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“Evil West”– It is a game where

I just gotta throw
objectivity out of the window.

This is exactly the type of game I want.

Just a video game is hell video game.

And I mean that as a compliment.

This is a kind of sci-fi, Western,

third person shooter action game.

It’s just a linear adventure
that you progress through.

And you are like a superhero cowboy man.

You deal with a six shooter

and you’re blowing away bad
guys, specifically vampires.

Yes, the wild west has been taken over

by hordes of vampires.

And it’s up to you to use your
gadgets, your six shooters,

but also this cool lightning fist gauntlet

to like punch them.

It just looks ridiculous and fun and gory,

and just what the doctor
ordered sometimes.

It reminds us of something
from the 2000s to 2010s,

and we’re really looking forward to it.

It’s releasing on all the major consoles,

September 20th, 2022. 



19. “High on Life”

This is the Justin Roiland
Squanch games’ newest game.

So if you’re into Rick and Morty

and that style of humor and wackiness,

this might be right up your alley.

This is a sci-fi first person shooter

where the different guns

all have different alien personalities.

And I’m not gonna lie, it
just looks like a ton of fun.

It seems like they’ve got
some talented comedians

and voice actors behind
a lot of the roles,

and it just looks like
a breath of fresh air,

something different, you know.

Squanch games for the longest time now

has been pumping out cool projects.

They did some cool VR stuff,

but now they’re getting their hand

at a full seemingly
pretty big budget game.

It looks ambitious and it
looks funny, most importantly.

“High on Life” is
releasing October 5th, 2022

for PC and Xbox. 




“The Lord of the rings: Gollum” – Now this is a game specifically
focused around Gollum,

creeping around middle
earth, doing sketchy things.

It’s not necessarily based on the movie.

If you could tell by the art style,

they’re going for a little
bit of a different look

for the character.

And the game is focused
around you making decisions

as Gollum or Sméagol, you know,

the voices in his head,

but also trying to mostly avoid combat

because he’s pretty weak through stealth.

It’s not often these days

that we get a good solid
stealth game anymore,

just truly dedicated to it.

So we’re curious to see how this pans out.

He seems pretty nimble.

He can get around the
environments pretty quickly.

But the jury’s still out
on the quality of this one.

We’ve seen some game play
trailers that don’t look so hot,

but we can’t help but just
like “Lord of the Rings”

and weird strange “Lord
of the Rings” games

that show us a different
side of middle earth.

So we’re still keeping our eye on it.

It releases September 1st, 2022
for all the major consoles. 



 17. “Stray”

Yes, this is the cat game.

That’s the best way to describe it.

“Stray” essentially is like

a third person cat adventure game,

where you’re a lone cat stuck in a

seemingly abandoned
dystopian futuristic city

where all the humans are gone,

but there are robots living there.

You adventure through as this cat

with a little drone
friend you met a climbing,

exploring, solving puzzles,
running from danger,

interacting with the locals
and actually doing cat stuff,

like scratching on a wall
or knocking stuff over,

just kind of being a jerk.

I mean, no disrespect to cats.

I really like them. And I’m
looking forward to playing this.

We’ve talked about this
one quite a bit already,

so we’ll move on.

But “Stray” is releasing
for PlayStations and PC,

on July 19th.



 16.  “Marvel’s Midnight Suns”

This is Firaxis Games’
take on a Marvel game

and it’s going for some darker material,

but also teaming up some
really cool characters,

like Wolverine and Ghost
Rider and Dr. Strange

to take on a new enemy.

And it’s in a top down kind
of strategic XCOM style,

what this studio really specializes in.

There’s sort of a card system

in terms of choosing your
moves and your attacks.

And I think the gameplay can just make

for some really fun and challenging spots,

if you’re into XCOM or any type
of strategy game like this.

I’m really hoping they nail it,

but I’m just looking forward to the story

and really seeing these characters

in their full glory again.

Blade, Hulk, Venom, Wolverine,
all in the same game, I’m in.

