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Minecraft is the second most popular video
game of all time.

It’s been popular for around 8 years now
and whether you’re a child or an adult the

game can be enjoyed by everyone.

Some of the creations the community have made
are almost unbelievable, from the starship

enterprise, all the way to a working quad
core computer within game, you’re watching

gamerbrain and today we’re taking a look
at 11 of the most amazing creations in Minecraft..

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Los Angelcraft

Minecraft is no stranger to having real life
cities built within it and Los angel craft

is exactly what you might guess, A sprawling
and detailed recreation of the city of los

Angeles within Minecraft.

This build was created by fujiwara 1990 from
over on the planet Minecraft forums and is

one heck of a recreation of the city.

The build not only features hundreds of buildings
and other places to explore but features many

of LA’s best sights in a blocky form.

you’ll marvel in sheer amazement of just
how large and expansive that this build is

and if you’ve ever wanted to visit Los Angeles
then download this map today.


Greenfield is what some would call the most

realistic city in Minecraft, The city was
originally planned and built by a team going

only by the screenname THEJESTR over 2 years

The team continues to expand on this very
impressive build making small improvements

and fixes each week as well as having more
builders added to the team on a regular basis.

This world delivers an amount of realism seen
in very few builds in terms of how the city

is mapped out and whether it be the look of
all the buildings which range from hotels

to stadiums or the roads that connect everything
together, this map offers some of the most

immersive and fun exploration that you’ll
find out there within the game, and this is

a creation that you should definitely check
out today.


Herobrines Mansion:
Herobrines mansion is a popular Minecraft

adventure map created by Hypixel all the way
back in 2012 and released on November the

3rd of that year.

The map allows the player to embark on a quest
into the dreaded Herobrine Mansion where the

player must explore and fight 6 unique bosses
each with their own abilities, as well as

a carefully and well-crafted storyline played
out by an advanced array of command blocks

activating at the right moments and corresponding
to where the player is at within the story,

Herobrines mansion was one of the first maps
to ever take advantage of command blocks for

story telling purposes.

The map has around 1-2 hours of gameplay time
and of course features the ghastly Herobrine




Augusta Victoria 1889

Augusta Victoria 1889 was a Hamburg America
luxury ocean liner that operated throughout

the late 1800’s this creation is an exact
recreation of its real counterpart within

Minecraft, built by Drash2005 who said it
took him several weeks on his own to put together

this mighty vessel.

It has a fully designed interior, ranging
from dining rooms, boiler rooms, engine rooms

and of course the wheel room for the captain.

Drash2005 has went as far as to put all the
information about the boat from the real world

on the Planet Minecraft page and has paid
astounding attention to detail in this awesome

build, if you’re looking for a creation
like no other than this is definitely one

to check out.


Starship Enterprise
Set your phasers to amazement for this amazing

recreation of the Starship Enterprise from
Star Trek based on the version from the film,

Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Created by Pokedude809, this amazing recreation
of the Enterprise is truly an amazing build

with a length of 473m, a width of 229m, as
well as a height of 109m and has a whopping

21 decks on board.

Sadly the interior is not quite finished yet
but the creator says this will come in a newer


He also plans on designing a bigger sized
starship enterprise with more decks in the

ship soon, but for now this amazing build
can be downloaded and is ready to boldly go

where no minecrafter has ever gone before.


Grab your ebony armour, great sword and bow

because you’re going to solstheim in Minecraft.

This breath-taking build of the island of
solstheim from Skyrim was put together in

Minecraft and is truly amazing.

it shows the ever-growing passion for building
other video game locations within Minecraft

and that the love for Skyrim is still going
strong to this day.

It does not have any buildings or towns in
it unfortunately as of right now, but it is

still very large and expansive and has dimensions
of 1540×1790 blocks.

If you’re a fan of Skyrim then you WON’T
want to miss out this one.


Harry Potter World
Grab your wand, get a lightning bolt stuck

on your forehead and hitch a ride on the Hogwarts
Express because you’re a wizard Steve!

The Floo Network has been working for over
2 years to recreate the world of Harry Potter

in Minecraft block by block, with locations
including: Hogwarts, Hogsmead, Godrics Hollow,

Kings Cross Station and many many more!

They have a nifty little feature that allows
you to find and travel to any location in

the harry potter-verse by clicking on fireplaces
around the map!

The world also makes use of custom resource
packs to properly show the diverse and wonderful

world of Harry Potter.

For harry potter fans this is truly a cool
build to check out and it is pretty expansive

so you’ll surely keep busy while checking
it out.


Kings Landing
Enjoy Game Of Thrones?

This breath-taking and ridiculous build allows
players to take a trip to the fierce capital

city of Kings Landing, worked on by many builders
and has many locations from the show and books

such as: The Red Keep, The Great Sept of Baelor,
The Dragonpit, The Dragon Square, The Street

of Steel, The Street of Silk, The Street of
Flour and many more!

Players are able to check the progress of
the build (which is being worked on daily)

over at westeroscraft.com and even download
updates for the map.

Even if you’re not a game of thrones fan
this is one to check out just due to the sheer

breath-taking amount of detail within this
build, it surely won’t disappoint


City of Newisle
Much like Greenfield, This has got to be one

of the most breath-taking builds you will
ever see in Minecraft, Ever.

The City of Newisle is a huge map that contains
a huge dense modern day city with fully furnished

interiors that also has named streets and
a navigation system and has 6 other unique

towns and cities across the map that all amount
to over 500 fully furnished buildings that

were all built by one man by the name of Blip
Noir over the course of 7 years as it was

started back in august 2010 as a project to
simply build a modern day city in game but

grew to be so much more than that.

If you have Minecraft then this is a MUST


Working Cell-Phone
Builds like this will really make you wonder

if there are any limits to what you can build
within Minecraft.

This is a working Cell-Phone that allows you
to call real life phones from the comfort

of your blocky world.

This was first showcased by Captain Sparkles
on YouTube and was part of a project by Verizon

that not only allows you to call places but
also allows you to video call anyone AND browse

the web from in the game!

Unfortunately, this project was never released
to the public but it’s still an example

of the amazing things we can do in Minecraft
and truly shows that within the game the sky

is the limit.


Working Quad Core Computer
Still not amazed by the wonders we can build

in Minecraft?

Well to put it simply, player are even building
working computers within the game, Here’

comes some nerd talk.. just take a look at
this Advanced Quad Core Computer built by

one man, known as Legomasta99.

The computer has a 15×15 graphics processing
unit and contain a three-digit decimal display

and raw binary display.

It’s specs are, 8- Bit Architecture, Variable
Clock Speed, Four Cores (ALY’s) each independent

of one another, 31 bytes dual-read RAM, Parallel
Import Port, Each core contains 63 lines of

code which equates to 5kilobytes of memory
and more!

If you’re a computer whiz and a big fan
of Minecraft then be sure to give this one

a download!


Pokémon Red
If the last two on the list didn’t amaze

you then this one surely will.

A minecrafter by the name of Mr.Squishy spent
over 21 months constructing an EXACT recreation

of Pokémon Red (Black and white) that allows
you to play the entire game and do everything

you could do in the classic Gameboy version.

It’s done by using over 357,000 command
blocks to run commands to make it all work,

along with a custom resource pack that takes
advantage of tools each having different textures

for each durability state.

He started construction immediately after
finishing his equally as amazing Pac Man in

Minecraft project.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon, Like Minecraft
or your still trying to catch em’ all, be

sure to give this one a

download today. 





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