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Hey Everyone! The 0.52.0 version of 
modern warships has finally been released,  

and today, we’ll be looking at the major and 
anticipated contents of this new version.

In this version, only one ship is added, and 
that’s the CN Type 055A. The CN Type 0 55A is  

a tier 3 epic destroyer, and as you can see, it 
is essentially just Type 0 55 but the armaments  

are modified so that it can be classified as an 
epic ship. It has 3 missiles, 1 cannon, 1 torpedo,  

2 grenade launchers, 6 air defenses, 1 special 
air defense that is similar to s-400 on RF Shtorm,  

and lastly, it has 1 helicopter. Its firepower 
is similar to RF Lider as both ships almost have  

the same attack armaments, but its air defense is 
much superior, making it more capable in battle.  

This ship is not available in the shop, it’s the 
last free prize for this month’s battle pass.

Now for the aircraft. There are 4 aircraft 
added in this new version, these are the F-2,  

T-4, Dark Sword, and the H-6N.
The F-2 is a tier 2 premium attack aircraft,  

and it is equipped with a cannon, powerful 
anti-ship missiles, a very lethal bomb, and an  

anti-air missile that is a bit more powerful than 
the anti-air missile of the F-14. The f-2 also  

has a great speed, it’s a bit faster than any of 
the currently existing attack aircraft in tier 2,  

which is good, as that will allow you to be 
able to reach and strike your target quickly.  

This aircraft is available in the shop, and since 
it’s a premium aircraft, it’s sold in gold.

The T-4 is a tier 2 premium fighter aircraft and 
it is equipped with a machine gun and anti-air  

missile that is used by F-2. This fighter plane 
is just as fast as F-18, making both of them the  

fastest fighter aircraft in tier 2. However, it’s 
the most durable fighter aircraft in tier 2 now,  

as it possesses the highest durability. 
This aircraft is available in the shop,  

and since it’s also a premium 
aircraft, it’s also sold in gold.

The Dark Sword is a tier 3 epic drone, and 
it is equipped with 3 anti-ship missiles,  

one of those missiles is a hypersonic missile. 
It’s also equipped with a powerful rail gun,  

and it has an anti-air missile 
to fight against air targets.  

Its firepower is great and can be compared with 
the Bayraktar Mius-B. As for its stats, there’s  

nothing too special with it, it has average stats 
for an epic drone. All in all, it’s a very capable  

drone that could rival all of the epic drones.
The H6N is a tier 3 epic bomber, but it is more  

of a missile bomber like the Russian Bombers, 
as it carries more missiles than bombs. It is  

equipped with 3 anti-ship missiles and only one 
type of bomb. What’s great about this bomber is  

that one of the anti-ship missiles it carries 
is a hypersonic missile with a nuclear warhead.  

It’s the first of its kind to be added to the 
game, and it’s very devastating to its targets,  

especially submarines and destroyers.
The Dark sword and H6N are the items for  

the VIP pass for the new season of the 
battle pass, which means you can get them  

by purchasing this month’s VIP pass. You can 
also get it through the battle pass market,  

but you do need to wait until the current battle 
pass ends for it to show up in the market.

Now for the weapons. There are 3 
weapons added in this new version,  

these are the HPJ-45 B, YJ-21, and the YU-7.
The HPJ-45 B is a tier 3 epic cannon,  

which can fire on surface and air targets. 
This cannon has much more damage per minute  

than some of the epic cannons, such 
as the armat and koalitsiya.

The YJ-21 is a tier 3 epic missile, it is a 
hypersonic missile that has the same speed  

as the current X-51. The missile has 
much weaker damage compared to DF-17,  

however, it has damage per minute that is equal to 
zircon. It may not have the speed that zircon has,  

but its speed and durability are enough for 
the missile to penetrate air defenses.

The YU-7 is a tier 3 epic torpedo, and it’s the 
first tier 3 torpedo with a round of burst of 2.  

Its damage per minute is in between that of 
A244 and Physic, which isn’t too impressive,  

but it’s a good torpedo nonetheless, especially 
if we consider its round of burst.

These 3 weapons are available in the 
shop and sold in in-game dollars.

The CN Type 0 55A comes with special camouflages, 
these are the golden tiger and the white tiger  

camouflage. The golden tiger was supposed to 
be the only special camouflage added in this  

new version, but some players didn’t like how it 
looks, hence the white tiger camouflage was added.  

These 2 camouflages cost 14,000 gold, but if you 
can get the ship before the battle pass end, you  

can get the white tiger camouflage for free.
Those are all the new items added in this new  

version. In the mechanics, there are only 
very few notable changes that were made.

They’ve added an indicator for 
players who left the battle,  

so now you’ll know who left the battle.
They’ve also increased the number of projectiles  

of all guns of all planes, now the guns deal more 
damage, however, the projectiles also scatter a  

little faster now. So if you want to inflict as 
much damage as possible on your enemies with your  

cannon, you must fire it in a short burst.
Those are all changes in the mechanics. Lastly,  

in the interface, they’ve improved their ship 
filtration, now you can filter ships by class,  

and that’s pretty much it for the interface 
of the game in this new update.

Those are all the major changes in this 
new update. So what do you guys think  

about this new update? Let me know in the comment 
section below. Now that’s all for today’s video,  

hopefully, you guys liked it, and if you all did, 
please leave a like and subscribe to support me,  

thank you so much for watching. 




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