Space Survivor Mod Apk 1.0.2 Unlimited Money Download

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 About Space Survivor Mod Apk 1.0.2 Unlimited Money

As the darkness closes in, the silence fills your spaceship, hiding the terrifying creatures that lurk within. When your ship was attacked during a mission to explore new planets, these monsters snuck aboard, intent on killing your team. You must act fast to find a safe place, lock the door, and do everything you can to survive and defeat these evil beings. Build a powerful defense system to protect yourself from the haunting reapers, or they will hunt you down and devour you. Be careful not to be caught by the nightmare monsters that roam the ship.

Space Survivor Mod Apk 1.0.2 Unlimited Money Download


In Space Survivor Mod Apk, you will face:

  • The danger of being caught in the corridor when the darkness arrives
  • Silent rooms filled with secrets and monsters
  • A variety of monsters, including cursed ones who can destroy your weapon with their minds, and ones that can devour you quickly

To survive, you must:

  • Use your gold to build and upgrade your weapons to fight the monsters
  • Stay in your room at midnight to avoid danger
  • Use the repair button to fix the door if it is being attacked


  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Dynamic superhero battles with unique combinations
  • Famous characters with incredible hero outfits
  • Addictive and dynamic gameplay
  • The best simple running adventure game ever

How to Download

1. First of all click on the Download Now button.

2. After that you will land to a new page.

3. On that new page you can see a timer of 20 seconds.

4. Let wait for 20 seconds and after that your download will start automatically.





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