What happens if you rob Mr President?! (GTA 5 ) | GTA 5 Story Part 1

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what’s going on team fresh welcome back to new GTA 5 mods episode today we’re gonna be doing a brand new eve 8 episode and it’s gonna be insane guys I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do on the way there but let’s just go ahead and quickly take a look at this vehicle guys this is of course a Lamborghini uber ruse that’s how it’s pronounced I I thought it was euros but it’s actually yeah this thing is just looks absolutely crazy man I just found that on GTA 5 odds website and it comes with a lot of different mods and accessories but enough about the car because I’m really excited about what we’re gonna try today actually let’s listen in like the exhaust could be a little bit better but it’s not bad but yeah it comes with all the accessories and you can mod it to level 5 stage 5 upgrades so like engine and transmission and all kinds of good stuff but anyway what we’re gonna do today is we’re gonna try and Rob mr. president that’s right guys I don’t know if anyone’s done that before but we do have a mod that allows us to mod pedestrians on the street but basically anybody as you guys saw in one of the previous episodes we tried to rob a police officer that kind of backfired so actually where am I going I think is that is that the White House is that supposed to be the White House I don’t think so because obviously this is based on do you just hit my car but look at all the scratches I just got this new thing you get out of the car lady you get out of the car and this is what you get okay that’s it that’s it I’m done I’m done [ __ ] okay just fine her boyfriend’s getting out to use like ah yeah yeah i’ma show them I’m gonna show them what’s up never mind but yeah obviously if this game is based on a Los Angeles and the white house is not there so I don’t know that what this could be well I think this is like equivalent to a white house or we can just pretend that this is a white house but who cares who cares but anyway this is where we find mr. president I have scratches on the side of the car now thanks a lot to that lady a but anyway we’re gonna be doing a top speed run at the end of today’s episode so make sure to leave your guesses in the comments section down below for the top speed and stay until the end of today’s episode the we will test it out my guess where the top speeds gonna be I think this will do maybe a hundred ninety to close to 200 I’m guessing I don’t know man I don’t know do the lights work oh yeah the light bar doesn’t work up top to you and 






I actually saw this in real life where I live so it’s it’s pretty cool it’s cool I saw it in the white though and I was very impressed so mr. president sometimes he likes strolling around here so I need to you this is already illegal like we could get in trouble for this I’m gonna leave my vehicle right over here because I have a feeling once we rob mr. president if he’s like even around here we need to run we need to run for cover and also let me know how much money you guys think we can get out of them because I robbed two people so far successfully and the one had like $600 the other one had a little over $900 so how much do you guys think mr. president carries on himself but we’re gonna find that out we are going to find that out so there’s a lot of tourists over here so I can’t imagine that he’s gonna be just roaming around like with the public it’s kind of a special person if you know what I mean so I’m thinking we have to do something illegal to find them so maybe climb this fence alright ok is there anybody up here let’s say let’s go ahead and check it out let’s go and check it out Oh hold on I think I see somebody I think I see somebody who looks like mr. president oh my gosh mr. president is that you oh my gosh I think that’s him that’s him guys this is time it’s time all right give me all your money right now oh my gosh dude how much money did I get oh my god still wearing 5 stars I got $52 from mr. president you have got to be kidding me $52 I’ve gotten more from other people ran the people on the street but now we need to run we need to run I literally just robbed mr. president I don’t know if it’s ever been done before I gotta go now I have the right car for a getaway because military responded guys oh my gosh dude we are in trouble I’m gonna take this left and try and lose them the reason why this car is good is because obviously it’s fast it’s a Lamborghini and another reason is that it should be good for up roading right it should be [Music] whoo those who knows Mia oh my gosh the military is literally everywhere I gotta go I got to go oh my gosh with two $52.00 though how many of you guys thought that this is what we were gonna get like that is on real that’s like mr. president like come on $52 I’ve gotten like almost a thousand dollars from random people on this street yeah this guy has $52 I can’t believe that that’s just too funny you can’t make that up there’s no way if I were to guess how much money we were gonna get out of mr. presidents count how many times I said mr. president in this video by the way which is crazy oh no they found me dude what the hell if I were to guess I would have guessed probably a couple of thousand but I guess why why does he need cash like rally has people I have a tank oh my gosh holy this is what happens when you rob mr. president add that to your counter but gosh this is unbelievable I gotta lose all these cops News military is vicious they’re vicious man they want justice but we’re gonna escape I have faith I think we could deal with guys as I’m driving right next to the military base with the tank over there no thank you we’re not going that way yeah where we’re going we don’t need no roads and that’s back to the future reference guys oh my goodness how about I stick to like dirt roads dude sometimes I just like manage to hit like one tree in the middle of nowhere how is that even possible all right as long as we don’t have any helicopters which I don’t think we do how did they see me there’s a military Jeep right here apparently they found me somehow and now there is so many of them you look at the mini-map oh my goodness did we will lose them effectively like no worries like I know what I’m doing guys oh my gosh there’s so many of them maybe I should stick to just like off-roading 






I should stick to that is there a helicopter is that is that what I just heard of course of course all this for $52 man you’ve got to be kidding me sorry guys bye bye oh okay bye bye all right man five-star level to get away with military on top of me oh my goodness man you cannot make this up there’s another one coming all right well we better step on it it’s a Lamborghini right let me just park right here too don’t miss the car all right where you at where you at here you go is that one is there another helicopter I like the fact that there is no police helicopter is responding where’s my car that’s not my car right where did my car go it blends in with the grass there it is right there oh my gosh man I think we might be able to I lose them now right we’re definitely losing them for sure okay all right no helicopters in sight I might as well just might just chill over here they’ll never find me here apparently we blend in with the grass anyway which is great and I see all those jeeps driving around here you guys see them let’s go ahead and take a look Oh wrong button but yeah all of them are driving around they’re trying to find me that’s kind of crazy to you then I just fired a shot letting them know where I am that’s so stupid man oh my gosh oh my gosh just like that we have lost the five star wanted level oh my gosh that was tough that was really tough but that that’s what you get when you rob important people like that yeah I just didn’t feel like saying mr. president again so add that to the counter all right we are ready to to you our top speed the run let’s go in the highway actually my guess was 192 miles per hour make sure you have left your guess in the comment section down below yeah let’s go and test it out right now all right guys and we are ready to do this let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go all right 60 70 80 90 this thing is pretty quick but 192 I’m a little concerned now 118 130 was okay all right here we go 150 something with 156 I think blinked come on give me more I think so far 156 it happened so quick I can barely keep up with it 154 160 160 160 miles per hour is going to be the top speed of this because you guys guess the great job but on this note I’m gonna end today’s episode I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure to smash that like button as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one peace out.

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