make sure to keep them there.

The shirt and knife that you get

from the
truck is actually pretty decent gear for starting

off, so I recommend saving it for later on.

Also, while it is good

to collect the resources
from your broken walls, don’t feel the need

to repair them or build any new walls for
a while.


just need to build floors and put chests
on them to put all of your stuff in.

Your base will not get raided until you

that part of the game later on, so there is

no need to protect your stuff.

And there is a zombie horde that will

once a day that will destroy level one and

level two walls, so don’t waste your resources
on walls until you are ready

to start building

a base that is good against raiding.

If you need help with designing your base,
make sure to check out my

video on the best

way to design your base.

But for right now, gather all of the resources
you want to in your home area,

which should

get you to level three.

Build several chests so you can put all of
your stuff in them, and then build a backpack

which should automatically be equipped, and
then leave the area.

When you do this, make sure that you have
your backpack

equipped, but other than that

you want to be completely naked.

When you enter your world map for the first
time, a crashed

airplane event will appear.

This is one of the best events of the game,
and you will only get to experience this event


times total so you want to make the most
of it.

In the rare occasion that it does not appear,
do not go back into your base

yet, or else

you will spawn the healer too early.

Rather, just sprint to Bunker Bravo and then
enter and exit that area so

that it will appear.

I recommend using 30 energy to get to this
event instantly, and then as soon as you enter

the area, go

ahead and try to leave the area.

When you do, this pop-up will appear, allowing
you to make a one-time purchase of a


backpack for $2.00.

This is the second best deal you will get
in the game because the only other way to

get this

nicer backpack is to get to level
64 or spend closer to $10 at the shop, but

if you are free to play, don’t worry about

I can still help you succeed.

When I started playing this game, the military
backpack didn’t even exist yet.

Since I’m on the

subject of spending money,
the best purchase you can make in the game

is upgrading to the paid version of the Survival

which is only available to new players.

You can access the Survival Guide through
the shop or in your inbox which it will


be at the top to make it easy for you.

You will also see a task list that you can
put in your inventory, but I

wouldn’t recommend

taking it because you can see all of the tasks
by clicking this list button here.

As you complete tasks in

the Survival Guide,
you get points to unlock new levels.

Once you unlock those levels, you can claim
the rewards of that


Everyone gets these rewards, whereas anyone
that pays the $5.00 gets access to these rewards

as well.

This ends up

being a ton of rewards, but more
importantly, paying the $5.00 guarantees you

to finish the motorcycle which can otherwise

a huge grind.

That being said, I started playing this game
before the motorcycle existed and then was

able to get the parts

for my motorcycle back
when it was much harder to get than it is


So if you are free to play player, just stick
it out

with me, and I’ll help you get where

you need to go.

As you are completing the Survival Guide,
I have three important tips

for you.

The first one is that if you were going to
spend coins, wait until the last levels because

they get more and more

difficult to complete.

The second one is to keep the weapons and
armor that you earn in your inbox.

You only have so much

space in your base,
and you have even less space in your inventory,

so being able to keep the items in your inbox
will allow

you to take them out exactly when

you need them.

Also, it will prevent those items from getting
stolen in a raid when you

unlock that part

of the game.

Lastly, I recommend saving up your experience
books and Vitamin B so that you can use them


together to get the maximum benefit.

So that is a Survival Guide which is only
available once, but after you hit Level 15,

you will be able to participate in season
passes which are very similar to the survival


But before you make any of

these three purchases
on my recommendation, please make sure to

watch my warning towards the end of this video.

And then for

those of you who are completely
free to play, but don’t mind grinding in

games for money, you should check out my video

how to get free stuff in last day on Earth.

This brings us back to the plane crash.

As you go through the chests of the

crash, you want to prioritize weapons, armor,

and food because those are the hardest items
to get at a low level.


sure to equip items to save room.

It is important to know that by equipping
food or healing in this slot, it allows you


heal while you are fighting.

I am always surprised by how many new players
don’t know that.

When you’re in your inventory,

you will notice
a hunger and thirst meter.

You will probably start getting hungry and
thirsty for the first time during this


So since you will not be able to bring everything
back with you, I recommend eating some of

the jerky and water as you

loot the area so
that you leave with these meters at 100%.

You will get attacked by a couple of wolves
while you’re here, but

you shouldn’t have

any problems taking them out.

