Lonely Survivor Mod Apk v1.6.0 | Lonely Survivor Mod Apk v1.6.0 Download

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About this game-

 Lonely Survivor is an undertaking roguelike game. In the game, you can unendingly collect foes, redesign your abilities, and rout the threatening foe armed force. Rushes of armies are coming, prepared for a clash of legends? Keep on gathering the EXP and gold dropped by the foe to improve your battle capacity. Overhaul hardware and gifts to grow your own benefits and make your mysterious recipe for triumph. 

 Game component: 

1. One-finger activity, unending collecting delight.

 2. Irregular abilities, the essential decisions depend on you. 

3. Many stage guides to forward leap, blended assault of flunkies and chief, do you set out to acknowledge the demands?

 4. Relentless expertise combo discharge, dealing with difficulties directly, turning out to be increasingly indestructible. 

5. Supply money box, capacity mixtures make your HP more sturdy.

 6. 3D reasonable movement, visual experience MAX

Battle alone and get by. 


A pristine roguelike game insight, turn on the endless capability mode and appreciate it! Focus on your HP bar, and search for money boxes with impeccable timing. Perhaps you will get something amazing. Assuming you come up short, you need to start from the very beginning once more. The more baffled you are, the bolder you are. What are you holding up for´╝č Come and download Desolate Survivor, and experience with the courageous mage!




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