As of right now, “Marvel’s Midnight Suns”

is releasing October 7th
for all the major consoles. 



 15. “Skull and Bones”

This is Ubisoft’s long dormant title,

finally resurfacing this
year and finally releasing.

And what it is is a pirate adventure game.

You make your own pirate captain.

You wander around ports in third person,

you customize, you loot,
you sell, you trade,

you hop in your ship, command your crew

and go on adventures and
engage in Naval combat.

You’re doing it either alone
in a single player campaign

or with a group of friends,

which is where the probably

a lot of the fun is gonna be had.

If you’ve played anything
like “Sea of Thieves”

you know Manning a ship
with a bunch of other people

can be a blast.

This is a little bit of a
different spin on things

compared to “Sea of Thieves”.

And I’m curious to see how it pans out.

We’ll know in the fall, when
it releases November 8th,

for all the major consoles.



14.  “Splatoon Three”

It’s incredibly awesome to
see this franchise return,

once again, with new competitive modes,

seemingly a bigger open world,
single player adventure,

and of course, lots of creativity.

The multiplayer in Splatoon games

can get incredibly addictive.

And I’m really curious to see

how they’re gonna expand
upon it this time.

We’re still waiting to
hear a lot more for this,

but we know this holiday season,

we’re definitely gonna be
playing it on Nintendo Switch

’cause it releases September 9th. 



13.  “Saints Row”

Yes, “Saints Row” has
been completely rebooted.

They drop the numbers and
now it’s “Saints Row”.

You build up your own new
criminal from the ground up

with a pretty detailed character creator

and you are set loose on a new kind of

deserty Las Vegas type city.

At first I was a little
skeptical and curious

to see if they would actually
retain some of the craziness

that they really set up
with some of the last games.

But nope, it seems like
all the insane hijinks

are going to ensue.

You can glide around the city,

you could explode
helicopters with bazookas,

jump out of cars and run
around in your underwear.

That’s really all I’ve really cared about

with “Saints Row” games.

I just hope they keep it
super dumb and super fun.

Hopefully it doesn’t feel lifeless.

We’ll have to judge it when
we get our hands on it.

It’s releasing August 23rd,
2022 for all the major consoles.




“Pokemon Scarlet and Violet”

These games are following
up “Pokemon Legends Archeus”

with what you would expect

like a more traditional Pokemon game,

but in this new wide
open, fully 3D formula.

As you’ve probably seen
from the game play trailers,

some of the exploration and everything

looks really promising.

Not too much to say about this one yet.

Other than that, technically
it’s the first installment

in the ninth generation
of Pokemon game series.

And it’s gonna be keeping
some of us busy on switch,

November 18th, 2022.



11.“Atomic Heart”

Now this awesome creative
Bioshock inspired,

like alternate history soviet sci-fi thing

is really just unlike any
other adventure we’ve seen.

And we’ve been hooked on this one

and anticipating this one for a while.

Now, so many games have
been hit with delays.

So as of right now, “Atomic Heart”

doesn’t have a rock solid release date,

but it’s still slated for
the fourth quarter of 2022

at the time of making this video.

So we wanted to highlight it.

We really hope to see it this year,

but if it doesn’t make it this year,

and really any game on this list,

we don’t want them to rush.

Take your time, make a good game. 



10. “Overwatch 2”

“Overwatch 2” has been in the
works for quite some time.

And as of recently,

a lot of people have been
able to experience it

with the PVP beta.

There is a lot going on with “Overwatch 2”

specifically if you’re
more of a hardcore fan,

you’ll appreciate the nuances,

and what they’re gonna offer,

most particularly a new
character who seems pretty cool.

There’s definitely still a lot more news

to come out about this one.

We do know that it is now going to be

a free to play release,

which definitely makes things interesting.

“Overwatch 2” is releasing
October 4th of this year. 



9.“Xenoblade Chronicles 3”

Two is absolutely awesome.