If you did not get the military backpack,
your inventory should look kind of

like this

when you are done.

It might feel like you’re leaving a lot of
items behind, but all of the items that I

did not pick

up in this scenario are pretty
common items, and you won’t really need them

until you are much higher level.

Go ahead and

leave the area and return home. 


 How to Install Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Version 1.19.3 -:

You can run if you want to, but you should
keep in mind that only one energy is restored

every five minutes.

When you arrive, you will find the Healer.

In exchange for watching an advertisement,
the Healer will

give you some kind of buff.

The best buffs to get this early in the game
are Muscle Vines, which will restore your

energy to

100 and Brainweed Seeds, which doubles
the amount of experience you get for one hour.

After you watch the commercial, grab

the knife
and shirt that you got in the beginning of

the game, put some berries in your quickslot
and then leave the area.

Armor in this game has exponentially diminishing
returns so I recommend only using one piece

of armor at a time until you

have the ability
to make armor for yourself.

If you ran home, an airdrop should appear.

Your first airdrop of the day always

after you enter the world map when your energy

is below 70.

Airdrops are not nearly as amazing as the
crashed plane

event, but they are still a

good event.

Try to avoid enemies as you make your way
to the middle of the map.

You will probably

get spotted by one of these
toxic spitters, but as long as you have your

knife and berries equipped, it will not be


When you loot the airdrop, you will get a
weapon and ten refined items.

These are really helpful for starting out.

You will also want to be on the lookout for
any of these rare items that are sometimes

found in airdrops.

But go ahead and

grab everything because at
this point in the game, almost everything

will be useful to you.

And then leave the area.

You can

see that I started farming the zone
here because I thought it might be efficient,

but then I remembered that sometimes

AI players will spawn at airdrops and AI players

are the number one way that new players die
in this game.


usually that’s because they haven’t figured
out the healing quickslot yet, but I don’t


I do not want you guys to die

following this
tutorial because dying usually means you lose

everything on you so just leave the area and
go back home.


your stuff away again and then head to
the green pine zone.

The first time you enter a green zone, an
AI player with half

health will attack you.

When you kill him, you will find a chopper

This is a very rare item and you will never
find a

chopper wheel in any of the zones ever

again so make sure to take this home.

After you finish looting his body, a puppy

come up to you.

Go over to the puppy and use the interact
button to pick him up.

This is also a very rare item that only

the first time you enter a green zone so make

sure to bring this item home as well.

After grabbing these items, start

the zone by sneaking up on everything in the


This area is a lot bigger than your home area,
and has a few fast

biters, but it is still

pretty easy to clear with the equipment you

Your knife is only good for 100 hits even
at full

durability so it will break before

you finish clearing the zone.

When this happens, use three wood to craft
a spear.

The spear

obviously doesn’t do as much damage,
but if you move between hits, you can limit

how many times enemies are able to hit you.

Once you clear all the enemies, make a hatchet
and a pickaxe and then put your character

on auto.

Auto is one of my favorite

aspects of this
game because it makes farming the zones relaxing

to me, but don’t leave your phone completely

because from time to time, AI

players will come and attack you as will the
occasional wolf or zombie.

Using berries is the

most efficient way to
heal, but they don’t help your hunger and

thirst bar very much, so you will get hungry
and thirsty

while farming this zone.

You can often find beans and water in these
chests, but if for some reason that isn’t

working, just

click the shop button and then
go to your inbox.

Everyday at midnight Greenwich Mean Time,
three canned beans and three

waters will be

added here as long as you remember to collect

These are really useful in a pinch.

They will stop

appearing after you hit level
100, but you have a long time to go until

that happens.

When your inventory gets full, leave

the area.

As I mentioned earlier, when you travel away
from any of these resources zones in the game,

they will be completely


This is frustrating when you die because you
can’t get your stuff back, but this is amazing

for getting resources

because it allows you
to go back to them over and over again to

get more of those resources.

When you are first starting the

game, I recommend
spending almost all of your energy and time

going back and forth to these green zones
because they are the

best place to get lots

and lots of the resources you need early on.

Farming these zones are also the best way
to get

experience and therefore the fastest

way to level up.

Every time you level up, you will get to select
new skills.

The purple

skills are generally the best,
yellow being the second-best, and gray being

the worst, but that is not always true.


example, the ten levels of the Bruiser
skill are, in my opinion, almost always a

top choice.

