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 About Minecraft Mod Apk Version -:

 This is the Stray’s Ice Temple

and this is the Piglin’s Nether Ship.

And these are 20 new Minecraft structures.

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With these Oasises. Oasi? Oasis-es?

Anyway, with these plots
of water and vegetation,

you’ve just found a perfect
place for your next desert base.

The water provides a perfect
way to grow your crops

and also, you know, not die of thirst.

And in my humble opinion,

it’s way nicer to stumble
across one of these

when you’re looking for water,

then yet another one of
those useless desert wells.

Instead of a regular
village on the surface,

check out this one underground!

Now it might be a little
hard to find them,

but once you do, I’m sure the trades

that you’ll find will be well worth it.

And here we’d have a bit of refuge

amongst the dangers of the dark depths.

Just make sure that no
zombies get too close.

Since here, they can spawn all day long.

Instead of just at
nighttime, like the surface.

But if you use some of your new found iron

to make them a golem this
could be a safe place to sleep

and it gives you a
reason to spend your coal

and redstone on the trading market.

This structure is going
to help you find the

other structures that we
talk about in the video

with these randomly generated camps

they spawn different maps inside of them,

that show the location of
different points of interest.

This way you won’t have
to wander around aimlessly

to hopefully stumble
across a rare structure.

(mumbles) that I could find something as

rare as the Pillager factory.

These Pillager factories are one

of the new rare structures in Minecraft

and this is how the Pillagers refine all

of the materials that they get

for their woodland mansions and outposts.

Unlike the mansions though,

these factories actually have some kind

of valuable loot worth finding inside,

and you’ll know that those
just must be pretty valuable,

’cause you’ll find quite a
few illagers standing guard

making sure that you don’t take it.

And how did the pillagers
get all those valuables?

Well, these mine shafts offer the answer

and they’re sure to be filled
to the brim with amazing loot.

So it’s worth it to go explore.

But, the tight spaces will make even

the most experience to be Minecraft pros

struggle against any of these villagers.

Keep an eye out for these
obsidian spikes in the nether.

Well, they might seem
unassuming from afar.

When you reach the top,

you’ll find they house some
seriously valuable stuff,

but watch out because they can sometimes

come with a blaze spawner
to give you trouble.

But once that’s taken care of,

this can be a great spot for a base

that’s safe against the ghasts

and it’ll give you enough
obsidian for portal home

in case you didn’t bring enough.

But, before we leave the nether,

we should be sure to check out

one of these crazy nether ships.

You see these have been
used by the piglins

to travel over the massive
open spaces in the nether.

And it probably helps
them to have some chance

against those ghasts,
since those will constantly

destroy everything they see.

But if you’re able to
bridge to one of these ships

you’ll be able to find some
worthwhile loot inside.

And after you grab all that gold,

I’m sure you’ll have no
problem finding any piglins

who are willing to trade with you

or better yet why not take the gold

that you found from the nether ships

and bring it to this new piglin village?

I mean, it’s a lot better than

trying to barter inside
of a bastion remnant,

because at least here you
don’t have to worry about

any piglin brutes coming by
and ruining your speedrun.

And while these piglin
villagers will only accept you

if you’re wearing a piece of gold armor

that’s a small price to pay for

the kind of stuff they can give you.

And just imagine how cool it would be

if the piglin villages ended up

getting their own gold golems?

Just like how the regular
villagers have an iron one.

Isn’t it weird how villagers choose to

live in the desert but not the badlands?

Well, now they do.

And here it makes for
a really cool aesthetic

and gives you an extra reason to

adventure into the badlands.

And now we can set up a chord

for getting our terracotta blocks

without having to leave
our civilization behind.

And trust me, an occupied
village is so much better

than just another abandoned
badlands mineshaft.

And if you’re lucky, that village might

even be next door to
the new badlands temple,

which aside from a fresh
red sandstone aesthetic,

this also offers treasure just as good as

the desert variant,
which you can either keep

for yourself or trade with the villagers.

After all, they’re literally next door.

And if we get anything in the game

like the Barren Isles mods interpretation,

I think both of these structures would be

well worth the reason
to visit the badlands

rather than just collecting
some more terracotta.

In 1.18, we have end
ships and in the future,

we might have end city shipwrecks.

With these we don’t get
the same kind of loot,

but what they lack in the Elytra,

they make up for with maps.

And with one of these maps,

we can find our way to our own end city.

So if you don’t already have an Elytra

and you’re struggling to still find one.

This would at least help to make sure

that you’re bridging
in the right direction.

