New Custom Sensitivity Tutorial PUBG MOBILE 1.5 Update

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Welcome Guys! so in the new 1.5 update, a lot of things have changed, especially the sensitivity settings, right now you can customize your sensitivity for each and every weapon, but its kind-a complicated because there are so many settings you need to change, so let me walk you through the process. to customize your sensitivity you will need to get to the training grounds in order to get into the training grounds you will need to open the map selection area, and click on this training option right here,it will take you to cheer park AKM statue, now you’ll get training grounds option click on it will take you to training area, now lets start customizing your sensitivity. now lets start customizing your sensitivity but first of all, let me explain to you the new sensitivity option which is ADS gyroscope sensitivity, its basically the recoil controlling sensitivity or in other words this sensitivity will activate only while your shooting. and the normal gyroscope sensitivity is for aiming, like adjusting your aim stuff like that. so that is this is that I would recommend using the same sensitivity in both of these i’m gonna start with AKM, since it has very high recoil, I’m gonna increase its sensitivity so it will be easier to control it. go to your sensitivity settings, by the way,the overall sensitivity is your main sensitivity that is used by all the weapons that are not customized, so for example, if you didn’t customize your sensitivity for m4 1 6, then it would be using the overall sensitivity. and click on customized, now select the Fire arm type AR, and click on add, now choose AKM. now you have created a separate sensitivity for AKM, which you can customize it, it will not change for other weapons, but don’t change anything except the ADS sensitivity. once again the normal gyroscope sensitivity is for aiming, scroll down you’ll find ADS gyroscope sensitivity which is for controlling recoil, so you only need to change this sensitivity. now i will increase red-dot sensitivity from300% to 400%, and test spray with red-dot-to-check-if-I-can-control-its-recoil, 400% red-dot is perfect for me, if you still struggling to control its recoil, increase the red-dot sensitivity by around 25% or 50%,but 400% is the maximum you can go, so I’m pretty sure 400% will work best for most of the players. and now do the same process for all the other scopes, but however I already know what sensitivity is perfect for me, so I set 400% for 2x, 3x,and 4x scopes. and I can easily control the recoil of AKM with 400%, but however you may find different sensitivity, so test every single scope. and for the non gyroscope players, the process is very similar, instead of changing ADS gyroscope sensitivity, you’ll need to change ADS Sensitivity,which is also recoil controlling sensitivity but for non gyro players. so try increasing the ADS sensitivity of red-dot scope by about 5-10% and check if you can control its recoil. 





if your struggling to control its recoil then increase the red-dot sensitivity by another 5-10% and now test again, if your sprays are decent enough then move on to the other scopes and do the same process by increasing their sensitivity by up to 5%. or until you control its recoil decently anyway once your done customizing your weapon,move on to the another weapon to customize, for now I’m gonna use beryl m762 by the way beryl is also a high recoil weapon like AKM, so I’m gonna copy-paste the AKM’s sensitivity to Beryl m762 and i will do the same for other high recoil weapons like groza, famas, etc, I will copy-paste AKM’s sensitivity for them. now customizing m416, i wouldn’t change any of the sensitivity for m4 because my main sensitivity, or the overall sensitivity is designed for controlling m4’s sprays, so I’m not gonna change sensitivity for m4. but however I found a issue with this new sensitivity settings, I’m sure most of you all are go nnause 6x adjusted to 3x on m4, if you do that with customized sensitivity then when you adjust your 6x scope to 3x, it will still use the 6x sensitivity. so this might be a huge problem for most of the m4 users. to fix this issue, you simply don’t have to customize m4’s sensitivity, if you did then you might have to use the same sensitivity for 3x and 6x scope, to fix this problem. anyway, now lets customize your bolt action sniper rifles, you can select any sniper rifles, I choose kar 98 here, and now scroll down to the gyroscope sensitivity not the ADS gyro, if you never had a seperate sniping sensitivity before, then I would recommend to reduce your 3x, 4x, 6x scope sensitivities by about 50%,or use 150%, 100% and 69% like me. so that is this is that and test if your sensitivity is working fine, if its good, then apply the kar 98k’s sensitivity to all the other snipers, by copy pasting it. and now moving on to the DMR, or semi automatic snipers, I’m gonna start customization with mini 14, scroll down to the gyro sensitivity,by the way, before the new update, i used to change my sensitivity whenever i use a DMR. so i already have a separate sensitivity for them, which is 200% for 3x scope, and150% for 4x scope, and 100% for 6x scope and 50% for 8x scope, you could try this sensitivity.and for ADS gyro sensitivity, you will need to either use the same sensitivity as the gyroscope, or double the sensitivity for ADS gyro, if you want to tap fast with DMRs. and test this sensitivity with your DMR, and if you find this sensitivity really good, then apply this same sensitivity to other DMRs like SKS, SLR etc, by copy pasting it. however for Mk14 you need to customize its lightly, copy paste the same sensitivity as other DMRs, but go to the ADS Gyro Sensitivity and put everything to 400%, from red-dot to 8x. if you wanna go crazy with mk14 full auto,you can do that since it uses 400% gyro sensitivity and you can still use mk14 for single tapping like other DMRs and now to the light machine guns, I’m gonna customize dp-28, scroll down to the gyroscope sensitivity, I need my DP-28 to be stable while aiming, so I’m gonna set 3x sensitivity to 250% and 4x sensitivity to 200% and scroll down to ADS gyroscope sensitivity which is for recoil controlling. since I use burst fire with DP 28 most of the time, the recoil is gonna be low, so I’m gonna set 4x sensitivity to 250% you could use 200% its totally fine, and now DP-28 has its own custom sensitivity especially for burst firing with 4x. anyway that’s all i got for this video, I know I didn’t go through all the weapons, but however the process will be the same,so I hope you understand how to customize your sensitivity with this new update,

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