This is the FASTEST RICKSHAW Taxi in the World!! (GTA 5) | GTA 5 Story Part 2

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what’s going on team fresh welcome back to a new gta 5 mods episode today we have something amazing guys los santos customs just gave me a call they’re like hey you want to work as a taxi driver we have something special for you and i’m like yeah i do oh no of course of course i need some extra money guys because we have all these fancy cars we have this nice crib and uh yeah we have to make payments okay for everything so uh without further ado we’re gonna go to los santos customs they got a modified rickshaw for us to use in today’s video guys that is correct that is a crazy crazy taxi guys now they modified it all level four upgrades engine upgrades they even have nitrous set up i cannot wait to check it out guys [Music] here we go we are pulling up and los santos customs okay i’m just gonna leave my vehicle right over here this is it guys check this out this is what we’re gonna be driving today now like i said it’s got all level four upgrades it even has nitrous installed and uh yeah it’s just gonna be interesting guys very interesting all right so here we go guys so let’s get inside we’ll see if we can answer a couple of calls and uh yeah we’ll do the nitrous though for sure let’s start this up [Applause] this thing sounds really really funky but okay i think whoa whoa dude this thing does burn out oh my gosh it’s actually kind of quick hold on can we do some donuts what’s up bro you need a limp oh my gosh i can’t wait oh hold on we’re getting a call we’re getting a call guys okay it’s actually whoa excuse me buddy oh wait i cancelled it i canceled it no give me another one i was honking at the other car yeah i was honking at the other car and i by accident i canceled my call but here we go it’s point three of a mile away um dude why is everybody swarming into me today like i don’t know what’s going on by the way there’s only two seats so hopefully we don’t get too too many passengers today because otherwise it’s not gonna happen so here we go we are coming up they’re gonna be on the right-hand side now i haven’t used nitrous yet you guys wait for it that’s crazy it’s actually called the turbo system but it’s really really really crazy all right where is the passenger oh hey what’s up bro hop on in okay all right i’ll take you there shell bro dude this thing is amazing check out the first person’s view though um whoa we got a stereo system up there look at that this is amazing alpine and how’s our passenger doing what’s up bro you’re good he’s good he’s good all right all right ready to test out the turbo system oh hold on we’re gonna do it down the hill it’s gonna be even more fun ready guys here we go and one two three oh go gosh breaks breaks breaks breaks breaks dude i can’t believe oh dude there’s more lights on the inside i don’t even know but yeah i can’t believe we didn’t die just now hold on we’re gonna do this again go we’re gonna be testing out the top speed of the wreck shaw at the end of today’s episode so make sure to leave your guesses in the comment section down below stay until the end of today’s video we will test out the top speed then my guess for the top speed the wind boost is going to be 119 miles per hour that’s gonna be my guess leave your guesses in the comment section down below stay until the end okay here we go guys boost it up go go go go all right yeah we gotta deliver this guy in time otherwise he’s not gonna pay me or he’s not gonna tip me well right and one last time go go go take this right oh gosh oh my goodness dude






 I think we made it right dude record time here you go buddy he tipped me 58 that was amazing all right uh give me another call dispatch there is a job near me oh hold on it’s the other way it’s the other oh is there a shortcut 12 seconds later oh we’re kind of stuck over here now okay i’m here bro dude he’s walking away i made it i made it this guy is like nope oh my gosh all right all right maybe i should not have taken the shortcut in the end it did not work out now i have to go back to where i started from over there all right boost boosted quick all right i wanna i wanna do at least three passengers today just so we can make some money i think we made like two hundred dollars with the other guy which is pretty amazing oh but let’s do at least a couple of more passengers oh race where where okay i passed her whoops hey what’s up hop on in i’m here let’s go all right don’t hesitate on me oh there we go all right drive to the destinations two miles away where are you going to the beach or something i [Music] we’re good we’re good we’re good she’s she’s okay she’s probably not gonna tip me after this ride oh my gosh all right [Music] here we go i’m dropping her off right over here i don’t know what this is you’re welcome oh my gosh she took me 86 dollars we made 300 on this trip that was amazing wait i hear the cops that’s not for me right i didn’t break any traffic rules right [Music] all right this one’s only quite a mile away we’re gonna pick up this passenger and deliver them in style and uh in lightning speed also all right go go go go go go go oh no hold on where is he oh my gosh get it together iggy come on all right they’re going to be at this intersection right over here i think this is the guy right yay what’s up bro let’s go man hurry up all right okay let’s go bro your wish is my command oh no dude oh my bad my bad this thing has way too much power it just does burnouts and donuts and all kinds of things sometimes it’s kind of hard to control because of that all right and by the way it has three wheels i don’t know if you guys noticed one wheel in the front two in the back so yeah the handling is not the best okay all right here we go guys oh oh oh oh oh just made it okay where am i dropping your mop right here what are you robbing this bank you’re welcome oh no no no no just enjoy enjoy your time over here in the square whatever it’s called um we made some money that was amazing all right let’s do one last call for it today we’re making like i think we’re gonna be at about a thousand dollars for today in just a few minutes you know what it’s easy money that’s what i like to call it because this thing is crazy fast with all of these updates oh officers hello hold on where’s my passenger hey what’s up bro hop on in let’s go man i know bro hold on i got you i got you all right go take a right whoa right by the cop oh my gosh go go go this thing drifts this thing really does drift that is amazing all right we’re gonna boost it up right now top speed brunt no not quite stay until the end of today’s video oh my gosh 125 jeez we hit 125 miles an hour my guess was 119. well i know that my guess is wrong [Applause] one more boost here we go come on come on come on okay never mind i was gonna boost it up but here we go 59 tip 205 dollars guys we’re probably over a thousand dollars for today so i’m kind of happy yeah that dude this thing is crazy is there a dragon there’s a dragon in the air oh my gosh dude i don’t know what’s going on in today’s video but anyway let’s go and test out the top speed of this rickshaw all right guys we are on our test track and we’re ready to go 119 was my guess but we already know that this vehicle will do a lot more here we go already doing over 100 miles an hour still climbing no no no hold on we got to boost it again boost it again it’s dropping the top speed to 129 130 137 one more time 137 so far was the top speed go 138 139 142 143 just blink dude that is insane for a vehicle like this 123 can we beat it one last try 141 142 144 145 145 miles an hour it’s gonna be the top speed of this rickshaw you guys guessed it great job but on this note i’m gonna end today’s episode hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to smash that like button as always don’t forget to like share and subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out you

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