It’s one of my favorite switch JRPGs ever.

So I’m really looking forward to three.

If you don’t know, it’s an action JRPG

with open world exploration
and tons of RPG stuff,

like questing, character building

and party members to build out.

These games have a lot of
personality, a lot of heart,

good character depth
and good solid moments

and a good amount of style,
specifically with the battles.

If it’s anywhere near as good
as two, I think that’s a win.

And if it surpasses it, that
would be pretty awesome.

It’s releasing July 29th,
2022 on Nintendo Switch. 




This long awaited game
finally has a release date

and it’s just definitely not

your typical first person shooter.

I mean, if this is the first time

you’re seeing gameplay of
it, yes, it is very unique.

It is incredibly deeply
inspired by H. R. Giger,

H. R. Giger style art.

The guy, the artist who created

a lot of the initial concepts and designs

for the original alien film.

So it’s got some creative kind of

bio organic horror elements to it

and it looks like it could be very cool

to explore these worlds.

Graphics seem pretty intense.

We’re still not totally sure

what the deal is with game play,

how much of it’s really shooting,

how much of it is just
exploration and puzzle solving.

But in terms of the atmosphere, the vibe,

they got it on lock.

This one has been a long time coming

and we hope it’s worth it.

We’ll be checking it out on PC
and Xbox, October 21st, 2022. 



7.“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”

That’s right, they’re making
a “Call of Duty” again.

Can you believe it?

Never in a million years
would I expect to see

another “Call of Duty” game.

I’m kidding. I’m sorry.

But I actually really
liked “Modern Warfare”

specifically the campaign,
the graphics were great.

The action was pretty crazy.

So if they could do that again

and have some compelling multiplayer,

it’ll probably be a win.

I mean, I know “Call of Duties”

are just automatic wins for some people.

They just go out and buy them every year,

but the series always
kind of needs a shake up

and maybe this will be it.

We don’t know too much about the game yet.

It’ll probably start
getting revealed more soon.

But as of the time of making this video,

we just know it’s releasing
for all the major consoles,

October 28th.



6. “Gotham Knights”

This is an action game
in an open world Gotham

where you can play as
Knight Wing, Batgirl,

Robin or Red Hood.

So in this story wise, Batman is dead,

but the city is still
just as screwed as ever.

So it’s up to the bat
family to come together

and fight against some cool villains,

some of which we haven’t
seen in games before,

like the Court of Owls.

Combat looks to be sort
of “Batman: Arkham” style,

but a little bit different,

a little bit more focused on like

two players playing together
and using their moves together.

Though, they have clarified that

you can play this
completely single player.

I’m excited for this one,

just as like a hardcore Batman comic fan.

I’m excited to see what they
can do with these characters,

but the combat so far doesn’t
look as smooth as it could be.

But again, the jury’s still out.

We have to actually play it.

We have to feel it in our hands
and we’re going to do that.

I still think the concept
on paper is pretty cool.

Teaming up maybe online
with another player

to play cooperative and
cruise around on bat cycles

through an open world
Gotham fighting crime.

Like that sounds pretty awesome.

And the story could be pretty cool,

but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thankfully after them making this

and teasing it for many years,

we finally hopefully get to
play it without any more delays,

October 25th of this year. 



5. “Crisis Core:
Final Fantasy VII Reunion”

Yes, they’re basically
remaking ish “Crisis Core”

for all those “Final
Fantasy VII” hardcore fans.

And this is an incredible story

that was not experienced by enough people

that really can probably have

a new opportunity to shine here.

I’m curious to see how
this is going to tie in

with the “Final Fantasy” remake games,

but if you want more “Final Fantasy”,

you’re definitely going to
get it with a game like this.

Ooh boy, got cool music, cool combat,

cool characters, memorable moments.

And it seems like it’s gonna
be coming out this year.

Square Enix announced that it’s coming

to all the major consoles,
including Xbox this winter. 