The best skill in the game is

the extra pocket
and the three levels of the Burglar skill

are also incredibly important.

Choosing the three levels of the

quick learner
skill early on can make a huge difference

over time, and the three levels of the Nerves
of Steel make a huge

difference against certain


After that, choosing skills is highly based
on your play style, especially when it comes

to active skills, because none of the other
skills can compete with the practical usefulness

of the two active skills you

start out with.

Early on, you should run into a Destroyed
Convoy event.

This is an amazing event and I would recommend

to it because it often has a Bunker

Alpha access card, but if you are a new player
don’t pick up the minigun, because a ton

of zombies will appear and the minigun makes
you run really slow.

However, if you insist, make sure you have
another weapon

in your other quick slot so

that you can quickly switch and run away,
but I would still suggest just not picking

it up


Or at least going and putting the stuff that
you got, including the Bunker Alpha access

card back in your base,

before going back
for the minigun.

These red arrows on the map signify when the
zombie horde will arrive at your base.

As I

mentioned, when they arrive they will
destroy your walls.

You can upgrade your floors and then walls
by clicking on your

existing floors and walls

while having the resources required to upgrade

The zombie horde will normally destroy dozens
of level one walls or a few level two walls,

but they can not destroy level three or four

So if you do not build any

walls, nothing
will happen to your base.

However, exactly 120 hours after you finish
your CB radio, a group of three raiders


appear at the bottom of your map.

Once you complete their tasks, you will have
the opportunity to raid a computer-



However, once you start raiding you will need
to give the raider’s a cut of the profits

to appease them, and

it will open up the option
for some AI to raid your base, so you need

to make sure that your base is ready when
you do this.


also have a video on the best way to raid,
but YouTube only lets me put the links to

five videos in the cards so you will

to find it on my channel.

In fact, I have videos on every aspect of
this game and I am currently redoing my best


so if you like videos with dense amounts
of information, be sure to check out the classics

or subscribe so you will get to

see the newer

Most of your progression through this game
will be determined by how fast you are able

to level up and

build the workbenches in your
crafting menu.

The campfire is crucial for making coal, which
is the most efficient fuel in the

game until

you build the ATV, and it can also help stretch
how much food you have.

The garden bed is going to be your best

of food over the long haul, but it doesn’t

give it to you quickly.

The woodworking bench and furnace are the
two most

used workbenches in the game, so

I recommend building two of each of them and
keeping them busy as soon as you can.


shower keeps you clean, which makes it
easier to sneak up on enemies, but dying also

resets your cleanliness so I recommend

your immortality to your advantage.

That being said, once you build the rain catcher
which allows you to refill empty

water bottles,

it is often easier to shower.

The CB radio allows you to access the dealer
who doesn’t really offer that great

of deals,

and then the Raiders, which is a much bigger

As you can see from the CB radio in your base,
many of these

items in your crafting tab require

you to assemble them after placing them, which
usually costs a lot more resources than it

does to place them.

The most notorious example of this is the
motorcycle because it takes even a really

active player at

least a month to complete

And could take a lot longer than that.

If you want to know everything there is to
know about

getting your motorcycle, leveling

it up, painting it, and washing it, you should
check out my motorcycle video.

The dog crate

also requires assembly, but
it is not nearly as hard to complete and when

you finish it you will be able to release
the puppy

you got earlier.

I also have videos on the best ways to find
and breed puppies, which is pretty complex

so I recommend

checking them out, but again,
you will have to search for those on YouTube.

These three crafting tables are really

but also self-explanatory.

The doormat allows you to pick your spawn
point in your base so that you don’t always

spawn near the truck.

And while it is important to save a place
for the garage in your base design, you don’t

really need to

place it until after you have
finished your motorcycle.

The gunsmith bench is a huge part of the game,
which is why they

start you out with one.

The blueprints you get throughout the game
allow you to assemble weapon modifications

here at the

gunsmith bench.

Once you assemble those modifications, you
can add them to any weapon you get of that


Now I can go into

all of the best modifications
for each weapon, but you don’t really need

to know that much about weapon modifications

you assemble your gunsmith bench, so

once you do that, come back and watch my videos
on weapon modifications.

This brings us

to the sewing machine.

In my opinion, the sewing machine is your
first step into intermediate play in this


It allows you

to turn fibers into cloth and
cloth into thick fabric.

