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For those who find it difficult to do this task here’s a simple method to do that   just wait for a few seconds and you’ll notice that the knob gets slower during every turn hence it’ll become easy if you wait for a while and then do it don’t simply use the cams use them effectively position yourself   in such a way that you can see this vent when you open the cams   in this way if someone enters into the med bay and then vents you’ll know who it is   similarly if someone vents from electrical to med bay and exits you’ll know who it is if you see someone doing the power divert task as soon as the game begins   they’re 100% the imposter because firstly you need to divert power from the electrical and only then   can the diverted power be accepted by the other parts of the map also you can pay attention to   these small written texts so as to understand where the second part of the task would be   suppose there are three crewmates in a room here’s an awesome vent strategy which you can use firstly   turn off the lights now quickly vent towards the room and finish one of them and quickly vent back   as soon as one of them finds the body they will automatically put the blame on the other person   standing in the room because they didn’t see anyone else come or go away from the room here’s a 200 iq trick while playing mira hq stand close to the right walls   of either communications or med bay when an imposter finishes someone on the other side   you’ll see a splash now quickly run towards the cafeteria to see who the imposter is now have a look at the pov of the imposter here’s an addition to the previous trick suppose you see the splash while standing   in the med bay look carefully at the doors for a split second you can see the color of the player.





   Hence you can tell who the imposter is now have a look at the pov of the imposter suppose you mistakenly vent or finish someone while the cams were on   instantly close the security room because the crewmate will be in a hurry to call a meeting   it will take 10 seconds for the door to open so you’ll have an ample amount of time to run   towards the security now finish them before they call a meeting this path is the shortest path from   security to cafeteria hence it’s obvious that the crewmate would definitely use the same path   using the door logs to find the imposter is too difficult instead just stand at the center of the   y now remember who went towards which side suppose yellow and pink went towards the bottom right side   wait for them to return if they both don’t return go and check what happened if you find a body   you know who the imposter is one of them finished the other and vented out   more than two people cannot have the same download task so if you see three people   doing a download task at the same place one of them is most likely an imposter keep in mind   there are a total of five download locations and one upload location which is in the admin hence   everyone has to come to admin to upload the data so don’t get confused between download and upload here’s a 300 iq trick suppose you finish someone in the electrical do not close the doors and vent   out because there is a chance that someone will see you while coming out of the med bay   instead finish them now go out and close the door so if someone comes along you both   would spot the body together and they can vouch for you hence you won’t be a suspect whenever you see two crewmates in a room sabotage and close the door this will make both sus of each   other white will think blue is the imposter whereas blue will think white is the imposter. 





  Hence this creates confusion among the crewmates   while you’re going towards the decontamination pay attention to these floor lights   these lights suggest when the door opens firstly all the eight segments will turn off   and then they’ll slowly start to glow as soon as all of the segments are glowing the gate opens some of the tasks can be done by using the sound hints for example you’ll hear a beep while   doing the align telescope task this beep sound increases as you move closer to the given planet   similarly the sound decreases as you move away from the given planet if you find it difficult to search the given planet just close the task and reopen it   you’ll get a new planet now give it a try again avoid going to a far off place such as the electrical   as soon as the game begins the imposters will have a cool down of just 10 seconds   during the first round hence there is a high chance that you will get finished there   if you have tasks in the electrical wait until the next meeting is called because   the imposters will then have a higher cool down which is the same to what you’ve set earlier after the new update most of you play with a hidden taskbar so you won’t know who’s doing   a fake task here’s a way you can find it out just keep in mind the average time taken to   complete a task suppose it’s an upload task it’ll take roughly 9 seconds to complete it   so if you see someone do this count for 9 seconds if they walk away early   they’re definitely an imposter similarly here are a few more tasks with their average time taken most of you still don’t know how to kick a player out from the lobby   it’s simple when a meeting is going on click on the chat button   now click on this kick button and select the player you wish to kick   other players also need to do the same once they do it the player will be kicked out from the lobby here’s a fun fact if a body is spotted it can be reported   by simply clicking on the body just go near it and tap on the body.

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