Because truly, getting that first Elytra

is always the hardest to get.

So anything that’ll make it easier.

It’s a welcome change.

This structure comes
with its very own mob.

Meet The Conjurer.

He’s a magician illager
that hosts his very

own theater deep inside
of the roof forest biome.

And while he might seem whimsical,

don’t get it twisted
’cause if you get close,

he’ll use all kinds of
different magic items,

be that bouncy balls, playing cards,

and even rabbits to deal damage.

But you’ll still want to defeat him,

since then he’ll drop his magician’s hat

which lets you ward off
any bad omen effects.

Plus it can be dyed for
a new form of armor,

which is very spiffy.

And while you’re in the dark forest,

let’s show off your new
magician’s hat to the fairies.

That’s right, here we’ve
got a fairy village

that’s spawned right amidst all

the scary dreariness
in a roof forest biome.

And I’m sure that both you
and your villagers would much

prefer this rather than yet
another boring plains biome,

and the designs of these houses are

sure to make your friends jealous.

So why not make yourself at home and

you know what, move the
whole village in here.

I’m sure there’s room.

Consider yourself lucky if you happen to

find one of these at
the start of your game,

spawning by an abandoned
quarry is a lucky break.

This thing is like an open ravine,

but without the headache of getting down

and plus this would finally give a

unique structure to
spawn in our mountains.

And who knows, maybe you’ll
even get your first pickaxe

in one of the chests up top,

which should come in handy because

at the bottom of every
one of these quarries,

you’ll find a mine shaft.

And it’d be a shame not to explore that.

And hey, at least now we
have an answer for how

those mine shafts got
started in the first place.

Since there’s never really been

a clear way up to the surface.

And if we go higher up the mountain from

that quarry we can find our
way to the new abandoned cabin.

These things are native to the snowy peaks

from the 1.18 world generation.

And since it is abandoned,

I think you can safely help
yourself to the loot inside.

I mean, an iron axe and some
mutton is nothing to sneeze at.

And while it looks a
little worse for wear now,

if you clean out the cobwebs and snow

this can more than make
for a starter base.

Just make sure that if you sleep there,

you patch up some of the
holes in the roof and floors.

These villagers have decided to

build a village right on the swamp.

And while the swamp has
historically been a boring biome

with the new 1.19 wild update

it’s set to get a lot more lively.

I mean, except for fireflies.

So I’d understand why villagers
would wanna live here.

And plus there’s already a
swamp villager skin variant.

So it just makes sense.

Let’s just hope that the iron golems can

do enough to keep the nearby witches away.

And the swamps are the only secret

variant that’s in the game.

But in fact, Mojang also has a secret skin

in there for jungle villagers as well.

So why don’t they get their own village?

With beautiful treehouses that give you

easy access to all the different homes.

There really is something to see here.

And I mean, the vines are
already nature’s ladder

so it’s easy enough to get to,

but the villager’s AI
isn’t exactly the best.

So just keep an eye out.

Otherwise you might ended up finding more

of these on the ground
and two up in the trees.

And if you’re planning on living here,

maybe building a fence to keep

the villagers safely up there.

That isn’t a bad idea.

Picture this.

What if dungeons were bigger?

Well now they’re mega,
and mega doesn’t even

really cover it, since
these dungeons consist

of many different floors and rooms.

And each room that you find will be filled

with more and more valuable loot

getting only better as
you delve deeper in.

And if you’re someone who
likes to make mob farms,

this might be the place for you since

you’ll find a different mob
spawner in virtually every room.

Which can be annoying
to clear out at first,

but if you manage it, you
could get some huge results

and some might even call them Leviathan.

And speaking of Leviathan,

look at the size of
this Leviathan skeleton.

Now, if we take a close
look inside the skeleton

you’ll see lots of husks spawning inside

which will actually drop sand when killed,

which is really helpful if
you ever run outta sand…

In the desert, but that does
actually happen sometimes

since lots of players can get
carried away with their builds

and farming husks inside
of Leviathan sure beats

building another complicated
sand duper in the end.

And to further help with
your itch for farms,

this stray infested ice temple
will be right up your alley.

Not only does this biome

get a now long overdue
structure but the strays

that spawn here actually
drop ice blocks on death.

So you can save your silk touch picks

and farm all the ice that you
need for your nether highway.

And while it’s definitely similar to

the one that you find in the desert,

at least it’s something.

And after you clear out all the strays,

this should give you the chance

to be the real king of the ice biome.

And with that folks, YouTube thinks

that you might like this video.

So see if they’re right
and have a good one.






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