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 What’s up cheapskates! If you haven’t noticed yet, our channel shares about NFT games What we pursue is either free or within budget Because not everyone has a large capital Now, I will share with you a Free to Play Game with a chance to earn You just need to grind and if you are a trader, this game suits you.The main feature of MOBOX is their farming This is the mining camp where you can have a hash power And then, that hash power can be converted to MBOX MBOX right now is worth $6.91 The last time that I checked this, it is worth $1 To get started, create an account at And, you can connect your wallet here like Mobox, Metamask, and Binance Chain Wallet But I recommend that you use a Mobox wallet to lessen your gas fee And in these crates, this is where staking takes place I have a few rewards here because I withdrew my funds back then. The reason why I get tired of mining is due to the slow return of investment Because you need 100 hash power to have a Mbox but if you check the marketplace, this is the current price of the Momo that looks like an Axie. The good thing is you can rent a Mbox for games only And I know, you want to check the game instead because what I share is all about mining and farming But the truth is, their game aspect is Free-To-Play #1 is the Token Master If you open the game in the future, you will hear a cute background music I highly suggest that your Mobox Wallet is your preferred address Here, you can play like Axie and you will have a 3 free Momo But if you’ve already had a Momo either you win it via raffle, on the crate, or bought at the marketplace, it will reflect here But if you don’t have them, it is OK. 





You can still play You can still claim and mine in-game coins This is not Mbox just an in-game coin of the Token Master Every 8 hours you can claim your coins which are to be used for Momopoly, Plunder, or Moboxer And in the leaderboard, after a season is ended either 24 days or 24 hours Whoever has a huge amount of coins will win 36,000 Mbox Imagine, you grind and your play then you earned 36,000 Mbox And it is not just in the Momopoly rank Because, if you have spin the wheel may times like this guy who spinned 2651 times because in this game you can win 2 or 4 additional rolls/spins Once you are at the top of the leaderboard, you can win 1,200 Mbox There is also a prize at the plunder game How does this work? you will search for an enemy then you confirm You can also have skills as time goes by It is like an Axie then click confirm This is an auto-battler game and you can skip after round 2 If you skip, you can already check who is the winner. And it is me. And I get a 1 star That star is used to determine your ranking in the plunder game For example, you get 830 and you defeat Gartner. You can gain 18,000 MBOX.  You just play for free. You just grind. And you can win some Mbox. Addict = Grind. :p This is one of their games, Token Master This next game is suitable for traders like me They have a game called Simple Trade Whoever has a Return of Equity within specific hours (in this example, 41 hours) will win 80 Mbox The Top 100 will win 1 Mbox How does this game work? For example, ADA (our favorite) Click exchange FYI, I am also a trader Right now ADA is in pullback and I can buy it using the in-game cash If you want to trade,





 I highly suggest you must know basic arithmetic If you want some trading videos, it is also available in our channel With this 350,000, we will click buy And order success For example, if the price goes up and the ROI will be above 17% within that 41 hours Boom! I will be winning 80 Mbox If this is complicated for you but you want to play a game that looks like this I highly suggest you play Bulls vs Bear This game is very easy In a 1 minute timeframe, you will predict whether the bulls or bears will win Bulls mean that the price will go up Bears mean that the price will go down You can check the price on the chart below For example, right now the price is going down. Then, I will bet on the Bear But the price goes up, good thing that the game hanged back there Let’s try again. Let’s choose bear We can see them fighting in a tug-o-war After 2 minutes, we will see the result For example, if the price goes at the 47,410.98, I will win 3 points If after 20 attempts you get the highest score, you will win 80 Mbox If you are on the Top 100, you will still be rewarded with a 1 Mbox A very simple game that traders will like Here, I didn’t win anything because I didn’t finish the game So, last but not the least. LLLLLLeeeeeeverage Mania! This game is on 200x leverage This means the price fluctuates multiply by 200 To start the game, just click Feeling Lucky Long means the price goes up. Short means the price goes down Just a quick trading tutorial here Right now the price goes up. And I will bet short again this time. Let’s see. Current PNL will be visible there Right now the price is going up. That is the reason why our PNL is negative. And, whoever has the highest asset will win 80 Mbox. Again, it is free, enjoyable, and has a chance to earn. And that MBOX is you can use in the MOMO farmer To stake your MBOX for you to earn To buy MOMO to improve your hash rate To buy a mystery box for you to get a Momo NFT Free, enjoyable, and has a chance to earn It is unlike other NFT games because you need to grind and be wise in order to earn without spending a lot For passive income, you may check this mining camp 100 hash power = 1.25 mbox/day 1 hash power = 0.00125 mbox/day So you must check which MOMO is good for mining If you will be buying those, better to compute also your return on investment What do you think guys? Will you try this game? Comment down below if you’ve won in their competitions

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