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  What’s up guys, in today’s article, I’ve got for you all another list for best realistic Simulator games you can play on your smartphone for free. As usual, expect to see some of the best truck sims, trains… bikes, with the best graphics and realistic simulation.  





  • So without further ado, let’s get started with today’s list On the first spot is Silk Road Truck Simulator. Explore an open city as a transport trucker and deliver various expensive goods and cargos around the big map in this awesome truck sim. Load the loads on the truck from the specified point and then depart. Drive carefully to delivery point, park carefully and then you get rewarded with cash bonuses. Gather enough, and then use to unlock more trucks in the garage. The game features tons of trucks and tuning options, many jobs to complete, a player profile system, a day and night cycle plus weather effects, a realistic and lively environment packed with a traffic system and smart vehicle AIs, comprehensive driving controls and many more. Overall, the game’s graphics are decent..not bad, truck Simulation is a little bit realistic.. well, if you are a fan of truck Simulators, then i give you this truck sim as a recommendation.



  •  Moving on to the next Simulator on the list,we have Tank Physics Simulator. In this tank Simulator you would get to experience what it feels like to drive the war giants. There are many tank selections in the menu,just pick any and then your good to go. The game features just one map for your test drive, about 10+ tanks, realistic simulation of these tanks, a simple UI system, easy to learn controls, a realistic physics based system, outstanding 3D graphics and realistic engine sounds. Overall, it’s a great tank Simulator.. i think currently, none beats this game, the graphics are super okay, the tank movement are realistic as well, kudos to the developers for making this awesome game. 



  • Moving on to the next Simulator.. we have Subway Simulator 3D As the name implies, it’s a subway sim where you control an underground train. Subway Simulator will Offer you the thrill of a train driver exploring various routes on a big metro map. The game will spice you up with a lot of modes like a career mode and a free play mode and other modes, but you’d have to pay to unlock. Subway Simulator features breathtaking subway environments, tons of trains and lots of routes to explore, various camera angles, Realistic sound design, a free walk mode, detailed train cockpits, comprehensive railing controls and many more. Overall, the graphics of the game are okay,train simulation is also realistic as well.. fan of train Simulators, then subway sim is a go ahead.



  •  Coming up next on the list is Xtreme Motorbikes. This bike Simulator will give you the real feeling of riding and performing freestyles on sport motorbikes. This game brings awesome bike riding packed with realistic physics and an open world map to explore. The game features over 20+ powerful and highly detailed sport motorbikes, plus customizable options for each bike, realistic bike sounds,a big city map for free roaming and free styling, rider change, a traffic system, many cool stunts, realistic bike physics and high quality 3d graphics. If you are a fan of motorbikes, then you should give this game a try. 



  • Moving on to the next game.. we have Aerofly Flight Simulator. This Flight Simulator will let you explore the world of flying in a quality never seen before. Aerofly Flight Sim sets a high value on realistic flight dynamics, highly detailed aircraft and a stunning, photo realistic, scenery. At the same time with an intuitive user interface that requires virtually no training time. The game features Over 30 detailed airports,16 well modeled aircrafts, Highly detailed and animated 3D cockpits in all aircrafts,Realistic flight dynamics, Sophisticated autopilot system, Over 15000 square miles flyable area,different view angles, a replay system and many more. The game’s graphics are really good.. aircraft Simulation and mechanics are super realistic , Aero fly Flight Sim is a go ahead if you’re a fan of flight simulators. 



  • The last Simulator on today’s list is Car Damage Simulator . Car Damage Simulator is an advanced physics based car crash simulator with dynamic mesh collision, That is… Vehicle parts fall off when damaged too much. Inspired by popular car crash Simulator, be a mng drive, Car Damage Simulator will challenge your driving and car crashing skills by trying to test your driving skills on all conditions with the most wrecking cars while having fun. The game features multiple vehicles, Fully detachable car components like doors, hood, and trunks, which will fall off when damaged too much, 2 maps, various camera angles, Realistic car body damage, a simple ui, and decent graphics. Overall, the crash physics are not bad.. driving simulation is also okay on the other hand.. if you are a fan of beam ng drive, then i recommend this game for you to play So that’s it for our list today guys, thank you so much for hanging out me, This has been Clint from Apk Portal, it’s always a pleasure. I keep you up to date on the best realistic  Simulator games,

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