These are crucial ingredients for so many
important items in the game,

and I recommend

crafting it as soon as you can.

One of the most common mistakes new players
make is using their resources

towards assembling

the chopper instead of saving them to craft
these important workbenches.

It will take you a while to build

your chopper,
so make sure to focus on everything else first.

The ATV was just recently added to the game,
but it is

extremely difficult to assemble.

In fact, I would guess that it would take
a free-to-play player that does not use any

exploits roughly three years to complete it.

But that won’t always be the case, Kefir always
makes things really hard to get

when something

first comes out to get people to spend money,
and then makes it easier to get those items

as the newness wears


The workbench allows you to flatten metal
into plates and turn iron plates into nails.

It is important to have for

intermediate play,
but not nearly as important to rush to get

as would be the sewing table.

Building, assembling, and

leveling up the
radio tower allows you to form a clan with

friends which allows you to chat with them,
but you can not play

with those friends until

you have unlocked Sector 7, which is still
a work in progress.

The Mirror allows you to change your

and gender in exchange for 25 coins, and your

name for free every 30 days.

The wardrobe manages your underwear and

skins, and I have a strong feeling that they

will also be adding armor skins in the near

The recycler is

another huge part of the game.

There are some very important materials in
this game that can only be obtained by recycling

things in the recycler.

Your chances of getting the most desired items
are based on how much durability that item

has, and

they are increased as you level up
your recycler which will be very difficult

when you’re just starting off, but as you

to higher levels, you will have a lot

of extra resources which makes this a lot

The medical table allows you to turn

into alcohol, which is essential for creating

first aid kits.

Electric generators are important for unlocking

Bravo and the three watchtowers, but

it cannot be carried unless you have a motorcycle,
so make sure to assemble your

motorcycle before

your generator.

And then by that time you will likely be able
to get already assembled electric generators

from raiding bases, so I think there is a
good chance that you will never have to actually

assemble one of these.

The refined

furnace is an advanced workbench
for this game.

It’s main purpose is to create stee,l which
is essential for most other

advanced workbenches

and items.

The kitchen stove is one of those advanced
workbenches, and it allows you to create some

pretty sophisticated foods.

The blueprint for the Acid Bath will not be
on your blueprint list at first.

That is because it

does not show up on here
until you find it on the third floor of Bunker


The Acid Bath allows you to open infected
crates, which is for advanced play, and ore

crates once you finish your ATV.

The pressing machine is another advanced

which allows you to turn lead into plates.

The chemistry station allows you to craft
acid, gunpowder, and anti-

radiation pills.

And then lastly, the Hydroponic System allows
you to grow the spices used at the chemistry


Once you

get this far in the crafting menu,
a large percentage of these items don’t exist

in the game yet.

Knowing which items exist

and which ones don’t
is essential for succeeding at the game because

it helps you create the right goals.

So keep in mind

that most items that don’t
exist require either tungsten or titanium,

which are resources that don’t exist in
the game yet.

Getting the resources to complete all of these
workbenches also has a typical pattern.

As I said earlier, you should start

us spending
a lot of time farming the green zones.

This will not only give you the resources
you need to complete your first

13 workbenches,

but it is also the fastest way to level up.

So other than the occasional event and motel
visit, I would stick

mostly to the green zones

until you hit Level 18 and build your sewing
machine which is the beginning of intermediate


Once you finish your sewing machine, you will
be able to convert all of the extra plant

fiber you have collected into armor

and bandages,
which will make it 10 times easier to take

on some of the harder challenges of the game.

At this point you will

want to start completing
the Farm and Bunker Alpha as often as you


Bunker Alpha is unlocked using a Bunker Alpha

card, and the farm is unlocked using

these resources.

To complete these challenges, you will need
to turn a lot of the iron,

wood, and leather

you have collected into melee weapons like
the crowbar, shovel, and metal pipe.

Saving your armor right

before it breaks will
allow you to reinforce it which not only resets

its durability and increase it’s armor rating,
but also

increases its durability from 150

to 180.

This better armor will be particularly helpful
for Bunker Alfa because you need an


rating of at least 17 to not get killed with
one shot by a Frenzied Giant.

For more tips on these locations like how

do the wall trick, make sure to check out

my playlist with advanced videos for this

You might find some videos are out

of date,
but I will work to update those videos as

soon as I can.