4. “Callisto Protocol”

This is what I said at
the start of this video,

just another video game as video game.

It’s straight up a single
player, fun action,

narrative adventure, heavily
inspired by “Dead Space”.

In a lot of ways, it’s a spiritual
successor to “Dead Space”

because some of the
people that worked on that

are working on this game.

We always need more survival horror games.

We always need more tense,
brutal, sci-fi games.

So we’re all signed up for this one.

There’s not too much more we can say.

If you’ve seen the game play,

you pretty much get what it is.

Straightforward, third person tension

in dark atmospheric space stations.

That’s all we want baby.

So the “Callisto Protocol” is releasing

on all the major consoles
December 2nd, 2022. 



3. “A Plague Tale: Requiem”

which is the follow up to
one of my favorite games,

“A Plague Tale: Innocence”.

This is a single player
action adventure narrative,

where you play as Amicia,

trying to escort her special brother Hugo

through a plague infested world.

However, the stakes are
definitely higher this time around

with Amicia growing up
into more of a badass.

It seems like there is more
combat, more of a threat,

and Hugo himself has also developed

some interesting characteristics.

If you’ve played the first
game, you know what I mean.

The first game was incredibly
fun, beautiful, gory,

depressing, nasty, and unique.

So we’re hoping that the second
game can really top that.

It’s releasing October 18th, 2022. 



2.“Hogwarts Legacy”

This seems to be the Harry Potter game

that a lot of people
have been waiting for.

This is essentially a game

where you create your own student.

You choose what house you’re in

and you go on some sort of cool,

magical Wizarding adventure.

This is kind of a prequel to
what we know of Harry Potter.

It takes place many, many, many years

before Voldemort or anybody.

And the potential seems there,

obviously for Harry Potter fans.

But for us, we’re looking
at something like,

maybe something to fill the void of like

the fact that we never got a bully sequel.

The idea of a game where
you go on adventures

in the world of this school

while also having to do some classes.

The only other thing we have,
like that is a persona game.

But in terms of that other
type of feel, you know,

we’re looking forward to
Hogwarts legacy for that.

We’ve seen some game play.

It does look pretty impressive,

but we still have a lot of questions

that need answering.

Still, we’re looking
forward to checking it out

when it releases holiday 2022
for all the major consoles. 



1. “God of War Ragnarök”

We’re really, really excited

for this follow up to Kratos
and Atreus first adventure.

It seems like now after
the events of the first,

or rather the new saga,
the “God of War” 2018 game,

the events of that game, the ramifications

are seemingly coming home to roost here,

with Freya seemingly being
more of an antagonist

and Thor possibly being involved.

He was teased when this
game was first announced.

So we’re excited to see where this goes.

It looks like bigger worlds, more detail,

more combat options.

But for us to be honest,
like it might sound silly,

but we’re just really looking forward

to seeing where this story goes,

’cause “God of War” 2018
was absolutely beautiful.

If you’re just looking for cool stuff

or a heartwarming story
about a father and a son,

there’s kind of something for everybody.

As much as that’s a cheesy
phrase, it’s for real dude.

So we’re really looking forward
to “God of War Ragnarök”

and seeing where it takes things.

And it’s releasing for
PlayStation November 9th, 2022.

Those are the games we’re
really looking forward to,

but of course we’ve got more

that we couldn’t fit in the list.

So the first is “The Last of Us Part 1”

remake of the original game.

Also “Sons of the Forest”,

the follow up to the forest

finally seems like it’s
dropping this year.

“Sonic Frontiers” is also
seemingly dropping this year.

We’re looking forward to
seeing how that one shakes out.

Also “Outlast Trials”.

As of the time of this
video, we don’t have a date,

but we’re hoping to see this year.

Also “Soul Hackers 2”.

Like we said, those are the
games we’re looking forward to,

but there are so many more

that we couldn’t fit on this list,

from Indies to just other weirder games.

So let us know what
you’re looking forward to.

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