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 What is Stumble Guys?

Mobile games are one of the most popular categories of apps on the App Store. They are also a great way to learn about new technologies and programming languages.

Stumble Guys is an addictive game for Android and iOS devices. You have to help a group of friends find their way home by clearing a path for them, one line at a time.

Stumble Guys is available for free download in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It requires Android version 2.3 or higher and iOS version 7 or higher to play it smoothly.

Stumble Guys is a game that has been developed by the company called Game Circus.

The Stumble Guys is a game about exploring the world and getting lost in it. The game is set in a world where everything is made of paper, cardboard, and glue. The player can explore this world by walking around and interacting with different objects. The player can also use their phone as a flashlight to find their way through the dark areas of the map.

The goal of the game is to find all five friends and bring them back to their home base before they get too hungry or thirsty.

In order to progress through the story, players will have to explore different areas of this map and solve puzzles along the way.

The Stumble Guys game was created for both adults and children alike, which means that there are many different levels of difficulty for this game so that everyone can enjoy it equally no matter how old they are or how skilled they are at playing games on their




 What are the features of Stumble Guys 0.44?

• Run, Dash & Slide past opponents 

• Dodge oncoming obstacles 

• Battle Royale real multiplayer 

• Colorful and crazy in design 

• Comically Physical 

• Many customization options

 • Tons of hilarious fails

 • Lots of different levels

Knockout Foes, Win and Be the champion! 


How to play Stumble Guys 0.44 Beta?

1. First of all install Stumble Guys from the play store.

2. Then go to play store and join the Beta program of Stumble Guys.

How To Sign Up For Beta Apps Via The Google Play Store

3. After joining the Beta program clear the data of the Stumble Guys.

4. Stumble Guys 0.44 Beta program is launched only in some countries.

5. If your Beta program is not working you may try with VPN. 




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