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About Survivor In Rainbow Monster Mod Apk v1.0.4 -:

I’m a beast companion – your aide in this Survivor In Rainbow Beast io game.

In Survivor In Rainbow Beast versatile game, you play as an anonymous kid who has been captured during a school excursion to an event congregation called Creepy park. From the snapshot of your catch, you should endure five evenings in the odd area that is totally vacant of life with the exception of you and the Rainbow Beast.

Five evenings, with each night comprising of a unique errand or challenge you should finish while keeping away from the Rainbow Beasts.

YOUR Central goal – 

🌕 Night 1: Track down the Blocks

 🌖 Night 2: Feed the Beasts 

🌗 Night 3: Fix the Machine 

🌘 Night 4: Light the Room 

🌑 Night 5: Secret Evening (not far off)


 Instructions to Get by – Keep away from the Rainbow Fellow

 💙 Blue Rainbow Beast
Blue Beast meanders around the guide looking for you, demonstrated by his stepping and laughing. He will pursue down you that are not secret inside a storage or a case. 

 💚 Green Rainbow Beast
Green Beast is dependably on the lookout, notwithstanding, they’re additionally visually impaired, so keeping away from this monster is tied in with making as little commotion as could really be expected. Be certain not to make a solitary development.

 ❤️ Orange Rainbow Beast
You want to reliably take care of Orange Beast to hold them back from coming join the fun. Luckily, an orange line seems to show where Orange Beasts will walk when watching, so you can rapidly stow away assuming you see that they’re coming around soon. 

💜 Purple Rainbow Beast
To keep away from Purple Beast, you simply have to ensure and watch the vents. In the event that you don’t see eyes or hands crawling out, you can securely stroll by it.

 Survivor In Rainbow Fellow TIPS

 Give close consideration to the sound in the game.
A ton of staying away from the Rainbow Fellow by tuning in for strides and different sounds that show they are close by! Wearing earphones while playing is the most ideal way to get away.

Survivor In Rainbow Pal is a frightfulness yet fun experience that you can’t bear to miss. Face to the beasts apparently quite cordial transforming into an unnerving bad dream.

Partake in the versatile form of the awfulness Rainbow Fellow io game!



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