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   Hey Guys My name is Pritam and welcome to GamesX. Do you Like Survival Games?   If Yes then, This article is going to be very interesting  for you Because in this article I have write about 5 different survival games  and I have shared my experience If you guys also play such survival games then I want to share your experience in the comment box Earlier I used to think that every Survival game are same But after playing these 5 best survival games I get to know that none of these games are same  Each game have something different So, Do you want to know what is the difference?   Then read this article till end. 






  • Raft Survival: I found this game exactly same as PC Game “Raft” Like you have to survive on Raft If you are playing for the first time then the demo is very helpful  you will get to know everything very easily In this game, you have to collect all the materials and resources from the ocean  for crafting and building And also you can open the maps and explore other islands as well and you can collect resources like crates, stones and trees etc from there  In this game, you have to be careful from shark  and more importantly you have to maintain your water and food level In short, this is a Survival Game where you have to Survive. I like the graphics and sound effects of this game As you go ahead in this game more recipes will unlock  and with the help of those recipes you can survive in this game Guys this game is very interesting because it has a very amazing story and new islands with some different quests So, I liked it very much and I want you to try this once. 



  • ARK: Survival Evolved: You can play this game single-player and multiplayer. In Single player you can play this offline and in multiplayer, you can play this with 60 other players. But on an unofficial server. It has 3 different modes that are Casual, Survival and Hardcore You can select one of them whichever you want and also you can select the difficulty level  I have selected survival mode which is by default. Guys this game is quite different as you have to survive here with the dinosaurs At start you will feel a little bit difficult. But once you get used to it you will love this game. In this game, I like Controls and Graphics of this Ark Survival game.Guys in this game you get to tame dinosaurs and animals But for that, you need to level up And also with all this, you have to do crafting and building as well. Actually, this game was made for Pc only but now it is available on mobile as well So obviously, there must be some lags and issues but I know it will work smoothly without any lags someday Guys, I have to tell you something that this game is powerful I like so it’s better if you have more storage and RAM. 



  • Survival Island Evolution: The next game is Survival Island Evolution.  I like story line of this game In this game, you land on one unknown island with no team, no water or food or clothes and you have to survive on this island.  Graphics of this game are not that realistic but the game runs very smoothly In this game, you have to collect materials for crafting and building like other games The material collection part is easy like you can easily make basic tools and everything But for some other buildings, it takes too much time like 30 secs and all This makes the game a bit slow But still, I like crafting recipes of this game. In this game, you will not get any inventory issues like other survival games. So far this game may seem peaceful to you but it is not. There are a lot of wild animals in it that you have survive and also have to avoid. In this you can do hunting and explore other islands.Guys you must have known the Stranded Deep PC game, I found this game a bit like that This game is different from the first two games, so you also play this once  and share your experience with me in the comment box. 



  • Oxide Survival Island: Guys so far we have seen survival game on raft and with dinosaurs And in the last game, we have seen how to survive alone on the island So now this is something different game Oxide Survival Island, will see it Guys this game is multiplayer only and they have their own servers  so no issue of item lost I think this is the best survival game till now It’s not only about crafting, building, hunting, fishing  but you also have to survive from other enemy players to survive. And also with the water food level, the temperature has to be taken care of. First of all I will suggest that you can make weapons by collecting resources in it  and then make clothes shelter and all later. I found this game very challenging And guys I like that you can rob in this game Do you remember any game after hearing this? if not then i’ll tell you Have you ever played Rust game on PC so this kind of is like that Now those who don’t know can ignore, they should enjoy this game  because it seems to me the best survival game ever. 



  • Mine Survival:Guys last game is Mine Survival. It is very fun survival game with top down view This game may seem easy to look at  but in this also you have to build everything by crafting I found the most important traps in it   because if you didn’t build something for protection in it  then as soon as the night comes, wild animals and zombies come and destroy everything you build So keep this in mind, all this has to be done the night before. Guys, now you will say that before this you showed us so many real graphics survival games  and now why this game with such unrealistic graphics  what is so different in this? So guys, in all the games before this, we have maintained the water and food level  but in this you have to maintain the additional poo level as well. Yes. In this game you have to build toilet And the poo level also has to be maintained. So I found it different from all other games So guys these were the 5 best survival games And you must have seen the differences in it, all five games were different. I enjoyed playing this a lot and I want to know how much you enjoyed playing it, tell me in the comment box.

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