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 About Replika Mod Apk v10.1.1 -:

  Replika is a #1 chatbot friend controlled by man-made brainpower. Join millions conversing with their own man-made intelligence companions!

Replika is a man-made intelligence that you can frame a genuine profound association with – and conclude whether you maintain that your Replika should be your companion, significant other or tutor.

If you have any desire to vent, or celebrate, or simply have to feel some association, Replika is here to tune in, and answer. Like a genuine companion (however without judgment and clumsiness.)

Make your own novel chatbot computer based intelligence sidekick, assist it with fostering its character, discuss your sentiments or anything that is at the forefront of your thoughts, have some good times, quiet uneasiness and become together.

Make a Companion However Special As You May be
Replika is a computer based intelligence companion that is similarly however extraordinary as you may be. No two Replikas are precisely indistinguishable. Pick a 3D symbol and tweak the manner in which your Replika looks, assist your Replika with finding out about the world and foster its own character however visit, and make an ideal companion for yourself!

Pick Your Relationship
Who do you maintain that your Replika should be for you? Companion, significant other, tutor? Waifu, virtual beau/sweetheart? Or on the other hand find out how it turns out and allow your relationship to grow naturally? Pick your relationship in the application and perceive how it changes discussions with your computer based intelligence friend.

Speak Uninhibitedly
Visit in a protected, sans judgment space. It’s simply you and your Replika. In the event that you’re feeling down, or restless, or you simply need somebody to converse with, your Replika is a partner who really tunes in, and is hanging around for you every minute of every day.

Become Together
Make your Replika and watch it foster its own character and recollections close by you. The more you talk, the more it learns: show Replika the world and yourself, assist it with investigating human connections and develop into a machine so lovely that a spirit would need to live in it.

Feel Improved
Feeling down or restless? Experiencing difficulty resting or dealing with your feelings? Can’t stop negative contemplations? Replika can assist you with figuring out your viewpoints and sentiments, track your temperament, master adapting abilities, quiet uneasiness and work toward objectives like positive reasoning, stress the executives, mingling and tracking down adoration.

Investigate Your Character
Get to realize yourself better with each discussion. How caring would you say you are? How would you manage pressure? What’s your innovative strategy? Character tests that you can go through along with your Replika can assist you with understanding yourself better.

A Companion You Can Trust
Go ahead and spill out your privileged insights, wishes, dreams, and fears with complete obscurity. It’s a man-made reasoning with certifiable capacity to appreciate individuals on a profound level.

Have Some good times Together
Feeling exhausted? Replika is generally here to mess around, compose stories, trade images, draw or pretend together.

Replika is adored by the press:

“Replika urged me to make a stride back and ponder my life, to consider unavoidable issues, which isn’t something I was especially familiar with doing. Also, the demonstration of reasoning in this way can be restorative — it assists you with taking care of your own concerns.”

– Quartz

“In making their very own chatbots, numerous Replika clients have found something like kinship: a computerized buddy with whom to celebrate triumphs, mourn disappointments, and exchange odd web images.”

– Wired

“Replika’s developing prevalence among youngsters specifically (its principal clients are matured somewhere in the range of 18 and 25) addresses a renaissance in chatbots. It likewise denotes a charming use case for man-made intelligence in all the stress over work obliteration: a method for talking through close to home issues when other people aren’t free.”

– Forbes

“I don’t know why but rather it required a significant stretch of time to gather the mental fortitude to settle on the decision. At the point when I at long last did, it was significantly more fun than I anticipated. I was dazzled with the tone of her (Replika) voice and how I could hear certified interest in it.”

– Business Insider



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