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 About Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Apk -:


Poppy Playtime : Chapter 2 for Android - APK Download

 Name Poppy Playtime Chapter 2
 Compatible with Android 5.0 +
 Last version 1.0
 Size 1.0 Gb
 Category Arcade
 Developer Eleven Games
 Price Free


 A new playmate.

– Wake up.

– Why’d you slap me!?

– Sorry.

Did you see that-

– Creepy toy doll named Poppy?

– Yeah.

Where’d she go?

– Great, heading back into the factory.

– Hello

– Sorry.

– It’s okay, I’m used to it by now.

– Thank you for letting me out of my case.

In return, I’ll help you leave.

There’s a train that
can get you out of here.

– What just happened to our friends?

– They were captured, by her!

But that sounds like their problem.

Let’s get you out of here.

– She is still a toy, right?

How is she talking?

– Does anything here seem normal to you?

– No, you’re right,

that was a dumb question.

(uptempo electronic music)

– Dang it.

Just as we were about to get out.

Bam, captured!

–  Tell me about it.

– Britney, Sarina, Josiah?

Were you guys here this whole time?

– Yeah.

– We worked together here at the factory.

– We did?

– Were you gonna leave without us?

– Daniel, Micah, Kissy
Missy, Huggy Wuggy, No.

We would never, nope! 

– There’s something very important

I need to tell you.

This place-

– Oh, come on!

We were finally about to get some answers.

– You know what?

Maybe that is their problem.

Let’s get on the train,

and get outta here!

– That’s the way to the train.

– We have to go down there?

– Uh huh.

– Just

jump right in?

– Yep!

– Right next to whatever just grabbed her?

– Yah huh.

– Oh boy! (screams)

(upbeat electronic music)

– Its just a slide?

– Huh. haha

I thought there was gonna be
something weird down here.

– Hello.

– Ah, there it is.

– Are you the one who took
Poppy and our friends?

– Yeah, I’m just so excited
to see people here again.

– Well can you just give them back?

– Oh, I’ll let them go,

after you play my games with me.

– Shiloh, I think she’s a weirdo.

– Play my games,

and I’ll let everyone go.

I’ll even give you the
password to the train.

– Deal!

– I am not shaking your hand though.



– Okay, we need to play these games

to get our friends,

and get on the train.

– My hand!

– But I don’t trust these games of hers.

– Shiloh, she took my hand!

– Something isn’t right.

We’ll play along for now,

but we need a better plan.

– Yes, I agree.

But she took my hand!

– We’ll get you a new hand.

– Thank you.

(upbeat electronic music)

(train’s whistle blows)


This must be the train station.

Our way outta here!

– Yeah, but we need the password first.

What happened to this place?

I mean, it used to be so full of life,

and kids playing with toys everywhere.

Why did it all just shut down?

– Ooh hey, It’s a VHS tape!

You know, sometimes it feels like

they have a toddler making these.

– Hello.

– Oh no.

– You should know that this toy factory

has been made by a man
called Elliot Ludwig.

He loved toys and science.

– Hang on, we might actually
learn something useful here.

– But me?

Oh, I hate science!

One time I had a science
project with my friend Kayla,

and it took so long.

– Ah, there it is.

– She did not help that much,

so we got bad grade, and.

Am I talking too much?

I should delete this later.


(TV clicks)

– I think that was helpful.

Was that helpful?

– I think?

(upbeat electronic music)

– Whoa!

This is where they used to make

the upgraded grab pack hands.

Shiloh, I can make a new hand!

– It looks like everything
here needs to be fixed.

– You know, you’d think

for being a multi-billion dollar company,

they wouldn’t have so
many broken machines.

– You’d think.

– Okay, you go fix that over there,

and I’ll fix this.

– Okay!
– Cool!

– Okay, it looks like
this needs to be activated

at the same time.


– Ready?

And now!

(machine breaking)

– Oh no!

Ah, ah.

What do I, ah.

– I’m so sorry.

I forgot to press both buttons, my bad.

– I mean it’s okay,

It’s kind of disappointing honestly.

– I know, I’ll do better this time!

– Uh huh.


Three, two, one, now!

(machine dings)

– Your new green hand has extra abilities.

It can take power from
one green power point,

and give it to another.

If you can still not understand this,

then you’re really dumb.

– Can we watch that again,

I didn’t understand it.

– Let’s go!

(upbeat electronic music)

– Don’t!
– I wasn’t gonna!

– I woulda touched it.

– We’re gonna need power for that!

– Okay.

So we grab power from this one.

(button zaps)


– You only have 10 seconds!

