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Naruto is a Japanese animation or anime that has

Created a special place in the heart of every anime fan of the world

And today we are going to know the entire story of it

Also I will give my personal opinion about Naruto and

the hack how can you see it. So without wasting any time

Let’s Watch intro and get started to know something exciting

Long lasting and everyone’s love Naruto,

based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga,

is an Anime series in which a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki’s

Story is shown. The show is divided into two separate parts

in which the first part is just by the name of Naruto,

Consisting of 220 episodes. And second part is titled

Naruto Shippuden, consisting of a total of 500 episodes

Naruto’s entire story is connected to events on a fictional Earth

where people are born with some elemental

chakra power right from birth

This world’s land is divided into total 5 global powers

Just Like Our Real Earth is divided into continents

Land of earth, the land of wind, the land of lightning

The Land of Water and the Land of Fire are all five of the Global Powers

Naruto’s childhood passes very alone

and later Naruto joins Ninja Academy where he has two friends

Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha and from here

their Action, Comedy, Love Triangle and

The adventure to know life’s meaning begins

What I have told you is nothing

when you will start watching this series then you will know

that why Naruto is so different and unique from all other anime series

Naruto The Backstory

Masashi Kishimoto is the Creator of Naruto. He was

born in 1974 in Japan

He spent a large part of his career in Naruto series

Which happens to every comic creator of Japan

Kishimoto was very fond of manga and anime from childhood

Well, if you don’t know about manga and anime

then to know about them, you can click the i button above

You can watch this one special series of my three videos

Well, when Masashi kishimoto was in kindergarten, all of his

friends could not make Doraemon’s drawing well

At which Kishimoto used to laugh because Kishimoto was an

expert in making the drawing of Doraemon
It all means that because of his interest in drawing since

childhood, he was able to become such a successful manga artist

And he became a big fan of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon

Ball during his schooling days

He was literally addicted to reading Dragon Ball manga

He did not have that much money to buy manga but

thanks to one of their friend

who had a monthly subscription of that manga magazine

and as a school student Kishimoto’s full focus was on drawings

No worry about school studies

and according to me, he did the right thing

He chose that work in which he had developed skills since childhood

in which he also had an interest and he was happy to do it

because later on, after his many failed creations

Naruto became that sweet fruit of his patience which

every man with patience gets

and as you may know, in the history of best selling manga

Naruto has become the fourth best selling manga series to date

The story from Manga to Anime

Naruto series, written by Kishimoto, is based on one-shot manga series

and the name of that one shot manga series is Karakuri

which was published in Japan in 1995

At the age of 25, Masashi

Kishimoto began publishing Naruto’s

manga series in Japan’s weekly Shonen Jump magazine

and he released the final chapter of Naruto in 2014

In the last months of 1999, when Naruto’s manga began

to circulate in the market

Then only within a year, naruto had become

a favorite of every other manga fan

and this was the reason that its anime series was released

on TV in the year 2002

which was originally broadcast on Japan’s TV channel TV

Tokyo from 2002 to 2007

Basically total 220 episodes were made in it

which was broadcast by the name of naruto

in which Naruto’s pre-teen story is shown

Well, these 220 episodes of naruto were dubbed into english

and aired on the american version of cartoon network

from 2005 to 2009

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is the sequel and second part of naruto series

in which naruto’s young age story is shown and

it was originally broadcast on japanese TV channel

TV Tokyo from 2007 to 2017

After dubbing into english, Naruto Shippuden began broadcasting

in the US on Disney XD channel from 2009

and as I have told you

before, Naruto Shippuden contains total 500 episodes

but only its 98 episodes were broadcast on disney XD till 2011

and in 2014, it was broadcast on programming block

adult swims on channel toonami

and till today, every week an episode of naruto

shippuden is aired on this channel

Well, apart from anime series, total 11 movies of

naruto have been made

the list of which you can see on your screen

Why Naruto got failed in India

Firstly, many of you may not know

that naruto was also dubbed in hindi

Am I right?

Well, yes naruto was broadcast on two channels in India

First in English on Animax and

since 2007 second on Cartoon Network in hindi

Now why did naruto fail in india?

Actually this question is a bit wrong. To be honest,

Naruto has never failed

Rather all the mess was because of TRP

The content of Naruto was so fabuluos that the Indian

audience went mad for it

Exactly the same madness as Pokémon and ben 10

But the problem here was that in those days

cartoon network was airing Naruto very slowly

And until the new episodes were not ready

till then it kept repeatedly recast old episodes

Just think about it that you turned on your TV so that you

you can watch the next episode of your favorite shows

and ta-da same old episode

so because of this the TRP of Naruto went down

And there can be many reasons for the fall in TRP

as if the audience is immature, censorship and parental restrictions

Basically, there were many minor reasons as well

because of which naruto could not target a right audience

and at the end by stopping its dubbing it

was permanently discontinued on cartoon network

How can you watch naruto?

No doubt Naruto anime series is a masterpiece

and if you are a true anime fan then you must watch naruto

and you can watch naruto anime series by

joining my telegram channel

animation vibes, the link of which is available in description

and all the episodes are in english, so a little bit

of english is understable, doesn’t it?

Watch Naruto in english. You will enjoy it

and if you are thinking to watch in hindi

then, cartoon network has dubbed 50-60 episodes in hindi

but it is difficult to arrange them online

yes, you will get theme song in hindi which

you can see by searching on youtube

plus one extra tip, Naruto’s every episode is of 20 minutes

and you can finish its 700 episodes in less than a month

for which you have to do two things

first, you have to get unlimited internet pack

plus it contains a number of filler episodes which you have to skip

simply you can search on google, naruto filler episodes

and naruto shippuden filler episodes

you will get the whole list easily

and according to the list, you can skip the filler episodes

and watch the main episodes

If you want to ask something related to this video then

you can direct message me on my instagram ID animation_vibes

Plus must watch both these videos as well if

you are new to my channel 



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