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while going for mining it’ll be a good practice to make a snow golem and take   it with yourself using a lead the snow golem leaves a snow trail along its path   hence this will help you to find the path back home while you’re returning   the snow golem will also help you in keeping the mobs away by throwing snowballs towards them you can place multiple trap doors in this manner and close it to make a fence now   if you hold a food item in your hand the mobs will jump inside and follow you but they can’t   jump and come out this can be used to trap multiple mobs using different food types here’s an awesome trick to save yourself from a creeper’s damage this works even if you don’t have   any armor or a shield as soon as the creeper is about to blow up just place a block in front of it   as you can see we’re almost unaffected whereas in the other case we could have been as low as   half in hp the same also works with TNT you can use any kind of block to protect yourself if you’re about to loot a bastion first off make sure you’re wearing something made of gold   so that the piglins don’t attack you but if you try to open   any chest they’ll start attacking you to avoid that use a hopper remove the block   underneath the chest and place a hopper to collect all the items of the chest   without opening it this way you can loot the bastion without bothering the piglins   trading halls are very useful in the survival world but getting the villager into their   position is kind of difficult so here’s a tip if you want to trap a villager into a set position   just click on them as you can see they come near you as soon as you click on them you can   continue this process to take them along with you and then push them towards their assigned position if a mob comes out of its fence and you don’t have their required food type   just take a flint and steel and click it over the mob   they have a tendency to go towards the nearest water source so if there’s a water source inside   the fence they’ll automatically go towards it which allows you to close the fence and trap them most of you know that sponges are used to dry water especially the water inside the ocean   monument to dry the wet sponge most people use a furnace which requires a lot of fuel instead   you can go to the nether and place all of the wet sponges on the ground   to dry them out instantly this is more efficient and saves your time here’s a trick to make an infinite water source using just one bucket of water you just need two   pieces of kelp to do the trick remove four blocks now place any block like this and place the water   looking at it now take the kelp and plant it exactly on these two tiles that’s it remove the   water you placed before and take as much water as you want now from the infinite water source here’s an amazing trick to hide a chest inside your room all you need to do is   place three stairs one towards the left one on the right and the last in between those two   now place a double chest in this manner and fill the area to access the chest just point your   cursor towards the leftmost stair 





you’ll see this black outline just move the cursor a bit   diagonally till the outline disappears as soon as it disappears click on the block to open the chest   you can successfully hide your precious items such as diamonds in this way books of enchantment are used to upgrade your tools and armor but did you know using a fire   aspect book you can light up a campfire this can be useful in cases when you don’t have   a flint and steel you can also light up a TNT a bunch of TNTs in fact a lot of TNTs as you can see we were successfully able to do so if you’re planning to build a mini storage outside your house use this method place the chests   now remove blocks in front of it then take a bucket and place the water over each of them   in this manner so now even if a creeper blows up next to it   the chests won’t break this works for TNT as well the chests remain intact here’s a lesser known tip if a charged creeper blows up next to a stray it drops a wither   skeleton head so here’s our charged creeper let’s take him towards the stray and see what we get as you can see we get the wither skeleton head which is used to spawn the wither   strays can be found in frozen biomes during the night you can actually break tall blocks of sand and gravel using a torch just break   the lowermost block and immediately place a torch everything above it will automatically break down   let’s try it with gravel now it works while mining you often come across   gravel which just keeps on falling you can use this method to break all of it at once using shulker boxes you can make hidden entrances to a secret room all you’ve got to do is place a block like this and then place the shulker box while looking at   the block now just stand close to the shulker box and open it sprint towards the back to go through   the wall hence this is a good way to hide all your loot here’s a tip to take better screenshots   of a building or scenery this is what it looks like normally now if you go to video settings   and change the fov to 30 the screenshots look a lot better and realistic here’s a comparison here’s a fun trick which you can do to trick your friends   place a TNT now place an anvil above it light the TNT to see the magic   as you can see we took no damage also the blocks around us didn’t get damaged at all   if you’ve enjoyed watching this and want a part two of the video   make sure to like and subscribe let’s keep a like aim of 100k hope you guys do it

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