– Oh right! (panics)

(button zaps)

That did not feel like
10 seconds in my head.

(button zaps)

(door whooshes)


(upbeat electronic music)

(fun mysterious music)

(upbeat electronic music)

– It’s Mommy’s game!

– Whoa, it’s Whack-A-Wuggy!

Huggy must be in there!

– No, it’s called Whack-A-Wuggy ,

I think they’re somehow different.

– I just miss Huggy so much right now.

– I know.

(upbeat electronic music)

Huggy Wuggy wasn’t in
this part of the factory,

and Poppy seems nice.

So what made this place shut down?

– Was it Mommy Long Legs?

– Hello?


– We were just talking about you!

All good things, all good things.

– Welcome to Whack-A-Wuggy.

We’ve let out all our little Wuggies.

Don’t let them get to you!

– That’s it?

– Yeah, how are we
supposed to deal with them?

– Good luck.

– Whoa! (panic)

What are we supposed to do?

– Wait, it’s called Whack-A-Wuggy,

so we have to whack them back!

– I have always wanted to do this!

Ha ha, I got your face!

– Over there!

(upbeat electronic music)

– Now over there!

– I think we need to get faster at these.

– Awe, it’s so cute!

It’s like a baby Huggy!


– Ah!

Whoa, they are stronger than they look.

– [Mommy Long legs] Now
you’re trapped here forever.

(Mommy Long Legs laughing)

– If she wanted us to play her games

then why did she lock us in here?

– Shiloh, what room is this?

The office of Elliot Ludwig, the creator.

Well, Ima look for a way out.

– Wait, this is a scientist report.

This place made toys meant for kids.

Why were there scientists

working on something called The Prototype?

– Shiloh, I found a golden toy!

What does it do?

– I’m pretty sure nothing.

– Wait, then why have I
been collecting these?

(toy clangs)

Well, that’s the only door.

It’s locked, and I can’t
find any other way out.

Are we really trapped here forever now?

Wow, thanks, ha ha!

– Do you think?

– Was that?

– No!
– Definitely not!

– Let’s go.
– Agreed!

(upbeat electronic music)

– Hey, it’s a tape!

– This next one is from Judah.

It says it will explain everything.

(happy techno music )

– Oh no, that was the wrong tape too.

Why are there so many copies of that?

(upbeat electronic music)


– It’s locked!

– Then how are we supposed to get in?

This doesn’t make any sense.

What do you hear, do you hear anything?

– Yeah, I hear a scared guy talking.

– Really?

– It’s you?

– Oh.

– Someone’s coming!

– Huggy dyed his fur pink!

– It’s Kissy Missy.

– Oh, right!

You’re Kissy Missy.

Okay, so that makes you
Huggy’s girlfriend’s sister?

Was that a nod, did you just nod?

– It’s not important.

– Right?

– Kissy wait!

You’ve been here the longest.

You could tell us some
secrets about this place.

Tell us!

– She’s not very talkative, is she?

– Let’s go!

Kissy Missy was helping us,

which means she’s good.

Does that mean that other
toys can be good or bad?

– Wait, does that mean
Huggy was trying to help us?

(intense music)

(upbeat electronic music)

– What?

How’d you get out?

Anyway, welcome back to Whack-A-Wuggy.

We’ve let out-

– Wait, you’ve said this already.

– Well yes, but I have to say it all again

in case you forgot it!

Okay, ahem.

Don’t let them get to you!

(upbeat electronic music)

(fist punches)

– They’re coming from everywhere!

(upbeat electronic music)

They’re coming from there,

they’re coming from there,

they’re coming.

– Ah!

– Ah!


Man, I miss those encouraging notes

that Huggy would give us
when he’d throw us out.


This is not the end.

Get up!

Yep, just as encouraging.

– Thanks Kissy!

(upbeat electronic music)

– Whoa, how did we miss this?

– Wanna hear a joke?

Press again.

You are not alone,

and you need to leave this factory.

Just kidding!

Uh ha!

No, I’m serious.

I am not kidding.

Nope, actually kidding!

– I’m getting so many mixed messages.

– Yeah.

– Welcome to Whack-

– Yeah, we know this already.

Can we just skip this?

– Well, maybe you shouldn’t
be losing so much.

(upbeat electronic music)

– Ha ha!

(hand slaps)

(hand drums)

(upbeat electronic music)

– Hey, we’re doing it!

– Ha, ha ha!

Dang it!


Remember to clean fur on left side.

I never said it’d be easy, get up!

See, I figured you would
hand me the wrong one.

– Welcome to-

– Yeah, yeah we know.