Doing these locations will give you rarer
and more valuable

items like the materials

needed to finish your motorcycle, but they
will also slowly eat through the resources

you have been

farming, so you will have to
keep farming to replenish your basic resources.

Furthermore, at this point you will start
needing a lot more iron, which will require

you to start farming the yellow rock zone
as well.

Some people like to farm the

red zone because
it has even more iron, but I would argue that

the extra energy cost, Toxic Spitters, and
higher chance of

encountering the Big One

make the yellow zone a better way to get iron.

That being said, if you don’t farm red zones,
it is

important that you start attending the

oak clearing event as often as you can to
get oak and fur.

The main goal during

intermediate play is
to finish your motorcycle which, in my opinion,

marks the beginning of advanced play in this

Getting the parts to finish your motorcycle
is based on an RNG loot system, so some players

will get it much faster than

others, but on
average, a free-to-play player needs to complete

the Farm 20 times and clear 40 floors of Bunker
Alpha to get

all of the parts needed to finish

their motorcycle.

But this also means that by the time you finish
the motorcycle, you will

end up having a lot

of extra vehicle parts left over, which allows
you to then trade those in at the gas station

to level up

your motorcycle.

But as I said earlier, if you want more information
on how to get the motorcycle, the best way

to level it

up, or how to get skins I have
a whole video dedicated to just that.

Once you finish your motorcycle, you also
gain the

ability to carry an electric generator

to a location.

Using a generator on this watchtower unlocks
the northern area of the

map, which gives

you access to farming oak and copper zones.

Unlocking this watchtower gives you access
to the Police

Station, which is the best place

to get weapon modification blueprints.

And unlocking Bunker Bravo allows you to farm
for the

ATV, which is the current ultimate

goal in the game because it allows you to
unlock the last watchtower and gain access


ash wood, peat, sulfur and lead. 


 Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Version 1.19.3 Tips and Tricks -:

At this point in the game, you will probably
be around level 80, which means that you can

craft almost anything in the game as long
as you have the resources.

This makes challenges like Bunker Alpha and
the Farm

much easier because you can craft

items like machetes and saw blade maces, which
are much better than crowbars and shovels.

You can also craft more advanced work benches
and walls if you have the resources, but getting

those resources starts

getting a lot more
difficult, and sadly this is where I feel

like the game starts losing it original charm
because of a

broken scaling system.

For example, one of my favorite things about
Last Day on Earth is farming for resources

in the zones

and taking them home, because
it filled me with a sense of accomplishment

as it felt like the reward was worth the work.


contrast, a red winter zone only has three
to four copper deposits that only give one

copper ore each, which isn’t even

to smelt one copper bar, which then once you

do get a copper bar you still have to mix
it with other metals to get a

steel bar, which

means that you have to start farming the original
zones even more just to get that resource.

So getting

steel requires over a hundred times
as much grinding as getting iron and then,

after you get 20 steel, you can build one

So for me, this kind of exponential scaling
completely eliminated my sense of satisfaction

for farming, and I almost

never farm the winter

Likewise, even though the Police Station is
a lot of fun, getting weapon modification


is extremely frustrating because
the RNG system allows repeats, making the

grind to get the blueprint that you want


Meanwhile, getting the resources to complete
the Police Station requires you to go back

and farm the

original zones even more, making
the grind even more intense.

And then lastly, while the challenge of doing
Bunker Bravo is

exhilarating, it requires

dozens of guns and advanced resources just
to complete an incredibly small fraction of

your ATV.


in order to get your ATV, you need to do
Bunker Bravo a lot, which means you need to

do the Police Station, Bunker Alpha,

and the
Farm a lot for those guns and advanced materials,

which then requires you to farm even more
of the original zones,

creating an exponential

grinding pyramid of death.

Relief from this death pyramid can only come
from either cheating, which

eventually leads

to losing your account, spending money, or
using exploits.

This has caused a lot of advanced players
to be

frustrated with the game, which is why

you will find quite of few grumpy veterans
in the Last Day on Earth community.

So in

short, advanced play in Last Day on
Earth is very different then beginning or

intermediate play, and my recommendation is

play Last Day on Earth until you get to

finish your motorcycle.

Then unlock the two watchtowers and Bunker
Bravo and play all

of those challenges until

you get bored of them, and then quit the game.

