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  Hi guys, it’s me Pritam once again, and I am back with another article for Best Realistic Open World Driving Games you can play on your smartphone for free. I’ve got about 6 games that will surely be worth your time .  





  • The first driving game on the list is ROD Multiplayer. ROD Multiplayer Car Driving offers you the best online multiplayer car racing simulation experience and a great way to drift extreme car in big open world city against people from all over the world. Get ready for cool extreme drift races, online multiplayer street races and mega ramp parkour shows where you can play with 6 people at the same time and chat with your friends. The game features various super cars ranging from classic to low riders and 4x4s. Other cool features are the real-time multiplayer mode, Customization options for all vehicles, detailed city and tracks, different camera angles, a traffic system, a fuel system, easy to learn controls and many more. Overall, the game’s graphics are okay if you ask me.. the game shares similar features to the popular driving car parking multiplayer,the only downside of the game is that, it’s only available for iOS devices at the moment. 



  • Moving on to the next game on the list, we have Open World Sandbox Game MMO. This is an open world role play driving game. It’s a massive multiplayer open world game featuring many players.. you know, just like the regular mmo games but with cars. So drive around a big map completing various tasks to earn cash.. gather enough to purchase new vehicles and other stuffs. The game features a huge selection of vehicles,many tasks and roles around the map to complete, many locations, a walk mode, a day and night cycle, realistic game physics, decent driving and controls and lots more. The graphics of the game are okay, not bad for a multiplayer game.. it will surely be worth your time. 



  • The next driving game on the list is Criminal Russian Simulator. This is an open world game where you’d bed riving around a small map in numerous vehicles like the bmw, Lamborghini and other cool cars. Roam around the map gathering coins to unlock all of them. After purchasing a car, you can then customize it however you like in the garage. Well, some of the game features are an open world map for Exploration, about 5 cars, various camera angles, decent driving controls and Lots more. Overall, the game’s graphics are okay.. not bad if you ask me.. although the controls might be a pain at times, aside that, it’s a good game. 



  • Coming up next on the list is Real G2 Simulator. This driving Simulator will give you the real experience of driving the golf car. The game will give you the taste of driving this vehicle on one small city map. It’s more of an Exploration kinda game, so there’s only a free roam mode in the game to play. Well, there aren’t that many features in the game.. not much really. The graphics on the other hand is okay, driving mechanics and physics are also Realistic.. you should try this game out. 



  • As well Moving on to the next game on the list is Soviet Car Simulator. This driving game will delight you with a large selection of Russian cars, there’s a large fleet of them, and plus you can test ride all of them. The game features a huge open world map to explore, a free walk mode, realistic vehicle engine sounds.. Realistic vehicle physics to make your driving experience fun, various camera angles and detailed interiors for all vehicles, realistic damage system and lots more. Overall, the graphics of the game is quite okay if you ask me, and the vehicle mechanics are okay too.. the only issue with this game is that the default language is in Russian, no option for language change. Aside that little issue, soviet car Simulator is a go ahead for the Russian car lovers.



  •  And the last Open World Driving Game onto day’s list is Drift No Limits. Drift No Limits is an open world Driving and drifting game. You simply start by selecting a car, there’s a huge collection of them.. just pick the one you fancy… tune it to perfection.. make the necessary car upgrades.. customize to your satisfaction and then start driving. There about 10+ maps to explore, just pick any and then you’re good to go. The game features many vehicles, customization options for each vehicle, a simple ui, a free walk mode, many maps including an offroad map plus weather presets for every map, manual transmission and many more. The graphics of this game are super realistic,drifiting Simulation is also realistic as well. Come show what it takes to be a Drift master in this awesome game. and there we have it guys, another list of 6 best open world driving games you can play on your smartphone, what are your thoughts on the list.

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