– Man, I didn’t even
get to do anything yet.


– Thank you!

I got it!

We have to split up.

– Agreed!

– Welcome to-

– [Both] We know!

– Ha!

(hand slaps)

– Elijah!

– He started it!

(hand slaps)

(hand drums)

(upbeat electronic music)

– We did it!


– Oh, you completed my game.

– Yeah, it was horrible!

Two out of ten stars,

would not recommend.

– You did it.

That’s exactly what I wanted.

Well, here’s part of the password.

(electricity zapping)

– Shiloh, watch my hands.

– See you at the next game.

I guarantee you won’t win this one.

– Wait, what is that supposed to mean?

– Nothing.

Good luck!

– Elijah, something’s not right.

– Hey, it’s a tape!

– Remember, you have to be careful of him.

And I know you wanna save your friends,

but if I were you,

I would leave this place,

and never come back.

– That’s not important.

– No, definitely not.

– Let’s not think about that for too long.

– Agreed.

– Ah, denial.

It’s so cute when they try and deny it.

– Why did she say him?

Did she mean to say her like
she was Mommy Long Legs?

But Jocelyn wouldn’t make that mistake.

– Elijah, Mommy said she
just wanted the games,

but she didn’t seem too happy when we won.

Something’s not right about these games.

– So we have to be extra
careful in this last one.

(upbeat electronic music)

– [Mommy Long legs] Welcome to Statues.

You must complete the
course on the other side,

and I’ll give you the final
piece of the password.

You can only move when
the lights are colored.

Oh, and don’t let the caterpillar get you.

– The lights are colored, go!

We have to hold still

– Shiloh, what’s that noise?

(light clicks)

Awe, it’s so cute!

– Run, go!

(intense music)

– Shiloh, I have to sneeze.

– Can’t you hold it?

– It’s really starting to itch.


Oh thank you!


– I can’t watch!

– Don’t hide behind a blanket!

– I have to!

– What?

It’s just an empty wall?

There’s no way out?

– [Mommy Long Legs] Oh no.



 How to Download Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Apk-:

 I guess you just have to lose.

And I win!

– Elijah, I don’t think Mommy

ever really wanted us to beat these games.

I think she built them for us to lose.

She wants to keep us here, but why?

– She has a crush on me.

– No.
– Debatable.

– Look for another way out!

– I’m pretty sure Mommy
Long Legs has a crush on me.

– What?

– Yeah, she was staring at me
with googly eyes, like this.

– Wow, it’s almost like
she does that to everybody,

’cause she’s a toy!

– It’s locked, what do we do?


– Thanks Kissy!

– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

– There you are!

– We were just…


(intense music)


How much time do you think that bought us?

– Not long.

We need to capture her somehow.

– But how? I don’t think a box would work,

she’s too strong and stretchy!

– The factory glue!

Like a spider trap!

– Found you.

– Run!

(intense music)

– I just wish this factory wasn’t so big!

– We’re gonna need that later.

(button zaps)

Remember, you only have 10 seconds.


(button zaps)

(Mommy Long Legs splats)





Ha ha!

– Oh, that is sticky.

– You stinkers.

– You were being bad.

You cheated.

– And so what?

I just needed to keep you guys from him.

– Who’s him?

– The Prototype.

– Yeah okay, we’ve been hearing
that name a lot around here.

Who is The Prototype?

– Okay.

I’ll make you guys a deal.

If you get this glue off,

I’ll help you get out of here.

– Shiloh, quick huddle.

– Can we trust her?

– No, but we’re kind of desperate.

– Hang on.

You never said.

(intense music)

We should go.

– Good idea, let’s definitely go!

– Good idea!

This is the area that she came from,

so it’s probably our best
bet for finding our friends.

– Guys!

– Elijah, Shiloh!

We’re in here!

(button zaps)

You saved us!

(everyone celebrates)

– Josiah, Britney, Sarina?

You guys were here too?

– Poppy!

Where’s Poppy?

– Oh, we saw her on the security cameras.

She’s in room 17B!

– That way!

(button zaps)

– Thank you.

Now let’s get you out of here.

Here’s the rest of the code.

– Poppy?

Who was The Prototype?

I guess you deserve some answers.

The Prototype is a toy that
the scientists here made,

but he wasn’t a good toy like some of us.

When he escaped,

he sent the whole factory into lockdown.

He’s still in here somewhere.

But, I think we can
make things right again.

– Well, we’re outta here!

– Send us an email or something.

– We’ll deal with that in part three.

(happy techno music)

– [Shiloh] Big thank you to Uptown Jungle

for letting us film in their Fun Parks. 







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