If you still want more of this game type,
go play

Dawn of Zombies or one of Kefir’s

other games (listed in pinned post).

And if Last Day on Earth comes out with some

updates, you can always come back and

play them later.

And everything that I just mentioned will
be easier at that time

because Kefir often

makes older things less grindy as they introduce
new things to the game.

So that is an overview of Last

Day on Earth,
but in addition to those 288 tips and tricks,

I have 23 more for you.

The machete has one of the highest DPS

out of any of the craftable weapons.

The saw blade mace has the highest craftable
sneak attack damage

When you are

picking up puppies, look to see
if their collar is blue or red so that you

know what gender they are before you pick
them up,

and then put your male and female

puppies into different chests.

That way you can release an equal amount of
males and

females into your dog pen and avoid

wasting a ton of food because of extra dogs.

Don’t cook steak because jerky is way more
efficient, especially now that they start

you out with a meat drying rack.

If you were playing a lot in the very beginning,
you might want to use normal wood as fuel

even though it is less efficient, because
you will need all of your planks for


new workbenches.

Drinking 13 bottles of water will make you
need to pee, And Beer almost always makes

you pee.


and getting hit by Toxic Spitters will
increase your stink level.

Once you hit a red stink level, enemies will
see you from

farther away and you will not

be able to sneak up on them.

If you were looking for one particular item,
you can use the split

item feature to fill

up all of your excess inventory slots and
then put your character on auto.

This will make your character

only gather
the items you have room for.

Leaving a bunker floor resets the enemies
on the floor, allowing you to get one


attack on each enemy, but this does not work
in hardmode or at Bunker Bravo.

You can get the Bunker Alpha entry code

your CB radio or this dead guy in the zones.

You can also get it from most Last Day on
Earth communities, which I would


joining one.

There are a lot of really good communities
around this game.

Your hunger and thirst meters lose one

every eight seconds.

Knowing this allows you to calculate how much
time you have to finish farming a zone.

The official

Last Day on Earth discord is
a great source of news and hosts several giveaways,

so I put a link to that in the pinned post.

Farming just the outskirts of zones is a great
way to get resources for almost no cost.

AI bases will disappear twelve hours

the first time you visit them, so don’t

visit them until you are ready to raid them

You can shoot through windows,

so keep that
in mind when you’re designing your base.

Using the honeycomb tactic is stupid because
it breaks the game, and I

have a lot of opinions

about it that I’m not going to share, because
it is also a really smart tactic that is extremely


You can click drive on the motorcycle even
if you plan to walk or run, and you still

get to use it’s extra

inventory slots.

Even though there is a lower chance of getting
items from recycling items with low durability,

they still

give your recycler the same amount
of experience, so it is best to recycle all

your low durability items to level up your

If you get the witch’s head as a trophy,
you can keep the horde away from your base

for several months by burning

only one pine
log each day.

In the settings tab, you can change your notification

While you are here, make sure your

game is
connected to your Google or iOS account.

There’s also a lot of other really cool options
in here, including the best

way to get a hold

of customer support.

If you do contact customer support you will
need to know you’re unique ID.

You can find

that by clicking on your server
on the bottom left.

And I would suggest going ahead and screenshotting
that number now just

in case something bad


There’s been a lot of lost accounts in this
game and I don’t want yours to be one of them


then my last and final tip for you guys
is a sponsored tip.

As many of you know, I get a lot of companies
offering to sponsor

me, but they usually have

really bad products that I don’t want to

So after asking Nubia several times explaining

them how much I love their phone, they

have finally agreed to sponsor me.

So my last tip is to buy the Red Magic 3s
as your

next phone upgrade because, in my

opinion, it is the best gaming phone in the
world, especially when you consider the price.

The Red Magic has the specs and liquid cooling
system of a small computer, but more importantly,

the phone software and

hardware is designed
around mobile gaming.

There are a lot of examples of this, but the
most important one is that it has two


triggers which you can bind to anywhere you
want on the screen.

You can also bind the fingerprint button on
the back

allowing you to use five fingers

at the same time.

I switched over to this phone two months ago
as my main phone that I use

in life, my real

job, and for this channel and I could not
recommend it more.

I love this phone.

If you want to know more

about this phone
and how I use it with Last Day on Earth, make

sure to check out my last video on how to
get more buttons.


That’s it guys.

Hope that helps.

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Alright guys.

I’ll see you next time. 



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