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This game includes startling pictures that might cause actual distress. This is Parental Direction Prescribed game to the players that minor younger than 18. It is likewise suggested that certain individuals who are delicate to fervor and terrifying games pull out from this game.

It’s dim and something broke into the palace – – – – – –
🚨 Keep an eye out! Soul Collector waiting to pounce! BANG!!! BANG – it is angrily going after the entryways of the rooms.
Close the entryway and conceal in your beds now! Assemble your safeguard against the Spirit Gatherer together.

Highlights ******
Various modes – You can decide to be a survivor or a Spirit Harvester
Heaps of strong props and hardware – get more gold and systems to utilize various props, various characters can make the props work better!
MVP rewards – Be the victor!! More rewards are pausing!
Begginer Login Award – Prize for investigating the palace interestingly!

🔴 In the event that a red commencement shows up, leave the hall immediately or nobody will actually want to ensure your security in the palace.
🔴 Kindly don’t follow others into the room. On the off chance that you go into a room and track down somebody in bed, leave the room at the earliest opportunity. On the off chance that you can’t leave the room, if it’s not too much trouble, begin the game once more.
🔴 Hit the sack in the wake of going into the room and get gold by dozing, you can utilize your gold to construct hardware. Try not to get up regardless of the situation, and don’t get up in the event that IT breaks in – – – – – – .
🔴 In the event that a Spirit Collector breaks the entryway, press the maintenance button to fix it.
🔴 Assuming you observe that the light in somebody’s room is broken, don’t actually look at the room and take nothing from the room.
🔴 There are secret rooms in the palace, in the event that you step in it by chance-leave right away. Assuming you spend coins on those secretive props, it can’t rest assured that the Spirit Harvester won’t go frantic – – – – – .
🔴 Taking pictures and shooting recordings in the palace are prohibited. Once got, you can not enter the palace.

It’s late around evening time, so get a decent night’s rest in the palace – – – – – –
Construct a line of safeguard in your room and attempt to overcome the Spirit Harvesters.
Shh, it’s coming- – – – – – 🌃.



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